Reach 100% completion.

For this trophy you are required to collect all 378 collectibles, complete all artifact collections, finish all the side missions, and complete 15 challenges (all challenges have 3-5 objects). None of these things are missable because you can return to every place in the game after the story.

When you finish the game, head into the main menu and choose “Continue”. Doing this unlocks every Base Camp in the game, allowing you to go back to regions you couldn’t before such as Cozumel. To pick up every item takes some free-roaming time, but as soon as you pick something up the game automatically saves it for you so you don’t have to find it again if you die.

It’s highly recommended you do this on an easy difficulty setting to make use of Survival Instincts, which highlights collectibles. Additionally, it’s wise to pick up Archivist Maps and Explorer Backpacks to uncover collectible locations on the main map, and every region has a collectible tracker.

There are also certain Skills on the blue Skill tree that will be a huge advantage, so purchase them as soon as possible:

  • Eagle’s Sight: Reveal artifacts, monoliths, treasure chests, Archivist Maps, and Explorer Backpacks with Survival Instincts.

  • Owl’s Wisdom: Reveal challenge objects with Survival Instincts.

  • Owl’s Vision: Survival Instincts lasts longer after Lara begins to move. It highlights enemies, resources, and objects in the “One With the Jungle” difficulty.

This is also a list of all the collectible types within the game:

  • Base Camps: Use them for fast travel purposes to other locations, buy Skills and weapon upgrades, and restore Vestige outfit pieces.

  • Mission Giver/Side Mission: Find the side missions in Kuwaq Yaku, Paititi, and Mission of San Juan.

  • Region Challenges: These are not marked by Archivist Maps and Explorer Backpacks, and each region has different challenges. You need to trigger the first object in a challenge to make it up pop up on the map, but the items will not be marked. The Skill “Owl’s Wisdom” is handy for this because using Survival Instincts will reveal the objects.

  • Relics: Relics are found in the form of small boxes and are added to your artifacts collection. They also grant language progression for monoliths.

  • Documents: These look like pieces of paper or scrolls and even journals, and also grant language progression.

  • Mural: Stone statues that grant language progression and are situated all over the game’s regions.

  • Survival Cache: Buried treasures that you can dig up that provide crafting resources. You can spot them by the glow they give off.

  • Monolith: A tall standing stone that requires language proficiency to read. After interacting with one, it gives you a riddle to the location of rare resources nearby.

  • Explorer Backpack: These are not needed for 100% completion but will be a huge help to uncovering other collectibles. They reveal Crypt entrances, Treasure Chests, and Survival Caches.

  • Archivist Map: These are not needed for 100% completion but will be a huge help to uncovering other collectibles. They reveal Relics, Murals, Documents, and Monoliths.

  • Crypt: Small challenge rooms with a sarcophagus that can be looted for Vestige outfit pieces.

  • Tomb: Large puzzle rooms and chambers that grant new Skills.

  • Treasure Chests: Large locked chests that require the Lockpick to open. Require the Lockpick from the side mission Skill of the Player in Paititi.

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