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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How To Parry In Wo Long

Jacob Woodward

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty utilises many systems previously created by Team Ninja in such games like Nioh, but have built upon them to create a fresh experience for this game. One area that has been refined is the parry system, allowing players to beat off enemy attacks and strike back.

To do this though, you will need to learn how to perform a parry in Wo Long otherwise you’ll be getting beat down on a consistent basis thanks to the fast attacking nature of adversaries in this title.

This guide will run you through the parrying mechanic in Wo Long so you can use it to its full potential.

Wo Long Parry Explained: How To Deflect

The parry system in Wo Long is something that you may be familiar with if you’ve played other Soulslike games. It’s called a Deflect in this title, and you essentially wait for the enemy to go for an attack, and then at a specific moment, hit a button to negate damage and leave your foe open to a counter.

The in-game Wo Long deflect explanation

The button you’re going to be looking for here is B on Xbox or Circle on PlayStation, and you’ll need to wait until your opponent is just about to strike then hitting the Deflect button. This timing is the same no matter what enemy you’ll be coming up against, but because attacks vary so much from foe to foe, you’re going to need to learn their patterns to get a successful parry off.

You’ll know you’ve done this correctly because obviously you won’t receive any damage, but you’ll also see an orange yellow light emit from your weapon indicating a well-timed parry. Moreover, a successful Deflect will also deplete your opponents Spirit Gauge while also increasing your own.

A successful deflect in Wo Long

You’re able to do this on all incoming attacks in the game, including Critical Blows. However, with these, you may find more success by pressing the parry button and moving the left stick at the same time. If you do get a successful parry off on a Critical Blow, this is known as a Perfect Deflect and will leave the enemy open for a crucial counter.

What you do need to be careful of here is your Spirit Gauge. This is because if you spam your parry without any successes, you will drain this Gauge and essentially leave yourself open to a stun if you keep getting hit. This, however, can be somewhat negated through equipping a weapon that has a high Deflect Difficulty stat.

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A dark fantasy set during the Three Kingdoms period. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the follow-up game to the much acclaimed Nioh Series developed by Team Ninja. Wo Long promises to be more accessible than what Nioh was giving the players aid during the missions with the help of the Reinforcement companions system. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty including the following:

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