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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

1-2 In The Shadow Of The Heretics

Claire Farnworth

Standing atop the monument in the centre of the plaza allows you a very wide view of the surrounding area. At the stroke of midnight, the Children of Etro will spawn at the east end of the plaza. There is a large group of them and they are easily distinguished by their white robes and hoods.

From atop this monument you can see them spawn very clearly. You can watch them move for a long time before you have to get down too.

Watch them from your lofty position until they disappear from view and jump down. They will have moved from east to west at this point, through the open gate towards the Forsaken Graveyard. Move slowly after them, keeping them within your eyeline but do not alert them to your presence. Use walls and corners for cover until they have moved away.

Eventually, they will reach the locked door at the Graveyard. Duck behind the red boxes here (marked with the blue !) for a cutscene and the end of this quest line.

Exploring Old Town

Let’s go and explore Old Town! There are numerous items to collect here and a quest to fulfill. Return to the plaza and talk to the little girl near the ladder where you found the Fighter’s Emblem. She has lost her Carbuncle Doll. Let’s go and find it then!

This forlorn little girl can be found here. She only appears after you have tailed the Children of Etro members to the Forsaken Graveyard. Talk to her to initiate another sidequest.

Head to the shops in Old Town first. Take the small alley on the right first and when you get to the end, make the leap towards the treasure for the Runic Ring . Talk to Seger for the Shaolong Gui Shell (needed for a quest). Next, talk to the vendor of the Sorcery Shop and take the synthesis tutorial for a free upgraded Attack Level 1 . To the right of the shop, there are tons of red boxes you can smash with your sword. Collect the Quill Pen and the medal here.

Whenever you see boxes like these, smash them because they usually reveal treasure or quest items! This little shop holds the Quill Pen quest item.

The Things Shes Lost

**Difficulty** 1*
**Gil Obtained** 100
**Item(s) Obtained** Carbuncle Figurine
**Maximum HP** +30
**Magic** +3

Next to Seger, the man who sold you the Shaolong Gui Shell, there is a Green Carbuncle Doll sat on a pile of boxes. Pick it up to return to Dolce on the way back.

This little guy is the long lost doll Dolce wanted. You may recognise him from previous games in the series!

Turn around and run left and you will see more red boxes in a closed shop. Smash them and collect Sparkstrike Level 2 from the treasure sphere. Finally, head towards the Warren, through the gate and turn left after you pass through it. There is a sphere with Thundara Level 2 near the ladder.

These red boxes are hidden behind the counter but run over and smash them to claim the Sparkstrike Level 2 ability.

Exploring South Luxerion

After you have collected what you need from Old Town, you should start heading to the South Station. Go back through Old Town and the Centrum and you will find yourself in the Commercial District. There are two valuable treasure spheres here: the Twist Headband and the Magician’s Token . Collect those and carry on to the Arcade area. Talk to the man stood near a pillar to activate the “ Soul Seeds ” quest.

Don’t forget to pick up this item on your way through the Commercial District. It is easily missed.

Soul Seeds

**Difficulty** 1*
**Gil Obtained** 400
**Item(s) Obtained** Black Tattoo
**Maximum HP** +40
**Strength** +2
**Magic** +4

After speaking with the man, he asks you to purchase a Seed Hunter’s Membership Card for 2,000 Gil. Hopefully you have enough Gil left to purchase it. Buy it and then run towards the guard at the other end of the room. The Chaos has taken over the next area but in it are the shining purple eggs you need for the quest.

Run into the Chaos but do be aware of monsters that spawn here. They are much stronger than usual so avoid them unless you feel particularly confident in your ability. Collect the Soul Seeds scattered to the left and in front of you. There should be three in all though sometimes there are only two. Return to Baird and collect a nice sum of money for your time and the quest reward.

Those shining purple eggs are Soul Seeds. Always collect any you see because they become a valuable source of income throughout the game.

Carry on through the Arcade to the South Station. Pick up the Guard Level 2 ability in a dead end north of the station. Finally, head to the east of the station to find a Guard Glove .If you still have some time remaing in the day, return to the station and catch a train to the Dead Dunes. The EP ability Teleport will be unlocked at this point, allowing you to immediately transfer between places you have previously visited. You will not waste any in game time doing this.

The train arrives at 04:45 and arrives at 05:30 so do be on time! Remember Chronostasis if you need it.

A Quick Detour To Dead Dunes

This is a cheery place isn’t it? You can go sand-surfing here if you wish. You know, in between saving the world and stuff. Chat to the train worker sat down just outside the station for a sneaky morsel of information.

A bit further to the north is an Outfitters. Purchase the Passion Rouge garb from him because it’s pretty awesome and will probably be your default garb for some time.

This garb will be a staple in your Schemata for a while as it has great debuffing and ATB speed that really help you out over the course of the next day or two.

You should have a bit of time left so let’s go and pick up a nice handy ability at the far northwest of the Giant’s Sandbox. Up some steps here is the Galestrike Level 2 ability.

You will need to traverse a large portion of the Giant’s Sandbox to get this ability but it is definitely worth it. Avoid all monsters, even Cactuars.

Avoid all monsters on your journey or you’ll end up in a bit of a mess at this early stage. Use Chronostasis to extend time if you need to. After acquiring Galestrike, you can now return to the Ark to end Day 1.

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