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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Best Early Spells in Wo Long

Matt Chard

When playing Wo Long for the first time, it can be difficult to understand the Wizardry Spell system, and which spells to get early on. This page will explain how the Wizardry system works, and what spells you should invest your first points in.

Enhance Defense is a good choice for one of your first starting spells.

What is the Wizardry System?

The Wizardry system is tied to the Five Phases (elements) which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each Phase will have 14 different spells to choose from with some higher-tier spells being locked behind completing a specific mission. When you look at the spell, you’ll see some information underneath it. These are the required level to cast the spell, the Morale rank within the mission, and how much Spirit is consumed per cast.

For example, the Rock Spike (Earth) spell, requires your Earth level to be l, your Morale rank to be at least 0, and it’ll consume 340 spirit for each cast. Some higher-ranked spells won’t be able to be used until your Morale reaches the required rank during the mission. You’ll gain Wizardry Points when you level, and it’ll be one point for each Phase. Later on, this will happen approximately every 5 levels. You can access the Wizardry Spells from any Battle Flag.

You can access the Wizardry Spells from any Battle Flag.

Five-Phase Affinities

The Five Phase Affinity system is similar to the weakness systems in other RPGs. For Wo Long, each Phase opposes another Phase, and when you use the opposing Phase on an enemy, it’ll do more damage and restrict the enemy from using their spells, although this is only temporary. The system is as follows:

Phase Name Counter Name
Wood_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Wood Earth_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Earth
Earth_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Earth Water_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Water
Water_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Water Fire_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Fire
Fire_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Fire Metal_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Metal
Metal_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Metal Wood_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Wood

Best Spells

The best spells for the early game are Enhance Defense (Earth), Repression Crush (Metal), Absorb Vitality (Wood), and Cloud Stance (Water).

Enhance Defense

Using this spell will temporarily strengthen your defense, allowing you to take additional hits. Especially in the early game, this spell can come in clutch against the more difficult enemies and bosses, but make sure you only use it if you have enough Spirit. It’s best to use it after deflecting an attack or two.

(1 of 2) Enhanced Defense can be found on the right of the Earth Phase tree.

Enhanced Defense can be found on the right of the Earth Phase tree. (left), Repression Crush can be found on the right of the Metal Phase tree. (right)

Repression Crush

Repression Crush is one of the best spells in the game. This will reduce the time it takes the enemy to recover their Spirit, and as this game revolves around breaking the bosses Spirit, this spell becomes invaluable.

Cloud Stance

Cloud Stance isn’t as good as the other two spells, but it can be useful as it will reduce how much Spirit you’ll consume when deflecting. This is good against enemies that have multi-hit attacks like the tiger, or some of the bosses later.

(1 of 2) Cloud Stance can be found on the right of the Water Phase tree.

Cloud Stance can be found on the right of the Water Phase tree. (left), Absorb Vitality can be found in the center of the Wood Phase tree. (right)

Absorb Vitality

Absorb Vitality is good for the first couple of missions, but it drops off quickly. Using this spell gives you a health leech where you’ll get some health back when you attack the enemies. The downside to this spell is you won’t get much back, but it does help when taking chip damage. Another useful way to utilize this spell is to use it on your Allies as they can’t get health back unless you use a Flag.

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