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Far Cry 3

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Rush Hour

Jarrod Garripoli

One Small Favor

You need to make your way to the church and will need to find three keys on your way. Of course, there will be tons of enemies in your way, including Molotov throwers, dogs, a Heavy Gunner and others. You won’t need to actually search for the keys, as each one will be marked on your map. Once you have all three keys, head to the church’s doors and unlock it, going inside and grabbing the medicine.

On your way through the area to get to the church, be on the lookout for the three keys, which are marked on your map.

Ready, Aim, Explode!

This is another competition between you and your fellow players, with your weapon of choice being a RPG with unlimited ammo. Your targets are the enemy boats driving around in the water, and they may be a little difficult to hit, so make sure you lead them a bit. You will get awarded extra XP depending on how you place.

Safety First

You now have to meet Seto by the bridge, so start heading in that direction. Of course, you’ll encounter enemies along the way, so keep going until you get to the small waterfall. It is here that a new objective will appear, as well as a 5 minute timer. You have that amount of time to disarm 3 explosives, so you need to hurry to the bridge. It’s best to clear the area of enemies first, which include a sniper, a Heavy Gunner and a dog, before going after the explosives.

You'll only have five minutes to disarm all three bombs, but make sure you watch out for the Heavy on the bridge.

There and Back Again

With the explosives disarmed, Seto will pull up in a truck and ask that you repair it. After it’s repaired, Seto will start driving and it’s your duty to protect him and his truck. Not that far down the road, the truck will be ambushed, so take out all the enemies and repair any damage to the truck.

At the second stop, a truck with a machine gun will show up, so toss a grenade or two its way to get rid of it. Clear the rest of the enemies, then continue onto the next spot, where you’ll find more to kill, including a Heavy Gunner.

Once Seto arrives, the truck will be ambushed again, this time by a lot of enemies, including two Heavy Gunners. Remember to keep an eye on the truck’s health, repairing when needed, and when all enemies are killed, it’s time to move to the next section of the mission.

Painting the Town

Once again, you’re protecting Seto, this time on his way to the church. The truck will pretty much always be moving, and you will start encountering a lot of enemies once you get to the first village, so keep up and always watch the truck’s health. If it needs repaired, don’t hesitate to stop fighting and do so.

When he gets to the church, he’ll stop and you’ll have to load up the medicine crates into the back of the truck. A lot of enemies will show up, including a Heavy with a flamethrower. Luckily, there’s a stationary machine gun in front of the church if you need extra firepower. There are a total of 5 crates that need to be loaded.

After loading up all 5 crates of medicine, you need to go around and salvage 3 parts in order to make an explosive. There will be a lot of enemies bearing on your position, including two Heavy Gunners, as well as dogs and a sniper. Once all three parts have been gathered, clear the remaining pirates and then set the explosives to explode, which will bring this mission to a conclusion.

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Late Night Pick-up

Complete "Rush Hour" Co-op map (Online/Offline).

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