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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Part 2

Claire Farnworth

Mythical Badge

Difficulty 1*
Availability From Day 3
Quest Item(s) Needed Proof of Legendary Title
Gil Obtained 2000
Item(s) Obtained Orange Bow Tie, Crest of Pulse
HP +10
Strength +1
Magic +1

Wander around the main city during daylight hours (particularly North Station, Wharf of the Faithful close to the Commercial District, South Station and the Clock Tower area) and find the people marked as “Clerics”. They will ask you for donations of varying amounts like 100, 300 or 1000 gil. But they will also gift you with the Proof of Legendary Title too.

Grave of a Bounty Hunter

Difficulty 2*
Availability From Day 5
Quest Item(s) Needed Stormdragon Down
Gil Obtained 800
Item(s) Obtained Blue Feather Pin, Gadot’s Black Emblem
HP +20
Strength +2
Magic +1

The Zomok drops the Stormdragon Down and can be found in the Forsaken Graveyard. You can also complete “Born From Chaos” and kill two birds with one stone. You should be capable of this feat by Day 5 easily.

Puppeteers Lament

Difficulty 2*
Availability From Day 5
Quest Item(s) Needed Quality Machine Oil
Gil Obtained 700
Item(s) Obtained Blue Propeller, Shooting Star
HP +20
Strength +2
Magic +1

You can find the item from Dreadnoughts in the Forsaken Graveyard. You will probably spend some time around this area doing other quests so take the chance to collect while you can. Physical damage resistance is a useful thing to have on one schema.

Revenge Has Teeth

Difficulty 2*
Availability From Day 5
Quest Item(s) Needed Chipped Fang x 10
Gil Obtained 500
Item(s) Obtained Guardian Corps Badge
HP +20
Strength +2

Gorgonopsids drop Chipped Fangs and by Day 5, you will have probably acquired enough. If you need more you can find them in the Pilgrim’s Causeway but also in the Dead Dunes where you will probably find them more frequently. Don’t go out of your way to complete this task.

Enchanted Brush

Difficulty 3*
Availability Complete “A Song For God” and “Grave of a Bounty Hunter” Canvas quests.
Quest Item(s) Needed Demon Spicule x 10, Stormdragon Down x 8
Gil Obtained 1400
Item(s) Obtained Lady’s Brooch, Strawberry Ice Cream
HP +30
Strength +2
Magic +4

This quest requires you to have killed a decent amount of the stronger enemies in the Forsaken Graveyard. Zomoks are more likely to spawn on the west side of the Graveyard and Gaunts you should have no trouble finding throughout the area.

Night Patrol

Difficulty 3*
Availability Complete “Slay The Machine” and “Revenge Has Teeth” Canvas quests.
Quest Item(s) Needed Chipped Fang x 10, Motor Coil x 15
Gil Obtained 1200
Item(s) Obtained Replica Pilot’s Badge, Training Pilot’s Badge
HP +30
Strength +4
Magic +2

Kill plenty of Gertrudes whenever you have reason to visit the Warren. Wait until you hit the Dead Dunes to acquire the Chipped Fangs because you will then encounter Gorgonopsids a lot more.

Heretics Beasts

Difficulty 3*
Availability Complete “Inventive Seamstress” and “Puppeteer’s Lament” Canvas quests.
Quest Item(s) Needed Quality Machine Oil x 5, Liquid Glass x 10
Gil Obtained 1300
Item(s) Obtained Warning Beacon, Gentleman’s Beard
HP +30
Strength +4
Magic +2

Dreadnoughts are most commonly found in the north of the Forsaken Graveyard, particularly on the short highway that remains closed until Day 9. They drop Quality Machine Oil. Liquid Glass is found from Meonektons who you can fight at 04:00 - 06:00 every day in place of regular monsters. They can also be found in the Temple of the Goddess.

Luxerion Totals HP Strength Magic Gil
250 23 18 10,430
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