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Far Cry 3

Letters of the Lost

Jarrod Garripoli

Letters of the Lost are the remnants of when the Japanese occupied the Rook Islands. When you acquire the letters, you can read them to get some insight of the happenings during World War II. They are always found on the corpses of former Japanese military, which are found in old bunkers or by large cannons. Each Letter acquired will give you 500 XP.

As with all collectibles, the order below is how it is presented in the Handbook in-game.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Dead Letters

Gather all "Letters of the Lost".

Trophy icon
Letter Coordinates Location
1 X: 435.3, Y: 645.6 Next to an artillery gun, in plain sight.
2 X: 361.9, Y: 708.7 Inside of a bunker, that is close to a big artillery gun.
3 X: 461.8, Y: 767.2 Inside of a cave, with the entrance found to the north of the icon, just next to the road that is north of it.
4 X: 378.5, Y: 740.2 Inside the bunker, with the body being on the left side.
5 X: 530.3, Y: 741.6 Located inside of a cave. Follow the path going southeast from the triangle-shaped trio of paths, until you spot a tiny black spot on the map. This is the entrance to the cave.
6 X: 600.7, Y: 620.8 Inside of a bunker on the beach.
7 X: 682.2, Y: 811.2 This body is inside of a bunker. When you enter, take the first left and the body will be in the corner of the little hallway.
8 X 629.6, Y: 643.9 Inside of a bunker that is part of the land. It’s underneath a wooden platform.
9 X: 632.5, Y: 601.4 In the bunker to the north.
10 X: 703.1, Y: 575.3 Inside of a bunker, in plain sight.

Letters of the Lost are always found on the dead body of a Japanese World War II soldier. Most are pretty easy to find, but some might be slightly more hidden than usual.

Letter Coordinates Location
11 X: 799.7, Y: 749.9 The entrance to the bunker, where this letter is located, is hidden a little bit. Go to the main road to the southwest and find the little path that starts there, which is where you’ll find the entrance.
12 X: 802.4, Y: 756.7 Go northeast of the letter icon to the water’s edge, where you will spot a cave’s entrance. Follow this to the end to find the body and letter.
13 X: 777.8, Y: 618.8 Inside of a bunker, in plain sight.
14 X: 602.6, Y: 457.7 Inside of a bunker on top of the hill.
15 X: 471.5, Y: 418.1 Go to the coordinates to find a hole you can jump into, which will have you landing in water. The body with the letter is on nearby rocks.
16 X: 528.6, Y: 399.8 In the grass right outside of the large cannon.
17 X: 407.8, Y: 498.9 Pretty much in plain sight.
18 X: 374.6, Y: 315.5 Go to the coordinates and you’ll be on top of the bunker. Go right and down the hill, where you’ll find the entrance to the bunker, with the body and letter at the end of it.
19 X: 237.5, Y: 425.4 Follow the road east out of Gaztown until you come to a little outhouse-like building by the main house. Find the ladder that goes underground to find the body and letter.
20 X: 496.4, Y: 502.2 Inside the bunker and down some stairs.
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