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Far Cry 3

Relics (31-60)

Jarrod Garripoli
Relic Coordinate Location
31 X: 345.5, Y: 757.0 Underneath the wreckage of a ship, near one of the rocks. Might require a Deep Dive syringe.
32 X: 334.4, Y: 692.3 Found underwater, next to a wrecked ship.
33 X: 384.6, Y: 664.4 In the ruins of a ship on the sea floor, in shark-infested waters. Might require a Deep Dive syringe.
34 X: 444.7, Y: 802.9 Located deep underwater, in the wreck of a ship. Go through the opening on the side, then through a smaller opening, where you’ll find the Relic next to a dead body. Likely requires a Deep Dive syringe.
35 X: 404.9, Y: 655.4 Find the waterfall located at around **X: 467.8, Y: 656.4** , then go through it, following the path to the Relic underwater.
36 X: 594.8, Y: 794.9 Found underwater at the base of the waterfall. Might be a little difficult to see, but it’s on top of a rock.
37 X: 607.1, Y: 761.1 In the water, on top of a crate, underneath the broken wooden bridge.
38 X: 633.8, Y: 793.0 The entrance to the cave with this Relic is located north of the icon on the map, at the bottom of the water.
39 X: 637.8, Y: 581.1 Found on the ground on the beach area, nestled in between some cliffsides.
40 X: 682.2, Y: 595.7 It is in an underwater cave, whose entrance you can find by all the Blue Leaves on the map. Some debris is blocking while going in, so keep pushing past it to get to the Relic.

Find the ship (left) and go inside to find Relic 34.

Relic Coordinate Location
41 X: 720.0, Y: 750.5 At approximately **X: 726.6, Y: 754.4** , you’ll find the entrance to a cave with some water in it. There will be a lot of Blue Leaves here, so just follow the path in the cave to the Relic.
42 X: 741.7, Y: 638.0 In shark-infested waters, it is located in an underwater temple, which has a tunnel on the side, leading to the bottom, where you’ll find the Relic.
43 X: 583.9, Y: 439.7 On the ground next to a crate, which is just outside of a shack.
44 X: 478.4, Y:356.7 Located in an underwater cave, with the entrance being north of the icon on the map. The entrance is at the north edge of the small lake on the map. The Relic’s a little difficult to find, but keep searching amongst all of the Blue Leaves.
45 X: 492.3, Y: 361.8 Hidden inside a cave that you need to swim underwater a few times, with the entrance a little southwest of the icon on the map. The second area you swim through has Blue Leaves along the way.
46 X: 323.2, Y: 469.1 On a pedestal at the bottom of the lake.
47 X: 392.0, Y: 380.6 Among some debris at the bottom of the water, underneath the bridge.
48 X: 277.3, Y: 444.2 In a small cave, with the entrance being past the wooden bridge at the top of the North Krige Crest outpost.
49 X: 231.9, Y: 355.6 Inside of a building, behind a wooden pillar-like object.
50 X: 382.8, Y: 345.7 Inside of the building, on top of the TV.

The entrance to the cave that leads to Relic 44 (left), as well as the general vicinity of the Relic (right).

Relic Coordinate Location
51 X: 397.1, Y: 755.9 Found underwater, right next to a loot chest.
52 X: 754.7, Y: 654.6 Located underwater, in a very deep spot, so bring along a Deep Dive syringe.
53 X: 466.3, Y: 758.1 Underwater, near the dock. Keep an eye out for crocodiles in the area.
54 X: 439.0, Y: 671.8 Inside of a small crater, in a small abandoned village.
55 X: 549.0, Y: 454.6 Located on the porch walkway of the bigger building.
56 X: 572.2, Y: 650.8 Found in the same temple as Relic #26. There’s a path to the left that leads underwater and straight to the Relic.
57 X: 669.1, Y: 759.9 Inside of a cave, with the entrance northwest of the icon. There are crocodiles in the area.
58 X: 644.6, Y: 649.1 There’s a hole you can drop down on the land at the coordinates for the Relic, landing you in some water. Swim towards the exit to find it between two loot chests.
59 X: 420.8, Y: 418.3 Check near the rocks close to the shore on the right side of the waterfall, underwater.
60 X: 787.9, Y: 775.8 Find the bridge to the south and look at the waterfall. There’s an opening behind the right waterfall that leads to the cave with the Relic.
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