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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Item Sweep and Night Quests

Claire Farnworth

Time for another sweep of the Wildlands for items that will be useful. Use the map for direct guidance and the following table for advice on which items should be collected.

**Item** **Location**
Soul of Thamasa (6 EP needed) **City of Ruins** on top of wreckage. Approach from the north. If you have not completed quest 1-5 you will not have the requisite EP so return later.
Witch’s Rosary (2 EP needed) In the south of the **Grasslands** near Aryas. You must glide to it from the Aryas cliffs above its position.
Thorn of Warding North of Moogle Village in Rocky Crag.
Beggar’s Beads **Poltae** in a dead end before the ladder leading to the Temple of the Goddess.
Aerora Level 2 **Poltae** . Climb the ladder at the entrance and head all the way to the end of the path around the village.
Windwalker Bracelet **Rocky Crag** in the far north.
Watergod Bracelet **Eremite Plains** but you can only access this by gliding from Rocky Crag to the southwest of the Plains.
Old-Fashioned Photo Frame **Research Camp** hidden in the trees behind the Forge shop.
Blizzara Level 2 **Eremite Plains** on a cliff directly south of the Research Camp

If you have yet to restore the Angel to full health, the Yeul’s Flowers will have regrown by now so let him eat those and he will easily reach full fitness.

Collecting the “aga” spells is no easy feat. Firaga is the easiest to reach as you do not need to travel too far into the Temple. If you Escape from the boss, a shortcut will be created when you return.

Night Quests and Quest 5-4 What Soul Seed Traders Want

There are a couple of quests that can only be completed at night so before you leave the Wildlands, head back to Jagd Village and complete “ The Hunter’s Challenge ” by handing in the Monster Mince and AMP Chip.

Next, head back to Aryas Village and speak with Millie to obtain a further reward. Speak with Kaj next to the sheep pen and windmill. He buys Soul Seeds but also has another soul fragment for the main quest in return for a Moogle Fragment (which you have already collected) and Soul Seeds. He will give you the Fragment of Radiance in return.

If you haven’t already done so, purchase the Dragon’s Blood and Rhapsody in Rose garbs from the Outfitters. These are very powerful garbs and can be useful for the next major boss battle at the end of quest 1-5. Finally, just south of the village, speak to Cornelia to begin the “ Secret Lives of Sheep ” sidequest. After completing it, head to the Wildlands station and talk to Chocolina.

The Dragon’s Blood garb not only has a powerful version of Heavy Slash, it also increases damage when your ATB gauge is 30 or lower.

Quest 5-3 Wishes On A Canvas

She asks you to complete her Canvas of Prayers request ( Key to Her Heart ) in return for the fragment. You already have the Beloved’s Gift so hand it over and she will present you with the Fragment of Smiles, 1000 Gil and Chocobo Girl’s Cap . You can also complete the “ Where Moogles Be ”, “ Fading Prayer ” and “ Shoot For The Sky ” global quests while you’re here. Turn them in for some nice rewards. When you’re done, get the next train to Luxerion .

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