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Far Cry 3

Relics (61-90)

Jarrod Garripoli
Relic Coordinate Location
61 X: 393.6, Y: 773.2 Find the entrance to an underground temple at the end of a short path to the west of the icon. Inside, go down the stairs and climb a ledge, walking through a rock wall to the Relic.
62 X: 373.7, Y: 770.4 On the ground, right next to the big cannon.
63 X: 509.1, Y: 743.9 On a shrine at the very bottom portion of the land.
64 X: 506.7, Y: 672.1 Entrance to this cave is slightly east of the icon and blocked by some vines, so you’ll need some explosives.
65 X: 590.9, Y: 773.6 Entrance to the cave with this Relic is slightly north of the icon and blocked by a stone wall, so blast it open. Inside, climb the long ladder to reach the Relic.
66 X: 552.2, Y: 689.0 Found inside a building right on the side of the road.
67 X: 581.1, Y: 667.3 It is next to a wrecked plane at the top of a large hill. Go to Hubris Farm Outpost and follow the road that’s just east of it to reach the hill. The Relic is underneath the right wing when facing the same direction as the plane.
68 X: 704.9, Y: 792.0 On top of a large hill. Use the road nearby to reach a temple, going through it and blasting the door open inside. Climb some ledges and go back outside, with the Relic at the top of some stairs.
69 X: 704.2, Y: 643.7 Go to around **X: 704.9, Y: 628.8** to find a path that leads to some rocks. Go over the rock to find a door you can blast open, which leads to a temple. The Relic is at the end of the temple.
70 X: 653.3, Y: 548.7 Located inside a cave, with the entrance on the shore nearby. It is blocked by some debris that you can just walk through.

The location of the plane where you can find Relic 67 (left), as well as the path that ultimately leads to Relic 69 (right).

Relic Coordinate Location
71 X: 735.0, Y: 772.8 Just to the east of the icon is a spot where three paths meet. There, you will find a stone door you can blast open on the ground, which leads to a hidden cave with the Relic.
72 X: 541.4, Y: 438.1 Located at the top of a very large hill, with two possible ways to get to it. One requires explosives to get past a stone door, while the other doesn’t. The Relic is on a stone slab.
73 X: 463.8, Y: 448.0 Entrance to the cave with this Relic is nestled in between two hills and you’ll need explosives to access it.
74 X: 509.4, Y: 447.6 There is a small black hole on your map right next to the icon, with some signs covering it. Blast it open and drop down to find the Relic in the next room.
75 X: 354.1, Y: 448.1 Southeast of the icon is a cave entrance. You’ll need to slide down from above to reach the ledge and blow up the door with explosives.
76 X: 359.1, Y: 336.1 Find the nearby small lake and climb onto the rock. You should see some ropes leading up to some ledges, which will put you in front of a stone door. Blast it open and grab the Relic.
77 X: 257.9, Y: 462.2 Hidden behind a crate inside one of the buildings at the top of a very big hill.
78 X: 279.8, Y: 479.6 Hidden in an underground temple, which requires some explosives to access. On the southern side, you’ll find a structure with a hole, which has a vine that leads underground. This leads to the stone door, with the Relic behind it.
79 X: 295.2, Y: 325.5 Located inside a cave, with the entrance slightly to the southwest, closer to the shoreline.
80 X: 772.2, Y: 623.0 Inside of an old bunker, on top of some crates.

The stone door on the ground that leads to Relic 71 (left), as well as the structure with the vine that leads down to Relic 78 (right)

Relic Coordinate Location
81 X: 275.4, Y: 338.3 In the cave that can be found by using the entrance at Dry Palm Storage outpost. Inside, follow the path and jump to the ledge with the rope to find the Relic.
82 X: 399.3, Y: 687.5 Located in a small hole in the ground; Relic’s on the floor.
83 X: 491.2, Y: 795.7 Jump into the very big hole in the area, where you’ll land in water. There’s two paths here, so take the route with the long vines and you’ll come across the Relic on an altar on the way out.
84 X: 466.8, Y: 352.5 Found inside a temple area, with you needing explosives to blast it open.
85 X: 559.9, Y: 777.9 On a shrine on a hill.
86 X: 772.3, Y: 695.6 Next to some crates on the floor of the building.
87 X: 678.9, Y: 742.1 Located in a small train tunnel, whose entrance is just southeast of the icon on the map.
88 X: 666.5, Y: 673.4 Inside of a small cave, with the entrance being just south of the icon on the map.
89 X: 688.8, Y: 563.7 Inside of a cave, at a path that leads to a dead end. You can enter the cave via the road to the south of the point on the map (when you see cart tracks, you’re in the right spot). Jump from ledge to ledge until you see an opening with green vines, which is where the Relic is located.
90 X: 773.8, Y: 785.0 Inside of the building with the red sign.
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