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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The Wildlands - An Introduction

Claire Farnworth

This is the only expanse of green left in Nova Chrysalia. The land is filled with a variety of flora and fauna. Many monsters, both weak and strong roam here and you may also find medicinal herbs scattered around. There is only one station here, in the central part of the Wildlands. It is split into quite a few sections and there are a myriad of quests to complete here. Two Main Quest scenarios can be completed in this area as well.

Crash Site and Research Camp

In the far north lies the Eremite Plains, a canyon-filled graveyard of old airships from another age. A man is said to live in one but he is mysterious and insular in nature so no one bothers him. In the northeast part is a Research Camp full of scientists who analyse fragments of the airships and other aspects of the Chaos. The powerful Chocobo Eaters prowl this area, waiting for any unwitting traveller to walk into their clutches.

Poltae and the Temple of the Goddess

Poltae is a village far removed from the teachings of the Order of Salvation. The people here worship the Goddess Etro though none are as fanatical as the Children of Etro. This admiration for the Goddess is probably due to the large Temple situated nearby. When the Chaos broke free, the great Temple flooded from Valhalla into this world and got stuck there. Rumours that a dark and sinister nature has taken hold inside, and at the very top lies the heart of Chaos itself.

There is also a legend, that of the Angel of Valhalla leading the Savior to the Temple gates. Perhaps the people in the area know more about this prophecy?

Jagd Woods and Village

On the western side lies a wood where hunters gather in great numbers. The hunters here live off the land, a far cry from the city of Luxerion. In fact, many people left the city in search of a different, more natural way of life. Both man and nature live as one out here and the woods are home to many different monsters and plant life. It is said in the evening a path to a Moogle Village can be found and the Moogles themselves appear. Few people have ever seen them though so no one knows if the stories are true.

The Grasslands

Most of the south is home to sheep farmers and herders, who breed sheep for their milk. The milk is said to have special healing properties and so they prize their sheep. In the central Grasslands is Canopus Farm, where a specialist Chocobo vet calls his home. He has been searching for the Angel of Valhalla whom he believes is a white Chocobo. He is an expert in the birds and has spent his life researching them.

Aryas Village is situated in the far south and is famous for its Fuzzy Sheep and excellent food. In fact, Chef Aryas can whip up legendary meals from recipes handed down through generations. Why not try some for yourself?

**Monster** **Location**
Niblet Grasslands, Aryas Climb, Jagd Woods
Meonekton Temple of the Goddess, exterior areas from 04:00 - 06:00
Dryad Jagd Woods, Rocky Crag
Gremlin Grasslands, Aryas Climb
Miniflan Grasslands, Aryas Climb
Rafflesia Jagd Woods
Goblin Eremite Plains
Vali All over
Ectopudding Eremite Plains, Temple of the Goddess
Triffid All over
Hanuman Rocky Crag, Temple of the Goddess
Reaver Grasslands, Aryas Climb, all highways
Gurangatch Wildlands - Dead Dunes Highway
Chocobo Eater Eremite Plains, Wildlands - Dead Dunes Highway
Earth Eater Wildlands - Dead Dunes Highway
Aster Protoflorian Rocky Crag, Temple of the Goddess, Wildlands - Dead Dunes Highway
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The world has moved on. Time is no more. People do not age but they can still die from accidents or murder. And so, the population has slowly dwindled and there remains only four main areas left in the world. Lightning awakes from her crystal slumber with one task: to save as many souls as she can before the world ends in thirteen days.

Join us as we scour every corner of Nova Chrysalia from the Wildlands to the Dead Dunes and back again.

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