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Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Scott Peers
First Published: 07-06-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 30-05-2020 / 11:41 GMT

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide

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Main Story Walkthrough

On the Scent

Speaking with Father Godwin established a new lead in the investigation; there is another member of the gang that attacked Neuhof, a fellow named Reeky, who may be found somewhere in the vicinity of Ledetchko.

When you arrive in Ledetchko, ask anyone in the settlement if they know of Reeky.

Questioning the locals about Reeky will reveal that his birth name is Hynek. He is known as Reeky because he is the son of the local tanner (tanning can be a fetid business). Some of the locals, such as the Bailiff, will also tell you that he has been seen in the company of a woman from the bathhouse.

Speak with Hynek's father on the outskirts of Ledetchko to learn anything about where he might be.

If you exhausted all dialogue options with Hynek's father, you will have discovered that he was selling poached game to the innkeeper. Go to him first to learn more about it.

Speaking with the Ledetchko innkeeper will reveal that Hynek is likely hiding out in a nearby cave or mine shaft.

Before going to seek out Hynek's hiding place, speak to the woman in the bathhouse.

Speaking with Adela at the bathhouse will reveal that Hynek buried his coin behind his father's house.

Adela also provides some useful indications as to where you might begin your search for Hynek's hideout, but before you leave Ledetchko you should go to find his stash.

You will find Hynek's stash at the westernmost point of his father's property. You will need a spade to dig it up.

Since you are now closest to the disused mine shaft in the woods to the south west, you can begin by searching there.

Note: If you do not care for exploring each location, you can go straight to the woodcutter's camp. There you will find that Hynek is hiding out in a cave nearby.

The mine shaft to the south is collapsed and contains nothing of value.

Now you can ride to the mine shaft located on the promontory north west of the southern mine shaft.

The quickest way to the mine shaft on the promontory is by following the river until you reach a crossing, located at the position above.

The mine shaft on the promontory is also collapsed and devoid of loot, notwithstanding mushrooms.

Finally, speak to someone named Raspberry at the woodcutter's camp to learn where to find Hynek's hideout. Follow the path west from the camp toward the stream.

Cross the stream at the fallen tree and walk up the hill to the boulder. Continue on toward a smaller stream where the tiny mill can be found.

Once you have found the tiny mill, cross the stream and enter a clearing. Hynek's hideout is beyond the shrubbery.

Before you enter the hideout, be sure to equip heavy armour and your weapon of choice.

If you made it to the hideout in time you will find Hynek alive and well. If you were too late, he will be dying from wounds inflicted by Runt's men, who evidently found him first. Either way, he will reveal to you that Runt and his gang have a camp somewhere, and the only person who will be able to tell you where it is now is Hynek's accomplice Timmy.

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