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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Where to Find the Back Door Key in Wo Long

Matt Chard

When you reach the Hidden Village in Wo Long, you’ll soon find out that there are “Side Quests” in the game. These aren’t your traditional side quests as they won’t appear on any menu or have any tracking whatsoever. In fact, these are in a similar fashion to the Souls series where you’ll need to keep talking to an NPC to exhaust their dialogue which will end up in a quest. This page will guide you through where you can find the Back Door Key for the Tianshu Hermit in the Hidden Village.

Speak to the Tianshu Hermit in front of the house to the left of the Blacksmith in Hidden Village to start the quest.

How to Accept the Hidden Village Back Door Key Quest

After you’ve completed the Front Door Key quest, head back to the same Hermit (to the left of the Blacksmith) and exhaust her dialogue. Eventually, she’ll give you a hint that she may have dropped it somewhere dark and cramped.

Back Door Key Location TLDR version

Progress through the mission until near the end where you reach the 4th set of sewers (the one where you enter a dragon’s mouth), and proceed through them until you reach the large, long room with the mermaids. Go through the first doorway on your left, kill the spider, and loot the key.

Hidden Village Back Door Key Location Walkthrough

This could be almost any area in Wo Long, but you won’t be able to find it for a while unless you’ve played a lot of the game. Keep progressing the game until you unlock the main mission “War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely” which can be accessed in Part 5 after you finish the Tyrant’s Final Banquet mission in Part 4. Once you have that mission available, enter it, and you’ll have to progress a fair bit into the mission before you can retrieve it. It’s in the sewers, but this whole area can feel like a maze, so we’ll walk you through it.

At the start of the mission, head straight until you can turn right then go down the stairs and lower the water with the nearby contraption by the ladder. Drop into the new area and go through the vein-covered tunnel. If you head to the left before entering the tunnel, you can open a chest if you defeat the giant alligator enemy.

(1 of 2) Take the stairs down. Interact with the contraption to lower the water.

Take the stairs down. Interact with the contraption to lower the water. (left), Then enter the sewers. (right)

Anyway, follow the tunnel into the next room where you’ll be ambushed by a pointless spider, defeat it, and continue through the door. When you get to the next area, you’ll have a mermaid to deal with, and three directions to choose from. There are a few items scattered around these sewers, but nothing too important. Once you’ve finished exploring, take the right path, and climb the ladders to exit the sewer.

(1 of 2) Then navigate to the ladder to exit the sewers.

Then navigate to the ladder to exit the sewers. (left), At the first intersection, take the right path. (right)

Follow the path around, and you’ll end up in the middle of the street where numerous enemies lurk. These are all human enemies, but these can be quite difficult fights, especially at low Morale. Slowly make your way forward, dealing with the enemies on your way (including archers on the roof), and you’ll soon have a choice to make. On the bridge are four enemies with one of them being a Leader who is at Rank 20 Morale. If you want the Battle Flag now, you’ll have to defeat them, but it’s best to come back later when your Morale is higher.

(1 of 2) Follow the street until you reach the fence.

Follow the street until you reach the fence. (left), Go past the bridge to find some stairs. (right)

Instead, take a right before the bridge, and follow that across the red bridge which will have an enemy on it. After you’ve crossed the bridge, turn right to find a Battle Flag (make sure you defeat the enemies along the way). Straight in front of the Flag is a couple of barricades. The further barricade will lead to a small chest and a couple of enemies who’ll be guarding it while the barricade nearer to the flag is the way to progress.

When you get to the barricade, follow the path right while defeating any enemy that gets in your way, and head down the stairs where you can lower the water again. With the area drained, drop, and head into the second sewers. At first there is only one way to go until you reach the next area where some mermaids reside. Once again there are a bunch of items in here, but nothing important. Follow the path right until you reach the room with the mermaid and ladder, and defeat the mermaid. Before you go up the ladder, you can get a Marking Flag by jumping up the blocks opposite the ladder. When you’re ready, exit the sewers via the ladders.

(1 of 3) After you’ve drained the water, enter the sewers.

This will put you in another open area where two enemies will be in front of you, at the back. Open the door to the right for a shortcut and progress towards the enemies and around the tower to find another path. Follow the path, or better yet, climb the tower, so you can jump on the roof. There are a few tough enemies around here so stay vigilant, and slowly defeat the enemies. When you’re done with the enemies, make sure you open the large chest near the building before going through the large archway.

