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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

All Star Wars Jedi Survivor Legendary Creature Locations

Craig Robinson

Star Wars Jedi Survivor has plenty of side content that players can participate in, including hunting down legendary creatures. There’s a total of 13 Legendary Creatures in Jedi Survivor, adding in considerably more than the first game. So, if you fancy fighting some bossified fauna, offering you a challenge fit for a Jedi, then here’s where to find all Star Wars Jedi Survivor Legendary Creatures.

All Star Wars Jedi Survivor Legendary Creature Locations

(1 of 3) Some of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Legendary Creatures are only accessible after you unlock lots of map movement skills. The Mire brothers are such creatures.

Before going any further, the vast majority of these legendary creatures in Jedi Survivor require some form of power to get, bar one or two of them. If you intend on hunting them all down, then these are the powers you need to collect before you can 100% this content:

  • BD-1 Electric Dart - Mountain Observatory main story mission.
  • Merrin’s Charm - Unlocks during the Locate Brother Armias questline on Jedha
  • Lift and Slam - You get the ability to force lift heavy objects towards the end of the Luchrehulk mission on Koboh.
  • Main Story mission - Some of these require you to pass certain main or side content rumor story checkpoints before you can get them.

Typically, some legendary creatures may only require one of these skills, while others need multiple to traverse the area. However, a few can be accessed very easily in the early game but may pose a challenge considering your lack of skills and perks.

Either way, a table containing all the legendary creature locations in Jedi Survivor is below.

Jedi Survivor Legendary Creature Region Required Spells How To Get There Reward
Beetu Deetu Southern Reach, Koboh. We think these droids spawn after the Luchreahulk mission, thanks to that being the moment that the main Raider task force is operational. We could be wrong, though. Go to the giant dinosaur creature near the Southern Reach. Along the main pathway, you will find some patrolling B2 Battle Droids. These droids are legendary creatures in Jedi Survivor. N/A
D-L1t Hanger 2046-C, Coruscant Electric Dart Go to the Hanger 2046-C fast travel meditation spot, and then equip BD-1’s Electro Dart and shoot the power pylon nearby. This will spawn in the D-L1t Legendary Creature, which is the imperial droid that looks like Sir Killalot grew legs. Slice DT Sentry upgrade for BD-1. This will allow you to hack this droid type when they become low HP, or if you find them dormant.
E3-VE3 Untamed Downs, Koboh Merrin’s Charm Look for a green force field barrier towards the central rocky mountain area of the Untamed Downs. Dash through it, and then inside, you will find the Droideka guarded by several B1 battle droids. EXP Essence: Grants one entire skill point bar worth of EXP.
Frenzied Jotaz Undercity Meats, Coruscant. Errin’s Gift, Electric Dart Go through the Undercity Meats area of Coruscant, and look for the green force field and dash through it. Inside is an electric pylon for you to use your electric dart on. This will open the door, with the Frenzied Jotaz inside. EXP Essence Jedi Upgrade (usually awards one full level of a skill point XP bar.)
Golden Skriton Desert Ridge, Jedah N/A Go to the Anchorite base on Jedha, and then look for the path that leads to the Sheltered Hollow on the map. In that region is a Jedi essence you can interact. Doing so spawns the Golden Skritton. The Essence grants the Unflinching Perk
Gorocco Matriarch Southern Reach, Koboh Lift & Slam, and Shatter Moon main story mission 2. Complete the second main story mission on the Shattered Moon, and then you can learn of the whereabouts of this creature from the Saloon on Koboh. From there, go to the Derelict Dam, pass the Roller Mine tunnel, destroy the rock wall using the mines, and then force lift and slam the blockage to enter its lair. Stim Container - Grants one additional medical syringe to heal yourself in combat.
The Massiff Lucrehulk, Koboh Lift & Slam When you get the Lift and slam spell in the Luchrehulk main story mission, you can return to the barracks area, with all the Yurt huts near the barracks. Along that pathway is a wall you can lift with Force Lift. Inside is The Massiff, a legendary Magnadroid creature. EXP Essense: Awards one full skill level.
Mire Terror Viscid Bog, Koboh Force Lift & Slam, Merrin’s Gift You will naturally start progressing the Viscid bog during the Luchrehulk mission, which will also award you the Force Lift & Slam. Once that’s done, you can leave the Viscid bog and use a pathway to unlock the entrance from Viscid to the Crash Site Gorge. Do the long jumps, grapples, and force lift, and partway through the bog, you’ll be able to turn right. A databank will also indicate the screams of people scared of some creatures, indicating you foes is just up ahead. Stim Container - You need to defeat both creatures before you can get the Stim Upgrade, granting one additional medical syringe.
Rancor Sodden Grotto, Koboh N/A This is the first legendary creature you encounter in the game. When you approach the Ramblers Retreat Outpost for the first time, a rumor leads you to the Sodden Grotto, a mining hotspot with missing prospectors. Follow the Grotto around, and eventually, you enter a large open area, which spawns the Rancor boss. Shatter Perk - Increases your damage against an enemy’s stamina meter.
Spawn of Oggda Fort Kah’lin, Koboh N/A Go through the Untamed Downs, and turn right when you arrive near the Jedi temple. When you approach the camp, use the grapple routes, and go to the arena area and fall into the bosses lair. Awards an item you can buy a secret force tear, and get the Poncho attire for your customization.
Sutaban Alpha Crypt of Uhrma, Jedha Merrin’s Gift. While progressing through the main story on Jedha, you will naturally solve the puzzle and activate shortcuts in this area. When you get air dash skill, you can then come back here, and go through the green forcefield area near the pools of the Crypt of Uhrma Gambler Perk - Increases XP gains, but dying resets all unspent XP to zero.
Urgost, Fist of Rayyvis Mountain Observatory, Koboh Main story progression You will naturally find this boss during the Mountain Observatory mission. Partway through the Bespin-like floating city, you will walk into a room, and fight the boss naturally. You can continue with the main story mission (that’s a reward, right?)
Vile Bilemaw Fogged Expanse, Koboh BD-1 Electric Dart You’ll naturally head to the Fogged Expanse during the Mountain Observatory mission. While here, you can get the meditation pit, and get more practice using the Electric Dart. Follow the pathway to the bluffs as normal, and head towards the two Mogu spawns near the force lift door. While there, look for a cliff area, which has a slide you can fall down. This leads you to the lair of this creature. Fortitude perk - Increases the damage of your lightsaber, but also the damage of incoming enemy attacks.

As you can see, you can get quite a few interesting perks from beating these bosses. If you want to more information on all the perks in Jedi Survivor, then we can help you with that too. We also have a dedicated page on all Stim Upgrade Locations in Jedi Survivor if those rewards are of interest to you?

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