Region Summary .
Base Camp 5
Challenge Tomb 1
Mission Giver 1
Region Challenge 3
Treasure Chest 2
Crypt 2
Relic 4
Document 18
Mural 10
Survival Cache 14
Monolith 3


After leaving Jonah and Abby you can explore the village to your heart’s content. You can talk to the villagers, complete a side mission, and find plenty of resources and collectibles, so it’s worth exploring for a while before continuing with the main story.

The challenge tomb and crypt are also available right away, and the first Base Camp is at the bottom of the steps ahead.

Note: You can talk to the villagers to learn more about Kuwaq Yaku, which in turn will reveal new locations and secrets on the map. Simply find anyone with a speech bubble over their head to begin the conversation. You can also find a Merchant here who will trade resources and special gear for gold coins.

Note: You’ll have three of the four weapon slots filled now thanks to attaining a rifle and a pistol. You can begin looking into upgrading them by finding the nearest Base Camp and using collected resources to unlock new perks.

Select Inventory followed by the weapon you wish to upgrade – weapon stats and required resources are shown at the bottom of the screen. Some weapon-upgrade tools can only be unlocked via the Skill tree.

Remember that all weapons are upgraded separately and do not apply to all weapons of a single type.

There are three region challenges throughout Kuwaq Yaku - Bottom Feeder, Crude Awakenings, and Nam Deus - which we have covered in the challenges section of this guide.


Whether you decided to explore first or not, to continue the story simply follow the yellow waypoint marker on the map towards the Incan ruins in the north.

If you pass under the archway, you’ll find a small market. The Merchant is in the back right corner, and you can purchase a variation of gear and resources from him using the gold coins you’ve collected. You’ll probably have a good amount by now to at least buy a weapon or outfit piece if you wish to.

J&D Model 27 (Handgun) 4200
C&T S55 (Handgun) 4100
GF RAL (Rifle) 3200
Pistol Sight (Handgun Attachment) 1700
Pistol Suppressor (Handgun Attachment) 1800
Pistol Ammo Pouch 1600
Rifle Ammo Pouch 1500
Vestige: Nine Strides’ Harness (Upper Outfit) 3200
Vestige: Hide Boots of Urqu (Lower Outfit) 4300
Arrows 180
Handgun Bullets 180
Machine Gun Rounds 180
Medicine 90
Perception Plants 90
Focus Plants 90
Salvage 120
Black Powder 150

(1 of 2) Visit the Merchant for goods

Visit the Merchant for goods (left), Inspect the mural (right)

Leave the market and inspect the mural on your right, then continue into the temple for a cutscene.

When you have control again, dive into the water below and swim left under the bridge and through a hole in the fence. You’ll come to a dock with five Trinity soldiers patrolling the area.

Stick by the first, closest enemy – once he’s isolated, you can drag him into the water without being spotted. Now you’re left with one enemy walking along the dock ahead of you, two along the furthest walkways, and a single enemy standing on the upper walkway at the back. Take out each one using stealth tactics – if you get spotted, dive back under the water until you lose them, and start over.

(1 of 5) Dive into the water

Make your way across the dock and head to the upper walkway on the left - on a table you’ll find Document - End Times. Now continue forward to find the Docks Base Camp (Jonah and Abby will speak over the radio when you reach it).


From the Docks Base Camp, you’ll find Document – Croft Report on a crate to your left. Now continue forward until you see a parked truck ahead of you. Behind the truck is Document – Site Scrubbed.

Find the mud patch to cover yourself in mud – this will provide camouflage against enemies, making it harder for them to spot you, and will completely conceal you against mud-covered walls.

(1 of 2) Document - Croft Report

Document - Croft Report (left), Use mud patches for stealth (right)

Squeeze through the hole in the fence ahead and go straight to the muddy wall in front of you. Four Trinity solders patrol this first area, but feel free to eliminate them as you please. You can stealth kill the first guy with no problem, and then proceed how you like.

Move forward through the area until you can hear more men talking. There’s another four, so move into the concealment bush and wait for the first guy to kneel down behind some crates and take him out.

Move into the structure on the right and hide in the concealment bush in front of you – wait for the second guy to stand beside the bush and take him down without being spotted.

Then hide behind the forklift truck. Pick up the bottle from the crate and throw it behind you in the structure you just came from. This will separate the remaining two soldiers, allowing you the chance to kill them easily.

(1 of 2) Take out the enemies

Take out the enemies (left), Exit the area through the yellow door (right)


Pry open the yellow door and jump to the craggy wall, then rappel down into the excavation site below. Follow the straight path, collecting resources as you go. You’ll also find Document – Temple Survey and an Archivist Map along the way.

(1 of 2) Document - Temple Survey

Document - Temple Survey (left), Archivist Map (right)

Continue forward through the tunnel until you reach the next room. Through the archway ahead of you is a mural to inspect, then head right through the door to reach the Temple of Life. Head across the bridge to reach the puzzle that will open the door.

Tip: Maya Numbers – The disk represents zero. A horizontal line represents 5, and each dot represents 1. So, for example, if you have a horizontal line with two dots above it, that equals 7. The left tower block uses even numbers (0, 2, 4, 8) and the right block uses odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7).

To complete the puzzle, you need to set the correct numbers into the two tower blocks. If you get it wrong, the central passage floor will collapse. Use the cranks to turn the tower blocks – the first correct number will open up the doors on either side of the room to reveal clues to the answers.

Solve the puzzle by doing the following:

– Interact with the left crank until it reads zero. Then cross the bridge and interact with the door to reveal the graphic behind it.

– Interact with the right crank until it reads 1. Cross the bridge and open the door to reveal a second graphic.

