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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Yusnaan - An Introduction

Claire Farnworth

Yusnaan, a city of revelry, home to every kind of virtue and vice imaginable and a world away from Luxerion. Great banquets and grand shows take place every night in the exclusive Augur’s Quarter. Fireworks light up the sky and even those who cannot witness the shows can still take part in the splendour. The Patron protects this city though he has retreated in recent times from the public eye. He is the only LCie left in the world and a man of great power.

North Yusnaan

A single monorail station connects Luxerion to Yusnaan. In the north of the city is a great industrial area, home to warehouses and storage containers. Many monsters have made it their homes and people are warned to keep away.

The Glutton’s Quarter is filled with restaurants and places to eat. The prestigious Banquet of the Lord attracts many food experts and holds some very rare cuisine and drink.

The Slaughterhouse lies to the west where warriors do battle and show their might in a huge coliseum. Fights take place every night and there are rare and unusual prizes up for grabs. An assortment of shops and people make the northern reaches of the city their home.

South Yusnaan

In the southern portion of the city is the Reveler’s Quarter which is filled with a wide variety of shops and people needing help. At the heart of the place is a giant Cactuar statue, said to be a memorial to the Fal’Cie Cactuar who gave the Patron his L’Cie powers.

Further south is the Augur’s Quarter, an exclusive area only wealthy people, and those with connections, can enter. Restaurants, outfitters and the nightly show can all be found here.

Finally, the Patron’s Palace overlooks the south of the city. Dark and foreboding now, it used to be used for nightly banquets and feasting. The Patron has retreated into its depths now and no one knows whether he has finally succumbed to his L’Cie brand. Chaos floods the Palace, dragging victims into its depths while also spewing forth terrible monsters.

**Monster** **Location**
Niblet All over
Anubys Patron’s Palace, all exterior areas 16:00 - 18:00
Meonekton All exterior areas 04:00 - 06:00
Cyclops Patron’s Palace, Palace Gardens, Yusnaan - Dead Dunes Highway
Gremlin All over
Skata’Ne City, Patron’s Palace
Schrodinger Warehouse District, Patron’s Palace
Zaltys Patron’s Palace, Yusnaan - Dead Dunes Highway
Reaver Lower City, all highways
Gurangatch Lower City, Yusnaan - Dead Dunes Highway
Earth Eater Yusnaan - Dead Dunes Highway
Hoplite Industrial Area
Flanitor City, Patron’s Palace
Desdemona Lower City, Industrial Area, Palace Gardens
Personal Guard City
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The world has moved on. Time is no more. People do not age but they can still die from accidents or murder. And so, the population has slowly dwindled and there remains only four main areas left in the world. Lightning awakes from her crystal slumber with one task: to save as many souls as she can before the world ends in thirteen days.

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