In the final chapter of Detroit, we’ll be once again split across all three characters stories as they reach their end. Much like ‘Crossroads’, we’ll be taking you through them all separately – this section caters to Connor.

Connor’s part in this chapter is relatively short compared to the others but with important moments dictated by previous choices. You can find both Kara and Markus’ story in the before and after chapters of this guide.

Depending on previous chapters as well as your choices during ‘Crossroads’ will depend on where you begin here. Because of this, each character has two flowcharts throughout this level:

Connor’s Last Mission - You’ll start at this checkpoint if Connor chose to remain a machine (or even if the ‘Become Deviant’ option was unavailable to you) during ‘Crossroads’.

Connor at the CyberLife Tower - If Connor chose to become a deviant during ‘Crossroads’ then you will begin here instead.


This requires choosing to remain a machine. You’ll begin in the Zen Garden, so go talk with Amanda. Afterward, you’ll head to the Hart Plaza Rooftop.

– Find Vantage Point
– Prepare to Shoot

If Hank committed suicide during ‘Night of the Soul’ (your reputation has to be hostile with him in order for this to happen), then Captain Allen will appear to intervene.

– Talk to Allen: This can result in Flee, where Connor Jumps Off the Roof (also leads to Missed Opportunity further down).

– Attack Allen: This can result in Kill Allen and His Men by successfully completing the button prompts, or Connor Fails to Defend Himself when Allen destroys him, and then CyberLife will send a new Connor.

If Hank is still alive, then he will appear to intervene instead.

– Talk to Hank: This can lead to a bunch of things. Talk About Hank’s Son, Give Up, or Attack Hank.

– Attack Hank: If you win the fight against Hank, then you can either Let Hank Go or Kill Him (killing Hank leads to Missed Opportunity further down). If you choose to Save Hank, then Hank Rushes Connor, and you can Dodge Attack which then leads to Hank Falls to His Death (also includes Missed Opportunity further down). If you fail to dodge his attack then Connor will fall to his death instead, and CyberLife will send a new Connor.

Missed Opportunity – Anything that stops your attack from the roof will result in this outcome and Connor will leave the rooftop.

(1 of 2) Follow the guards to the elevator

Follow the guards to the elevator (left), Act fast (right)


You’ll begin with Connor arriving at the tower by car and making his way through the entrance, only to be escorted by the guards.

– Follow the Guards
– Inside the Elevator

You can’t get out of being escorted by them to the elevator, but you can get rid of them once you’re inside.

(1 of 2) Spot the camera in the upper left corner and disable it

Spot the camera in the upper left corner and disable it (left), Preconstruct a fight sequence with the guards (right)

Hack Camera – If you look up to your left, the camera is in the top corner. If you don’t hack the camera, you’ll be greeted by more guards when you step out later. But if you do hack it, no one will try to stop you when you reach the right floor.

Attack the Guards – You need to construct a path first by using R2 and finding a way to take them out without getting shot. Once you’ve done this, you can proceed to attack and disarm them.

– Neutralise Guards: Once you’ve successfully taken them out with the use of the button prompts, you can Hack the Elevator by imitating one of the guard’s voices and redirecting it to the 49th floor.
– Fail to Neutralise Guards: If you’re unsuccessful, Connor will be shot.

(1 of 2) Kill the guards

Kill the guards (left), Redirect the elevator by imitating a guards voice (right)

As an aside, when the elevator reaches the 31st floor, it’s a possibility that Amanda Warns Connor and Connor is Ambushed and Shot.

Guards Wait for Connor – If you fail to hack the camera before the attack, then guards will be waiting on the 49th floor when you arrive.

– Eliminate Guards: Correctly hit the button prompts to take them out successfully and head straight to Initiate Android Conversion below.
– Fail to Eliminate Guards: Don’t hit the button prompts and Connor will get shot.

If you did hack the camera (and took out the guards, of course), then simply Leave the Elevator and go straight to Initiate Android Conversion.


This section is important for Connor’s ending in this chapter, as it is still possible for him to die (his final death) and you can still lose Hank.

– A New Connor Arrives: By himself if Hank is dead at this point.

– New Connor Shoots Connor: When he shoots you, he’ll then approach, giving you the opportunity to Swap Consciousness with him. This means that the new Connor will die in your wounded body, giving you the chance to still convert all of the androids in the room (The Androids Woke Up).

– Talk to New Connor: Or, when he approaches, you can talk to him – but he’ll still kill you. If you don’t swap consciousness with him, the you will die and The Androids Remain Dormant.

– Try to Stand: This can have the same outcome as above.

– Draw Gun: When the new Connor shoots you and you fall to the floor, you can choose to draw your own weapon and shoot him. But you’ll still die, too.

New Connor Holds Hank Hostage – If Hank is still alive and did not commit suicide in the previous chapter, then the new Connor can use him against you here.

You’ll get two sets of dialogue options before the choice to save or sacrifice Hank. You can stay on the safe side by choosing BLUFF and GARUNTEE.

– Sacrifice Hank and Resume Conversion: Choose to sacrifice him and new Connor will shoot him, leading back to the options above.

– Save Hank: Choose to save him by halting the conversion. If you take too long to decide, you’ll be Out of Time and the new Connor will shoot Hank, kill you, and the androids will remain dormant. Or you can choose to Attack New Connor (choose SHOOT), which leads to Connors Fight.


Connors Draw – When you draw your weapons, Hank will grab a gun and proceed to ask questions.

– Hanks Asks About His Dog: He wants to see which Connor knows his dog’s name. You can choose Sumo or a wrong answer.

– Hank Asks About His Son: Next he’ll ask if you know about his son. You can choose Cole or a wrong answer.

– Hank Kills Connor: If you choose the wrong answers, then Hank will kill you by mistake, leaving the androids dormant.

– Hanks Kills New Connor: If you choose all the right answers, then Hank will kill the new Connor instead. You’ll then Resume Conversion and proceed to wake up the androids.

(1 of 2) Choose SHOOT

Choose SHOOT (left), Answer Hanks questions (right)

Later, during the revolution, Connor will return with the converted androids to join Markus. Eventually, you’ll come to another dilemma - Amanda (acting on behalf of CyberLife) will try to hack into Connor’s programming in an attempt to force his hand into finishing the mission.

In order for this to occur, you need to have done the following:

– In ‘Crossroads’ choose to BECOME DEVIANT.
– During ‘Battle for Detroit’ (this chapter) Markus must be alive and make it to the end of the revolution.
– Make sure that Connor successfully converts the androids at the CyberLife tower and lives.

At the end of the revolution, Connor and Markus will be standing together, which is when Amanda will strike.

(1 of 2) Find the yellow marker on the right and head towards it

Find the yellow marker on the right and head towards it (left), Interact with the blue hand console to escape (right)

You’ll be forced into the Zen Garden with Amanda as she attempts to hack you and force you to kill Markus. At this point, you can either resist or obey. If you obey, Amanda will hack you, and Connor will kill Markus, therefore voiding the SURVIVORS trophy!

To resist, when you see the Zen Garden, look to the right for a tree between two lamps. You’ll spot the blue hand-icon console that you’ve been seeing throughout the game every time you return to speak with Amanda. Interact with the console to end the hacking attempt!


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