This is a very long and tasking chapter, so we’re going to do our best to break it down into sections for you. Zlatko’s house can be confusing – it’s quite the maze – so here is a quick brief of the layout:

– Ground Floor: Entrance hall, stairs leading upstairs, stairs leading into the basement, and a living room that leads to the back door
– Basement: Corridor with cells, and laboratory
– Upper Floor: All the rooms are connected to each other as well as the outer hallway. Going in a counter-clockwise direction there’s the workshop, storage room, bathroom, bedroom, big/main room, small chamber

(1 of 2) Enter Zlatkos property

Enter Zlatkos property (left), Ring the doorbell (right)

Kara and Alice approach the house, and for this first part, simply follow the natural course of events.

– Reach Zlatko’s House
– Enter the House
– Meet Zlatko and Luther
– Follow Zlatko to the Basement
– Alice distracted by strange noises
– Climb into the Machine
– Kara is Reset

From here, there are two possible paths to take.


Kara is Reset/Obey Zlatko: Allow the reset program to complete by not doing anything to escape, or by taking too long to escape. When this is done, you’ll have control again.

(1 of 2) Follow Zlatko to the basement

Follow Zlatko to the basement (left), Step into Zlatkos machine (right)

– See Luther: Head to the ground floor living room to receive an order from Luther.
– Take the Tray to Zlatko: Pick up the tray of food from the coffee table in front of the couch, and head upstairs to find Zlatko in his workshop.
– Android Torso: Zlatko will tell you to get rid of the android torso at his feet – take it next door to the storage room.

You’ll be prompted to find ways to recover your memory in order to save Alice and escape the house. You need to interact with certain objects around the house to get it back, and you’ll have a 10 minute countdown to accomplish this task. If you don’t do anything and let the timer run out, you’ll get the flowchart nodes Lose Too Much Time/Luther Brought Alice to Zlatko/Kara Remained Reset. This will end the chapter and their story.

Explore the House to Recover Memory: The number varies depending on what you’ve found, but you shouldn’t need more than six. Once your memory has returned, you cannot find any more objects.

– rA9 symbols: Upper floor, storage room – in the corner where you entered with the android torso (only available if you chose to take shelter at the abandoned house).

– Todd’s Red Ice Pipe: Upper floor, storage room – on the other side of the room, located on the shelf between two doors.

– Escape: Upper floor, bedroom – read the magazine ‘AX400 On the Run’ (only available if you escaped without getting caught during ‘On the Run’ chapter).

– Alice’s Book: Upper floor, bedroom – on a chair next to the fireplace you can find a copy of Alice in Wonderland, the same as in Alice’s bedroom.

– Fireplace: Upper floor, big room – interact with the fireplace (only available if you took shelter at the abandoned house). Alternatively, you can interact with the fireplace in the ground floor living room.

– News Flash of Escape: Upper floor, big/main room – check the TV in the corner (only available if you escaped over the highway).

– See a Kid Through the Door: Upper floor, corridor – check the very last door and peek through it.

– Offering Coat: Ground floor, entrance hall – find the coat rack between the front door and the living room.

– Discussion with Zlatko: Ground floor, living room – check the coffee table where you sat at the start and pick up the tray.

– Changing Appearance: Ground floor, entrance hall – look in the mirror next to the stairs that lead down into the basement.

(1 of 2) Talk to Alice on the way to the basement

Talk to Alice on the way to the basement (left), Alice will be distracted by strange noises (right)

– Monster’s Cell: Basement, corridor – check any of the cells to trigger the memory of Alice being distracted by strange noises earlier in the chapter.

Search House for Alice: When you have regained your memory, or if you escaped before losing it, there are a few things to look for.

– rA9: Upper floor, storage room – in the corner adjacent to the workshop
– Empty Shotgun: Upper floor, bedroom – the nightstand
– Fireplace Embers: Upper floor, big/main room – interact with the fireplace
– TV: Upper floor, big/main room – interact with the TV in the corner

Alice Found: Upstairs is a small chamber room – the very last room – Alice is huddled in here. Once you have her, it’s time to leave. But first, you’re going to have to play a little game of hide-and-seek.

(1 of 2) Head upstairs from the basement

Head upstairs from the basement (left), Find Alice in the very last room at the end of the upper hallway (right)

Luther goes to collect Alice/Enter Big/Main Room: This is the starting point of hiding throughout the house, so slip in here first.

– Hide under the table in the middle of the room.
– Hide in the closet: There are two, so choose either.
– Set Fire to the House: You can pick up a burning ember in this room to start a fire by choosing to burn down the house.
– Get Spotted: Luther will catch you and you’ll continue to the chase.

