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Far Cry 3

Lights Out

Jarrod Garripoli

Picking Up the Trail

Head up the path to the first objective, where you’ll find some enemies. Keep a lookout and ear open for any dogs, killing them first. As you continue, there will be enemies with RPGs as well. When you get to the gate, open it and that will conclude this part of the mission.

Into the Depths

Get to the zipline and take it down to the next area, then keep running along the path to the next objective. When you get to the camp, you’ll find some enemies waiting for you, so make strategic use of cover and take them all out.

Go to the marker and use the button to call the elevator, holding your position until it comes, taking out any enemies that come, including some dogs and even snipers. They come from all directions, so keep an eye out for the enemy positions on your mini-map. Get in the elevator once it arrives.

Call the elevator and then hold the area until it arrives, making sure you watch out for dogs.

X Marks the Spot

Once the elevator stops, get out and head through the bunker, and into the big room, where you’ll find more enemies. When the coast is clear, find the glowing door and go through it, following the path and killing any enemies and dogs along the way. Go through the next door, where you’ll find more enemies waiting for you, including a Heavy Gunner. Once the room is clear, go up to the map and grab it off the wall.

Onward and Upward

Go through the door next to the map and follow the path until you get outside again, taking notice of the sniper laser sights. Climb up to the platform in front of you and take out the snipers on the opposite platforms, then use the zipline to get where they were.

As soon as you land, more enemies will appear, so take them out, go inside the bunker and through the marked door. Follow this path to the next open room to find more enemies to kill. Go through the next door and drop down into the water below, swimming along the path until you get to the next room.

Open Sesame

Kill the enemies here, including a dog, then use the car winch to open the doors. When you start the winch, more enemies will show up, so keep killing them until the door is finally opened. As soon as the door is opened, you’ll face off against more enemies, including some Heavy Gunners, one of which has a flamethrower.

Clear the area of enemies, then use the car winch to open the doors, making sure to kill the rest of the enemies that appear.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Just keep following the path, killing the enemies along the way, until you get a cutscene to play.

Ready, Aim, Grenades!

This is another competition between you and your fellow players. This time, you’re equipped with infinite grenades, so you need to just keep chucking them at the enemies below you. If you need more grenades, there are some on the table behind you. Depending on how well you do, you might get some bonus XP.

Lip Service

Follow the path to get to the radio tower. When you’re right outside of a bunker, you’ll have to fight some enemies, including a dog or two. Go through the bunker and you’ll find more enemies on the other side. The objective marker leads to a bomb, which you’ll need to set at the base of the radio tower to blow it up. Make sure the other players follow the bomb carrier and take out the enemies along the way. Set the bomb at the base, then get away from the detonation zone.

With the radio tower gone, your next objective is to send a bomb down the elevator. Turn around from the radio tower and take out the snipers ahead, then follow the path to the next objective marker, killing more enemies on the way, including two Heavy Gunners and more snipers. Plant a bomb inside of the elevator, then more enemies will show, including more Heavy Gunners. Plant the last bomb inside the bunker, then escape before the blast to finish the mission.

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Hide and Seek

Complete "Lights Out" Co-op map (Online/Offline).

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