– Return to the left block and set the number to zero, and the right block to 3. Head down the central passage to open the first door.

– Return to the left block to set another zero, and the right block to 5. Open the second door in the central passage.

– The final numbers are given to you by Jonah and the Maya Date photograph (Artifacts > Path of the Stars). Set the left block to zero and the right block to 7.

– Open the final door in the central passage and enter the next room.

(1 of 3) Turn the blocks until they read the correct numbers


As you move toward the mural on the back wall, a cutscene will occur. Once you have control again, you can find Document – Balams on the left side of the room, as well as a monolith. Read the monolith (if you’ve met the requirements) and find the treasure behind the jaguar statue in the back right corner of the room.

Head into the next room to find the stele – Lara will interact with it automatically to receive the Eagle’s Talon Skill. Behind the stele, through the archway, you can pick up Document – Birthing the Serpent.

(1 of 5) Document - Balams

Now head out of the right side of the room. Dive straight down into the water below and swim into concealment to hide from piranhas.

Tip: Piranhas swim around in groups and can kill you quickly if they spot you. Steer clear of them as much as possible by planning your route and staying concealed. You can highlight them in red by using Survival Instincts, and it’s always best to use fast swim – the quicker you swim, the further you can go before having to take a breath.

Remember to use available air pockets and spend Skill points at Base Camps to improve time spent underwater.

Wait for the piranhas to swim past you and swim quickly ahead towards the trapped air. The exit ahead is up on the far wall but it’s difficult to get through with all the piranhas in the way. Instead, head through the ruins on the left and avoid the piranhas to reach the air pocket ahead. From the pocket, keep moving forward and follow the path right and down.

(1 of 2) Hide from the piranhas

Hide from the piranhas (left), Use the air pockets (right)

In the next area, stick to the left and swim for the air pocket. Then follow the steps on the right until you come to a room filled with light from above. Swim up until you reach the surface and exit the water ahead to return to the jungle.


Move forward to hear Trinity soldiers talking. Before taking the fallen tree log on the right, quickly go into the left area to pick up Document – Misdirection behind the tree.

(1 of 2) Go right to jump into the tree-canopy

Go right to jump into the tree-canopy (left), Document - Misdirection (right)

Now go right and jump into the tree. There are two men below – wait a moment for them to split and then perform an Eagle’s Talon kill on the closest enemy to string him up. You can then perform a stealth takedown on the second guy with no problem.

Move into the next area by following the path left. After observing the short cutscene, you can run ahead to find Document – Operation Update on the right side of the trail.

(1 of 2) Perform an Eagle’s Talon stealth takedown

Perform an Eagle’s Talon stealth takedown (left), Document - Operation Update (right)

Continue forward into the next area with a group of patrolling Trinity soldiers. Something’s got them spooked, so you can easily perform stealth takedowns on all of them if you time it right and plan accordingly.

Scramble into the tree and wait for the guy below you to get close enough to perform another Eagle’s Talon kill – he usually goes unnoticed. Then move through the wooden structure on your right and hide in the concealment bushes to stealth kill the second guy.

The third man is facing the plane ahead – he’s an easy target to sneak up on and take out. Then look for another tree on the right-hand side that you can climb up and wait for the guy below you to get close enough – string him up with another Eagle’s Talon kill.

From here, you can sneak up the side of the plane to perform a stealth kill on the armoured soldier while he’s still distracted.

(1 of 4) Hide in the trees to perform stealth moves

There are three men left at this point – do with them what you will. If you want to continue the stealthy route, there are bottles lying around that you can use to separate them from one another and take them out quietly. Otherwise, feel free to finish them off quickly with your weapon of choice.

Once they’ve all been dealt with, scramble up the far wall to reach the next area.

(1 of 2) Exit the area by scrambling up the far wall

Exit the area by scrambling up the far wall (left), Document - Scouring the Globe (right)

Head right, slosh through the mud, and squeeze under the tree roots. Go forward to the litter of dead Trinity soldiers and pick up the Document – Scouring the Globe, then continue forward to jump into the water below.

Follow the path to reach the ruins, head up the short steps on the left, and then turn right until you reach the Temple of Death Base Camp.


Purchase any new skills and upgrade weapons at the Base Camp if you need to, then continue forward to return to the entrance of the Incan temple. Crouch through the hole in the wall and then descend the stairs immediately to your left to find Jonah and Abby at the bottom.

After the short cutscene, head down the steps and dive into the water below. Follow the tunnel and keep moving until you reach an air pocket, then swim forward and conceal yourself from the circling eel. Once it’s moved past you, fast swim towards the next air pocket.

(1 of 2) Dive into the water below

Dive into the water below (left), Keep following the underwater tunnel straight forward (right)

Note: The Moray Eel – While this isn’t the first time you’ve encountered the eel, you can now actively avoid running into them. Use concealment underwater to hide – if one grabs you, rapidly press the Interact button to kill it. Remember: each time an eel catches you, you run out of breath much faster.


Continue forward until you squeeze through a crevice and resurface inside a cavern. You can check underwater for resources before you continue.

Stick to the left and jump to the wall to climb up. Then shimmy along the right to jump and attach yourself to a craggy wall to ascend to the top. The path splits here, but don’t worry about that as they both lead the same way.

Take the left path and follow it around until you reach a circular chamber with some Jade, then exit by crawling through the tunnel ahead.

Still sticking to the left, follow the path until you have to jump from the ledge – quickly throw your Grapple Axe to attach yourself to the craggy wall above. Lower yourself on the rope slightly, then swing back and forth until you can jump to the ledge on the far side.

(1 of 5) Climb the cavern wall

Head down the corridor until you’re back outside to complete the chapter.

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