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Far Cry 3

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Relics (91-120)

Jarrod Garripoli
Relic Coordinate Location
91 X: 463.2, Y: 662.5 On a shrine at the end of the road on top of a very large hill.
92 X: 443.2, Y: 344.7 On top of a small crate inside a building.
93 X: 556.3, Y: 760.3 Located on a cliff overlooking the road below. Find the path on the road that leads up to the cliff. Note there’s a rusted car on its side near the Relic.
94 X: 523.4, Y: 676.1 Located on Cavalry Point, which is difficult to get to. Can try jumping up to get to it, using the grass patches, or go to the Radio Tower and use a glider (not always there). There’s also using the wingsuit/parachute, if you use the giant hill to the west.
95 X: 702.5, Y: 809.9 Located on a shrine that is on the top of the island. On the southern side is a vine you can climb to reach the top.
96 X: 646.3, Y: 685.5 Located on an altar on top of the mountain. You can use the grass patches to reach a ledge to climb up to the Relic.
97 X: 626.1, Y: 658.2 Found next to a wrecked plane. Facing the way the plane faces, it’s just behind the left wing.
98 X: 684.6, Y: 525.0 Is in plain sight on a shrine, but will need to use the rocks as platforms to reach it.
99 X: 805.3, Y: 774.3 On a shrine that is on the island. You can get onto the island from the shore on the northwest side.
X: 787.5, Y: 756.3 On a shrine that is on top of a small hill.

Relic 94 can be hard to get to, but one possible way is to use the glider in the picture on the left.

Relic Coordinate Location
101 X: 813.9, Y: 676.5 On a shrine at the top of the island. There’s a patch of grass that you can jump off of on the northwestern side of the island to reach the top.
102 X: 599.7, Y: 490.4 On a shrine on top of a hill, west of the Harmane Gas & Repair outpost.
103 X: 458.7, Y: 485.2 Located underneath a pavilion, sitting on a table.
104 X: 578.6, Y: 347.9 On an island far from the mainland (use a boat). On the topmost portion of the island, with a path leading right to it.
105 X: 398.0, Y: 452.7 On top of some crates inside of some building.
106 X: 368.8, Y: 755.3 Under a small boat on land.
107 X: 212.4, Y: 426.8 Located on the side of a cliff and can only be accessed by your Wingsuit/Parachute. On the road above, find the gap in the railing, jump off and deploy your Wingsuit, then Parachute. Don’t forget to hold down to slow your speed.
108 X: 252.6, Y: 324.1 On the ground and by a grave.
109 X: 248.5, Y: 357.3 In a small alcove that you need to drop down from above. The starting point for the Supply Drop quest is where you should drop from, and check for the rocks below to make sure you’ll hit it.
110 X: 308.2, Y: 339.2 On the ground, next to a cage that’s next to a building.

To get to Relic 107, you'll need to fly using a glider or your wing suit. The altar with the Relic is located on the side of the hill.

Relic Coordinates Location
111 X: 352.1, Y: 730.2 On a shrine, which is on top of a hill.
112 X: 359.0, Y: 690.2 Found by the WWII cannon, down the stairs inside of the bunker.
113 X: 413.2, Y: 808.2 On top of the island, with some ropes on the east side to get to the top. The Relic is on an altar.
114 X: 744.6, Y: 615.5 On a shrine that you can find after climbing the rocks and getting on top of the hill.
115 X: 611.6, Y: 427.4 On a small island just off the coast, with there being a vine you can climb to the top of the island. The Relic is on a shrine.
116 X: 608.5, Y: 677.4 In a cave that at the top of a very tall hill. There’s a path that reaches here just east of the Hubris Farm outpost.
117 X: 658.6, Y: 814.4 On a shrine on top of the island. There’s a vine to climb on the north side of the island, near the east end, where it narrows.
118 X: 438.6, Y: 444.2 Located at the top of a big hill, with there being a path that winds up and reaches the top on the north side of the hill.
119 X: 654.8, Y: 528.0 At the very top of the Rook Point Tower structure.
120 X: 233.3, Y: 439.3 On top of some crates inside of a building.
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