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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Luxerion - An Introduction

Claire Farnworth

Luxerion is quite a large city and is made up of two large distinct sections; one in the north and one in the south. Two main monorail stations serve the city with the North Station offering travel to Yusnaan and the South Station offering travel to both the Wildlands and Dead Dunes.

North Luxerion

Just outside the North Station is the Centrum which has an Outfitters,two restaurants, an Inn, General Store and a Canvas of Prayers board. To the east of the Centrum is Old Town which holds a Forge and a Sorcery Shop as well as another Inn. The Pilgrims Causeway connects the Holy District in the south and Old Town in the north.

The Warehouse District is best avoided until you have completed some missions as it is home to a rather fierce creature known as a Zomok. The Commercial District, Residences and Arcade house only a few sidequests and items but connect north and south.

The Forsaken Graveyard cannot be entered until after you have completed Main Quest 1-3 and is home to a few items. There is also a path that can be unlocked that links Luxerion to the Wildlands. The Warrens is only open from midnight to 6am and a section of it is sealed off until after completing Main Quest 1-4.

South Luxerion

South Luxerion is home to South Station that has two Outfitters, a General Store, an Inn and a restaurant. The Clock Tower can also be seen here that chimes the end of the world away. To the east is the Holy District and the Cathedral that can only be entered between 6am and 10pm. Feel free to take in its glory but be aware that there isn’t much to do here until after completing the Main Quest line in Luxerion.

Tips and Advice

Most players will naturally feel they should make significant progress in the Main Quest but this may actually set you at a disadvantage because Luxerion can be a time-sink. Enemy spawns are sporadic and so EP is hard to come by. It is best to complete a few tasks at once and explore the city as you do these tasks rather than just aimlessly wander around.

The Cathedral sentries that you may see wandering the city can be attacked and provoked. These are a useful way of farming EP but this trick is probably best left until you are stronger and able to finish battles quickly. Finally, there are three treasure spheres that you cannot open until you have started the requisite sidequest. These can be identified by the padlock icon that appears when you approach them.

**Monster** **Location**
Niblet Throughout Luxerion
Anubys Takes place of every monster between 16:00 - 18:00
Set Cathedral (Final Day)
Meonekton Takes place of every monster between 04:00 - 06:00
Gaunt Forsaken Graveyard
Arcangeli Cathedral (Final Day)
Chimera Cathedral (Final Day)
Gremlin Throughout Luxerion
Neela Cathedral (Final Day)
Wendigo Cathedral (Final Day)
Gorgonopsid Pilgrim’s Passage, City
Sugriva Cathedral (Final Day)
Zomok Forsaken Graveyard, Wildlands Highway
Chocobo Eater Wildlands Highway
Gertrude Warren
Dreadnought Forsaken Graveyard, Wildlands Highway
Aster Protoflorian Wildlands Highway
Cathedral Sentry City
Fanatic Main Quest, Den of Shadows
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