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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Part 2

Claire Farnworth

Source of Inspiration

Difficulty 2*
Availability From Day 5
Quest Item(s) Needed Shattered Bone x 3
Gil Obtained 180
Item(s) Obtained Water Spirit Wings
HP +10
Strength +1

Skata’ne drop Shattered Bone and these are found in the Lower City between the Industrial Area and the Warehouse District as well as the Patron’s Palace.

True Colors

Difficulty 2*
Availability From Day 5
Quest Item(s) Needed Firewyrm Scale
Gil Obtained 600
Item(s) Obtained Lebreau’s Black Tattoo, Lebreau’s Green Tattoo
HP +10
Magic +2

You won’t encounter a Zaltys until you enter the Patron’s Palace during chapter 2-3. From then on, you can find them around the Palace and they drop the Firewyrm Scale.

Beast Summoner

Difficulty 2*
Availability Complete “Soulful Horn” and “Source of Inspiration” Canvas quests.
Quest Item(s) Needed Shattered Bone x 5, Poisonous Sting x 10
Gil Obtained 600
Item(s) Obtained Single Horn, Antler
HP +20
Magic +2

You should easily have enough of these items from fighting Skata’ne and Anubys during the course of the main quests. If not, feel free to take a trip around the Patron’s Palace because both monsters appear there regularly.

Youth Potion

Difficulty 2*
Availability From Day 7
Quest Item(s) Needed Single Eye
Gil Obtained 700
Item(s) Obtained Lucky Clover, Festive Tree
HP +20
Strength +2

The Cyclops enemy drops this item. You must fight a battle against one at the end of chapter 2-1 so you should have easily completed this quest before you unlock it.

Spell For Spell

Difficulty 3*
Availability From Day 7
Quest Item(s) Needed Radial Bearing x 30
Gil Obtained 1300
Item(s) Obtained Light Bulb, Blue Guitar
HP +30
Strength +4
Magic +2

Hoplites drop Radial Bearings and they can be found in the Industrial Area. If you wait until later days, you can complete this quest with ease because they spawn in large numbers.

What Seekers Seek

Difficulty 3*
Availability Complete “Youth Potion” and “True Colors” Canvas quests.
Quest Item(s) Needed Firewyrm Scale x 5, Single Eye x 5
Gil Obtained 1200
Item(s) Obtained Prophetic Headdress, Saint’s Beard
HP +30
Strength +4
Magic +2

Enter the Patron’s Palace to find both of these enemies. The Cyclops also spawns very frequently in the Palace Gardens area.

Ultimate Craving

Difficulty 3*
Availability Complete “Secret Machine,” “A Dangerous Cocktail” and “Spell For Spell” Canvas quests.
Quest Item(s) Needed Radial Bearing x 10, Ether Coil x 15, Clear Ooze x 30
Gil Obtained 1600
Item(s) Obtained Wind Up Halo, Red Propeller, Ether
HP +40
Strength +2
Magic +5

Finding Radial Bearings and Ether Coils should not pose you much of a problem because all you have to do is fight Hoplites and Desdemonas. Clear Ooze is found from Flanitors but if you have completed chapter 2-3 and still haven’t got enough, they do still spawn in the Palace Gardens.

Yusnaan Totals HP Strength Magic Gil
260 17 19 9530
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A Helping Hand

Proof of clearing 25 quests that have appeared writ on the Canvas of Prayers.

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