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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How To Beat Demonized Officers In Wo Long

Jacob Woodward

Wo Long isn’t short of tough enemies, and this certainly isn’t confined to just bosses. There is a whole host of difficult foes, no matter if you’re on the first mission or the last, so learning the right strategies to dispatch them is key.

One enemy in particular that is not only hard to beat, but also key to potentially unlocking more Battle Flags is the Demonized Officer.

With this guide, we’ll be detailing some tips for beating the Demonized Officers so you can get rid of these giants and move on to the next adversary in your path.

Wo Long Demonized Officers: How To Beat

If you’ve experienced first hand the might of these Demonized Officers in Wo Long, you’ll know that even though they’re roaming in the regular battlefield, they are no joke. Boasting a large, wooden hammer that is swung with incredible force, you could be on your way to that Battle Flag in an instant.

However, you can quell these Demonized Officers if you know how, so we’ll jump right into the tips for getting rid of these nice and quickly.

Defeating a Demonized Officer in Wo Long

First, let’s talk about weaponry. If you haven’t played around with your equipment in Wo Long, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. This is because the Demonized Officer attack pattern is very predictable and certainly a little slower than that of other hard enemies like Chenggui, so you can utilize a heavier weapon to do so. Our selection here is probably a Glaive such as the Polearm Podao because it’s not incredibly slow, allowing you to get a couple of hits off, while also dealing more damage than that of a regular sword.

Our next tip in taking on these Demonized Officers is to use your environment wisely. While this can gain you advantages for various types of enemies, it is especially effective against these brutes. Again, this is because on the whole, they are quite slow, so using the ‘arena’ you’ll be fighting them in wisely can be key.

Using ranged attacks to whittle the Demonized Offcer’s health down before engaging

For a specific example of this, when you come face to face with the Demonized Soldier in mission 2, you can utilise ranged attacks to inflict damage from afar as well as wizardry spells thanks to the elevated terrain. Moreover, you can almost cheese the fight through hopping down onto a ledge and allow your ally to get some hits off, then jumping back up when you also want to contribute. This will hopefully mitigate potential damage that you would usually receive, both elongating the fight, resulting in you likely defeating the enemy.

Using the terrain to exploit the Demonized Officer

As a final tip for beating Demonized Soldiers, we definitely recommend looking to parry those spinning hammer attacks. These are certainly on the easier end to deflect and are the Soldiers’ best possible way of taking you down so always wise to stop these in their tracks. They’re also telegraphed pretty well so you should know when they’re coming up. If you’re not comfortable with parrying, maybe practice by blocking first and then going for the parry just so you don’t get the damage when hit.

Deflecting an incoming Fatal Blow from a Demonized Officer

If you’re still having extreme issues with Demonized Officers after the above tips, simply raise that morale level as much as you can so you can have some form of advantage going into the battle. You’ll naturally deal more and take less damage, giving you more leeway.

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A dark fantasy set during the Three Kingdoms period. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the follow-up game to the much acclaimed Nioh Series developed by Team Ninja. Wo Long promises to be more accessible than what Nioh was giving the players aid during the missions with the help of the Reinforcement companions system. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty including the following:

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