From the red bridge by the Base Camp, wander through the village until you see a man pushed from the steps of a two-storey shack. This is Victor – speak with him to begin the mission.

Then speak to Omar, the man who pushed him, sitting inside on the couch. He’ll send you to Marco, located by Abby and Jonah, standing against the far railing. From here, you’ll be sent to the edge of the village, so follow the green waypoint (visible with Survival Instincts).

Run past Victor and stick to the left until you see a sign that reads “Jardin Communitario” in large yellow writing. Go past here towards the jungle and crawl under the tree, and follow the path left. Inspect the mural along the way before continuing through the tunnel ahead.

(1 of 3) Head left of the yellow sign

Slosh through the muddy path and squeeze through the hole at the end to find the pillagers.

There are four Trinity men patrolling the first area – it’s possible to take them all out with stealth, but there’s no obligation to do so. You can start by hiding in the vegetation wall on the right to sneak up on the first man and perform a stealth kill. From there, proceed however you like.

If you choose to remain hidden, use the bushes and vegetation walls as much as possible. There are bottles and cans that can be used as distractions to divert enemies, or crafted into weapons. You can even climb the ruins and trees for higher ground and shelter.

(1 of 5) Stealth takedown the first enemy

There are three more men in the ruins up the steps on the right, but if you prefer, you can access this area by climbing the tree at the back left and jumping to a fallen log that leads straight into another vegetation wall. Again, proceed however you like.

Once all the enemies are gone, find the people cowering at the back of the area. Behind them is a rusted red door – break it open and explore the room inside to find an artifact on the table at the back.

Now you can leave the area and return to Marco at Abby’s for your reward.

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