You can access this tomb from the south of the village in the jungle – start off at either the Riverside Base Camp or the Ruined Tower Base Camp, and head forward into the small jungle area. You’ll know you’re in the right place if an empress jaguar is patrolling.

You don’t have to take out the jaguar if you don’t want to. Instead, head to the right side of the area to find the gate with yellow painted skulls and squeeze through the gap. Head up the steps to reach the Deserted Cloister Base Camp outside of a ruin.

Next to the base camp you’ll find an Archivist Map and Relic – Mission San Juan.

(1 of 4) Empress Jaguar territory


Enter the building and pick up Document – The Hills Are Alive on a table on the right, then follow the corridor to the end where you can pull down a wooden barrier (on the right here is an Explorer Backpack).

Attach to the craggy wall behind it and scale down before rappelling to the bottom. Enter the catacombs ahead to activate the Mountain Catacombs Base Camp as well as pick up Document – Chechen and Chaca Trees.

Now jump over the hole to attach to the craggy wall and rappel down as far as you can – swing over to the ledge ahead.

(1 of 3) Document - The Hills Are Alive


Follow the path forward and rappel down from the next craggy wall to the ground below.

Note: Poisonous Gas – Throughout the tomb are clouds of green gas emitted from statues. The gas is harmful but can cause explosions when hit with fire. Doing so will eliminate the gas for a short period of time, allowing you the opportunity to run past it.

To solve the puzzles within the tomb, ignite the gas to move or traverse platforms, but remember to keep some distance to avoid taking damage.

  • Use a fire arrow to ignite the gas and quickly move past it to climb the craggy wall ahead. At the top, jump over the gap and dislodge the barricade from the next statue. Ignite the gas to clear a path to the right. Tether a rope between the two points and zipline down to the ledge.

  • Move up the steps and sidestep along the narrow ledge. Swing from the metal hook to reach the other side and run along the tree trunk. Then jump to the craggy wall in front of you and rappel down to the platform below. Run forward and duck through the short tunnel to reach the main section of the tomb.

(1 of 5) Dislodge the barricade on the statue

There’s a large round platform hanging between you and the other side. These platforms are located throughout the tomb and are integral to navigating your way to the top. Most of them require an explosive force to move them, which is where the green gas comes in handy.

  • Use a fire arrow to shoot the gas on the other side of the platform. When the platform swings your way, hop on to it and ride it back to the other side.

  • Follow the trail down to the left until you reach another barricade – remove it with the axe. Some Yaaxil will appear, so ready your weapon and take them out quickly, including a lone archer standing on the ledge above. Afterward, move to the archer’s position and aim a fire arrow at the gas you released earlier. This will push the platform towards you, so jump on to it and then immediately to the other side.

(1 of 2) Ignite the gas on the far side

Ignite the gas on the far side (left), Scramble up to the next platform (right)

  • Balance across the log, jump to the round platform, and scramble up the wall. Inspect the mural at the top, then follow the path until you reach a round platform held in place with a rope, along with Relic – Primitive Doll. Cut the rope to release it, then return along the path and jump to the platform. Swing across the hook to the second platform and jump up to the ledge.

  • Destroy the barricade on the statue on the left, then equip your weapon of choice to take out the next lot of Yaaxil before you continue.

(1 of 2) Inspect the mural

Inspect the mural (left), Cut the rope to release the platform (right)

  • Jump back across the platforms but stop at the second one. Turn around and ignite the gas – this raises the platform you’re standing on, so quickly scramble up the ledge on your right. Just as you head down the right path, more Yaaxil appear, so take them out. Then jump to the craggy surface and cut the rope to release the platform.

  • Run along the path to pick up another Relic – Primitive Doll as well as dislodge the barricade on the statue at the end. Hop on to the platform behind you, swing across to the second, and stop. Turn around to ignite the gas and drop the platform down a level. Drop down to the ground behind you and fight off a group of Yaaxil warriors and archers.

  • Scramble up the wall where an archer was previously stood and move right along the path. Follow it all the way around and jump off the wooden ramp to tightrope across the bridge and reach the stele.


From the wooden ramp on the right of the stele, tether a rope to the tree below and slide down the zipline. Head forward to the craggy wall and rappel down, then tether another rope between the two coils.

Stick to the right to scramble up a wall to the next ledge and climb the ladder. Then slide down a third zipline, scramble up the wall ahead, and jump to the craggy surface on the left. Scale up and around to the right to reach an overhang and climb to the top.

Follow the path, balance across a tree trunk, and attach to the next craggy wall. Scale left until you can jump to the ledge, then keep going to break down a weak wall and return to the Mountain Catacombs Base Camp.

From here, you can fast travel out, or exit the tomb the same way you entered.

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