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Far Cry 3

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A Man Named Hoyt

Jarrod Garripoli

Fast travel back to Badtown and head back to Willis to speak with him again. He wants you to check out Beras Town, which is a good bit to the northwest of Badtown. If you go from Badtown, you will likely arrive at a huge cliff overlooking the town. Willis wants you to go to a building that is overlooking the town, but you must do so without being detected at all. Go to X: 726.8, Y: 796.4 to find a zipline that leads straight to the marked building.

You’ll view a cutscene where Hoyt will be threatening some men, then they’ll run across a rice field and only one will be left alive. Willis wants you to rescue this man, but there will be two enemies left behind who will begin shooting at Rongo, the man you need to rescue. If you have a sniper rifle, you can take them out from the hut you’re standing in, or you could sneak up behind them and do a Chained Takedown.

Hoyt forces two men to cross a mine field, but only one manages to get across alive.

When the two enemies are dead, you will need to go to Rongo, but don’t run across just yet, as the water is littered with mines. You will want to walk slowly across the water, keeping an eye for the mines in the water. Whenever you spot one, move far away from it and then shoot it to make it explode. The mines also make a noise when you get close enough, which is another sign of their locations. Once you get to Rongo, hold the button to release him.

Before he tells you where your friend, Oliver, is located, he wants you to help him get to the village. Rongo’s health will appear at the top of the screen, and you will have to fight through some enemies. If his health reaches zero, then you fail and will go back to the last checkpoint. This can be a difficult part of the mission, as Rongo can sometimes run too far ahead.

You'll have to protect Rongo here, so make sure you keep an eye on his location at all times, as well as his health on the top of the screen.

When enemies start appearing, it’s best to take them out quickly. One of the first will come running at you and try to melee Rongo, then another wave will come, some of which pop out of the house on the left. Continue forward, keeping an eye on both Rongo and for any enemies that appear. Once you get to his house, the next part of the mission will commence.

While Rongo is searching for something, you will need to protect him from enemies that will come towards both of you. The first set come from down the hill, then the second set will come from the front of the house. There are only two ways for enemies to get into the house, one of which is the door. The other way is by going around the back of the house and entering it that way. It’s easy to keep both points covered from the main door, so keep on killing the enemies as they come. Once it’s over, a cutscene will occur and the mission will end.

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