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Far Cry 3

Relics (1-30)

Jarrod Garripoli

Relics are small statues that are hidden all throughout Rook Islands, totaling 120, although the final reward comes whenever you collect 60. The locations below (and on the following pages) are numbered how they are recorded in the Handbook in-game. The first column lists the coordinates, while the second lists a brief description on how to get the relic.

Relics Reward
5 Marathon Man skill unlocked
10 Bull (shotgun) unlocked in store
20 AMR (sniper) unlocked in store
30 Can craft Untouchable syringe
40 Can craft Touch of Death syringe
60 Archaeology 101 achievement/trophy unlocked
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Archeology 101

Gather a total of 60 relics.

Trophy icon
Relic Coordinate Location
1 N/A Not marked on your map and is missable (get before finishing Payback). There’s a path inside the cave by Earnhardt’s mansion, directly across from the ship Daisy is repairing. Follow it to the relic.
2 X: 363.3, Y: 664.8 At south end of island, use ropes to climb to the top, then go in the hole and into the water to find the Relic on a pedestal.
3 X: 502.6, Y: 790.2 Jump into the big hole in the area, then climb up on some ledges, which leads to a temple with the Relic on an altar.
4 X: 496.1, Y: 700.2 In a small cave, with the entrance on top of a hill.
5 X: 523.8, Y: 732.2 Find the small U-shaped path, which leads to a cave. Inside, climb the rope to find the Relic.
6 X: 586.0, Y: 816.2 In a small cave, whose entrance you can find in pretty much plain sight near the bridge.
7 X: 561.4, Y: 625.7 Climb rope at one tower, then blow up stone door blocking way. Cross bridge and go up ladder to find next to a dead body.
8 X: 622.3, Y: 711.9 Drop down into the hole at the coordinates, then jump onto the pillars to reach the Relic.
9 X: 650.7, Y: 561.7 Jump into the hole located at X: 647.3, Y: 560.1 and onto a ledge, which leads to a small cave with the Relic.
10 X: 766.4, Y: 810.4 Located behind a giant caged door, with a hidden entrance to the northwest. Drop into the water and locate a spot with a vine to climb, leading to the Relic.

The initial ledge in the cave with your friends that sets you on the path to Relic #1 (left) and the location of the actual Relic (right).

Relic Coordinate Location
11 X: 749.0, Y:715.4 Located in a temple, with the entrance to the south of the Relic icon.
12 X: 534.4, Y: 476.5 On a shrine at the top of the hill.
13 X: 573.7, Y: 454.5 Inside of a cave that is a little ways north of the Radio Tower. Once inside, climb a few ledges to reach the Relic.
14 X: 437.1, Y: 471.1 Located behind a wooden container that’s next to a big pavilion.
15 X: 413.6, Y: 395.4 A little south from the bridge that is north of the icon, find a cave entrance along the river. Once inside, swim to a room that will have the Relic near two dead bodies.
16 X: 335.3, Y: 455.8 Found in a cave, with its entrance to the west of the icon.
17 X: 313.4, Y: 338.9 Find a hole in the ground around X: 314.7, Y: 343.7, with some vines leading into it. The Relic is at the end of the cave.
18 X: 261.8, Y: 449.8 Inside a small cave, just north of the Radio Tower.
19 X: 216.5, Y: 330.9 Find a hole you can fall through and land in some water. Climb onto a ledge and then onto a bridge, crossing it and going on the only path that leads to the Relic.
20 X: 421.5, Y: 350.4 Inside a small cave, with the entrance being east a little bit towards the water. Finding some wooden planks is helpful, as it leads right into the cave.

The entrance to the cave leading to Relic #15 (left), as well as the one leading to Relic #20 (right).

Relic Coordinate Location
21 X: 373.4, Y: 808.5 On the top of the island, you will find some stairs that lead into some small underground ruins, where the Relic is located.
22 X: 363.9, Y: 689.2 Go to the cave entrance on the north end of the little lake, which is west of the Radio Tower. It’s on the floor right by a doorway and it’s possible you might grab it during **Prison Break-In** .
23 X: 452.1, Y: 756.6 Southwest of the icon on your map is the entrance to the cave. Once inside, climb the ledges to find the Relic.
24 X: 494.3, Y: 650.6 Find a zipline around X: 497.8, Y: 649.9 on the map, which will lead you right to the cave with the Relic.
25 X: 455.3, Y: 425.3 One of the hardest Relics to get to, since the entrance to the cave can only be accessed by your Wingsuit/Parachute (it’s on the side of the cliff). Find a spot across from the entrance to jump from.
26 X: 571.7, Y: 649.0 Located inside of the temple.
27 X: 663.1, Y: 735.1 Go to the Old Mines outpost and slide down the long ladder, where you can find the Relic after crossing some wooden bridges.
28 X: 650.3, Y: 662.1 Underneath a table that is under a canopy, which is right next to a Supply Drop quest.
29 X: 337.7, Y: 317.0 Inside of a building, with an entrance found in the back by climbing up a rope and onto some scaffolding. The Relic is on the ground, next to some crates opposite where you entered.
30 X: 391.9, Y: 426.2 Found in an abandoned mine cart right in front of a tunnel.
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