Go across the dilapidated bridge using the wooden platform, and you should see your next Battle Flag, but it’ll be locked, so you’ll need to defeat the nearby leader to unlock it. If you follow the path to the left of the flag first, you can defeat the enemy patrolling down there before backstabbing the followers behind the flag where you’ll find a Marking Flag. Now you’ll only have the leader to take care of who is a spear-wielding Morale Rank 7 human.

(1 of 4) Head across the bridge and defeat the leader to unlock the Battle Flag.

Head across the bridge and defeat the leader to unlock the Battle Flag. (left), Now go through the gap in the wall while defeating the two enemies next to it. (right)

The northwest path from the Flag leads to a Shitieshou with an enemy nearby. Head back to the intersection, and take the east path where you’ll see two guards guarding the crack in the wall. Defeat them then follow the path to the next intersection and head right (south) towards the next bridge while defeating the enemies along the way. Be careful of the item at the end of the path as there is an enemy waiting to ambush you.

Before heading across the bridge, turn right and defeat the enemy guarding the large chest as this contains a Golden Cicada Shell. Head back to the bridge, and defeat the enemies on it. Follow the path around until you get to the bottom of the stairs where you can lower the water again.

Drop onto the alligator then defeat it before going into the sewers. Follow the right path, defeating the mermaid along the way, and you’ll end up in a hallway with statue enemies. If you’ve played Nioh before, you’ll know about these, if not, it’ll be your first time seeing these. Run past or defeat them to end up in a room with a chest in the middle being guarded by what appears to be two more statues, although one of them isn’t living.

(1 of 6) Open the large chest to get a Golden Cicada Shell.

To get the chest, you’ll need to complete a little jumping puzzle using the pillars to the right of the door. Defeat the statue, and open the chest to get another Golden Cicada Shell. Drop to the water below, but be aware of the enemies of which there are two mermaids, and one statue. Go through the northern hallway where another mermaid lurks. Defeat it and proceed through the door to your left, but be careful of the Warlock who hides in the corner to the right of it.

To the right of the Warlock is a block you can jump up which will lead to a Marking Flag with a statue nearby. Drop back into the room and go up the stairs (be careful of the two statues to the left at the top of them). Now, head right and go up the ladders to exit the sewers.

Once you’ve exited the sewers, open the door to your left for a shortcut then go through the gap in the wall opposite the sewer exit. When you approach the exit, you’ll get invaded by the NPC invader, Gao Shun. Defeat him and any other enemies nearby and go through the archway to your right. Follow the path around the building on your right, and head up the blocks on to the roof where you’ll need to defeat some followers, and a leader to unlock the Battle Flag.

(1 of 6) Take the ladders up to exit the sewer

Jump on the roof then drop to the floor before heading down the stairs to lower the water again. Now drop below to climb the ladder on the wall on the opposite side which leads into the sewers via a dragon’s mouth doorway. Follow the stairs down and proceed through the hallway into the next room. Defeat the mermaid ultra while a Warlock pelts rocks at your face then go through the doorway at the end.

In the next area there’ll be quite a few enemies from normal mermaids to mermaid ultras. Make your way through the room and enter the first doorway on the left you see. This will lead to an item on the floor with a pointless spider above it. Defeat the spider, and get the item which will be the Taoist’s Backyard Key! Congratulations, it took some effort, but you’ve got what you came for. If you want to leave quickly, there is a Battle Flag at the end of the large room.

(1 of 2) Head through the sewers until you reach a large long room with mermaids then take your first left.

Head through the sewers until you reach a large long room with mermaids then take your first left. (left), Where you’ll find the key at the back of the short hallway being guarded by a spider. (right)

What Items are Behind the Hidden Village Back Door in Hidden Village

Now that you have the key, make your way back to the Hidden Village and speak to the Hermit again. Exhaust her dialogue, and she’ll tell you the chests are yours, but you’ll need to give her something for the keys. There are three keys in total, and you’ll need to hand over the following three items to get them:

  • Fire Pot
  • Anti-freeze Soil
  • Mystic Crane

(1 of 7) To get the Keys for the chests in the backyard, you’ll need to give the hermit three items with the first being a Fire Pot.

When you have the three keys, proceed to the back of the house to open them up. The chest to your left will give you some Genuine Qi items, the middle chest will give you some crafting mats, and the final chest will give you a piece of armor, and a weapon, although it is nothing special. That was underwhelming to say the least, but don’t worry, it’s not over just yet. If you jump across the platforms next to the chests you’ll find a Dragon Vein Essence.

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