(1 of 2) Move throughout the upstairs rooms to hide

Move throughout the upstairs rooms to hide (left), Youll end up in the storage room with the bear (right)

– Enter Bedroom: Take the left of the two doors to slip into the next room. You can hide under the bed or in the closet before Zlatko comes looking.
– Get Spotted: Don’t hide or leave the hideout too soon and continue to the chase.
– Go through the corridor and wait for Zlatko to leave the room.
– Get Spotted: Don’t run into the bathroom fast enough and continue the chase.

– Go through bathroom: When you go into the corridor, quickly press circle to hide in the bathroom next. There’ll be an android lying in the bathtub who can alert Zlatko to your whereabouts. If you passed him earlier and tried to strike a deal, this will not work. Now you can either choose to Kill or Spare it.

– Sneak through storage room: Continue through the next room.
– Open Bear Cage: There’s a large cage in this room with an android bear inside (if you hadn’t noticed it earlier) – opening the cage door will give you an advantage later if you need it. Zlatko and Luther will be in the room as well, so hide accordingly and watch their directional patterns. If you move too soon you’ll get caught.
– Get Spotted: To continue to the chase just change your hiding spot at the wrong time.

(1 of 2) Find the cage at the back of the storage room

Find the cage at the back of the storage room (left), Unlock the cage for the android bear (right)

– Zlatko gets closer/Leave Hiding Spot: Change your hideout to the last table in the room and you can choose to either make a run for the door, throw something at Zlatko, or push him.
– Zlatko gets closer/Bear attacks Zlatko: If you opened the cage door earlier, you can stay hidden until Zlatko is attacked by the bear.

For all the times you get caught, you activate the chase sequence. These are the possible ways to activate it:

Zlatko killed Kara in the bathroom: Get caught before or during entering the bathroom and fail the button sequence.

Zlatko killed Kara in the storage room: Get caught before or during entering the storage room and fail the button sequence. This is only possible if you haven’t opened the bear’s cage beforehand.

Bear attacks Zlatko: Only possible if you opened the cage, then Zlatko will eventually chase you downstairs after the distraction.

Kara reaches the stairs: If you get caught but pass all the button sequences, this is where you’ll end up.

Kara and Alice escape to the back garden: At the bottom of the stairs, choose to escape through the back door instead of the front. The front door is always locked and will just slow you down.

Zlatko catches up: Even if you manage to escape into the garden, he will always catch up to you. If you didn’t free the monsters in the basement earlier, then Luther Kills Zlatko. But if you did free them, then The Monsters Ambush Zlatko and kill him for you.

Afterward, Luther will automatically join you – you don’t get to decide if you trust him or not – and this will count towards the good ending for their story.


Escape Before Being Reset/Sneak Through the House: If you manage to escape the machine before being reset, you’ll regain control. To do this, interact with two things.

(1 of 2) Pull the green cable first

Pull the green cable first (left), Pull the blue cable after the green one (right)

– Spot the small red cart that you can use to knock down a lamp. Then hold R2 and the right analogue stick to push it.
– Spot the two coloured cables. Pick the green one to knock over a bottle of alcohol, then mash triangle followed by pressing circle and X to tear it down.

When you reach back upstairs to the ground floor, you’ll have a ten minute countdown to find Alice, which should be more than enough time. If you don’t do anything and just let the timer run out, you’ll unlock Out of Time/Luther brought Alice to Zlatko.

Here are all the things you can do while sneaking through the house:

– Free the monsters: On your way out of the basement, you can unlock a cell door with some broken androids inside. You can even go in and they’ll talk to you, but they won’t hurt you. When you leave, leave the door open.

(1 of 2) Free yourself from Zlatkos machine

Free yourself from Zlatkos machine (left), On the way out, open the cell to interact with the monster androids (right)

– Enter the storage room: Go upstairs and into the storage room (the second room) to find the giant cage. Free the Bear by opening the cage door. It won’t do anything until later.

– Enter bathroom: Head into the bathroom next where you’ll find an android lying in the bathtub. It’ll start shouting at you, so choose to Kill or Spare it.

Magazine: Located in the bedroom at the corner of the corridor, this magazine will have three articles, two of which depend on earlier choices in the game. ‘Arctic Tensions’ will always be there, but ‘Androids Alter Brain’ is only available if you escaped over the highway during ‘On the Run’, just as ‘AX400 on the Run’ is only available if you escaped ‘On the Run’ without getting caught.

And that concludes this chapter!


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