Throughout Detroit: Become Human, there are 46 Magazines to collect – find them all and you’ll unlock the Bookworm trophy. However, it’s not possible to find them all during just one playthrough – one of the many things about the game that gives it so much replay value. Some of the magazines depend heavily on choices made throughout the game with each character, so while they always show up in the same locations, they don’t always contain the same articles. For instance: Article A will always remain the same regardless of choice, but Article B will change as a reflection of how you decide to play.

The idea here is grab what you can during your first playthrough, and then return to ‘clean up’ for any that you missed. Just remember that some of them require you to replay from the very beginning in order for your choices to count, and for the missed magazine to show up.

Jumping chapters inbetween won’t save your progress which, admittedly, makes the process all the longer. As soon as you find the magazine, you can quit out and find it in the Extras menu, and this still counts towards the trophy. If you’re going for the ones you missed based on your choices, though, we don’t recommend quitting out at all.

With that in mind, we list all the magazines in chapter order for your convenience, numbered and titled so that you can cross-reference them with any you already have.

Chapter – Shades of Colour Magazine

No. 10 – Tech Addict: Secrets of Androids
No. 19 – Green Earth: Climate Change-Up

As soon as you begin the chapter as Markus, look at the bench to your right (where an old man is being aided by his android) to find the first magazine. You can use R2 to scan for it – they’re usually highlighted with a yellow marker.

Chapter – A New Home Magazine

No. 22 – All Sports: Android Power!
No. 1 – Century: Connecting the Dots

As soon as you’re in the house, you’ll find this one on the dining table to your right. You might not be able to look at it straight away, so clean the table first and go back to it.

No. 23 – All Sports: Android QB
No. 11 – Tech Addict: The Price of Life

Upstairs, in Todd’s room, you’ll find it on top of a cupboard right next to the door as you enter.

Chapter – The Painter Magazine

No. 2 – Century: The North Pole
No. 27 – Detroit Today: Life Found on Titan

On the ground floor, head into the main large living room. In front of the TV is a low table – the magazine is sitting here.

Chapter – Partners Magazine

No. 25 – Gossip Weekly: Android Sex Officially Better!
No. 12 – Tech Addict: Is Your Android Spying on You?

At the crime scene where you must collect 10 pieces of evidence throughout the house, the magazine is in the kitchen.

Chapter – Fugitives Magazine

No. 3 – Century: The Bee-Line to Disaster
No. 26 – Gossip Weekly: It’s Time to Face the Music

If you head into the laundromat, you can find it on a cupboard next to the entrance door.

Chapter – Waiting for Hank… Magazine

No. 28 – Detroit Today: Famous Detroit Painter Dies

– This article is only available if Markus didn’t defend himself against Leo during Chapter: ‘Broken’.

No. 29 – Detroit Today: The Three Laws of Robotic Parenting

– This article is only available if Markus pushed Leo during Chapter: ‘Broken’.

No. 30 – Detroit Today: Ivanoff Says “Niet”!

– This article will always be available.

You can find this magazine on a desk in the middle of the precinct.

Chapter – On the Run Magazine

No. 31 – Detroit Today: Cyber Wildlife
No Number – Canada: Canada still Android-Free Zone

If Kara and Alice took shelter in the abandoned house, the magazine will be sitting on the left side of the main living area. If they went to the motel, it’ll be in front of the TV. Or if they stayed in the abandoned car, it’ll be in front of the car. No matter which choice you make, you’ll always be able to pick up this magazine.

Chapter – Jericho Magazine

No. 32 – Detroit Today: Android on the Run

– This article is only available if Kara and Alice escaped Todd’s house during Chapter: ‘Stormy Night’, as well as evaded the police after getting caught during Chapter: ‘On the Run’.

No. 15 – Tech Addict: Cyberlife’s Fortune Teller Computer

– This article is only available if Kara and Alice slept in the abandoned car during Chapter: ‘Fugitives’, as well as stealthily avoided the police and evaded being chased across the highway during Chapter: ‘On the Run’. If this magazine does not spawn here, you can pick it up later during Chapter: ‘Meet Kamski’.

No. 13 – Tech Addict: Android Astronauts

– This article will always be available.

You can find this magazine on a bench to your right after Markus steps off the train.

Chapter – The Nest Magazine

No. 20 – Green Earth: Past the Tipping Point
No. 33 – Detroit Today: Red Ice Epidemic

When Hank kicks the door down to the apartment, head into the small room immediately to your right before going into the room with all the birds. The magazine is sitting on a table behind the door.

Chapter – Zlatko Magazine

No. 35 – Detroit Today: Now Androids Alter Your Brain

– This article is only available if Kara was caught by the police during Chapter: ‘On the Run’ and ran across the highway.

No. 41 – Detroit Today: AX400 Getaway

– This article will only be available if Kara slept in the abandoned car during Chapter: ‘Fugitives’ and snuck past the police successfully during Chapter: ‘On the Run’. She must get by all of the police without being seen and make it to the train station – she cannot activate the highway chase.

No. 34 – Detroit Today: Arctic Tensions Escalate

– This article will always be available.

You can find this magazine at Zlatko’s house in the bedroom. You can go there once Kara has been reset and you search the house for Alice.

Chapter – Russian Roulette Magazine

No. 5 – Century: Time to Pull the Plug
No. 4 – Century: Tainted Love

At Hank’s house, after you’ve put him in the bathroom to throw up, you can explore his house after handing him some fresh clothes. The magazine in his bedroom.

Chapter – The Eden Club Magazine

No. 14 – Tech Addict: The First Immortals Are Among Us
No. 36 – Detroit Today: The New Super-Powers

The magazine is on a box at the back of the warehouse – make sure to pick it up before following the blue blood to the Traci androids.

Chapter – The Pirates’ Cove Magazine

No. 37 – Detroit Today: USS Iowa Missing
No. 24 – Gossip Weekly: All-Android Band Tipped for Music Prize

After Luther kicks the door down to the pirate house, the magazine will be on the barrel where Kara puts down the flashlight.

Chapter – The Bridge Magazine

No. 8 – Century: The Mysterious Mister Kamski
No. 40 – Detroit Today: Markets Predict War

After Connor gets out of the car, the magazine will be sitting on a bench right in front of you. Pick it up before talking to Hank.

Chapter – The Stratford Tower Magazine

No. 6 – Century: President Warren A Woman in Trouble
No. 38 – Detroit Today: G.I. Android

When you take the elevator to floor 47, the magazine will be a counter in the restaurant area. Pick it up before changing into the uniform in the bathroom.

Chapter – Public Enemy Magazine

No. 16 – Tech Addict: Bleeding Blue
No. 21 – Green Earth: Clean Food Craze

You can find this magazine in the kitchen of the broadcast room (to your left as you walk in).

Chapter – Midnight Train Magazine

No. 9 – Century: World War Three
No Number – Treat Yourself

It’s lying on the kitchen table, but you can only pick it up once Rose has left the house. Grab it before you open the door for the police officer.

Chapter – Capitol Park Magazine

No. 39 – Detroit Today: Who Is It?
No. 7 – Century: An Android for President?

As soon as you have control of Markus, look to your left IMMEDIATELY without taking a single step. It’s on a box right next to you. If you move, it will disappear.

Chapter – Meet Kamski Magazine

No. 17 – Tech Addict: Space Tourism on the Rise
No. 15 – Tech Addict: Cyberlife’s Fortune Teller Computer

In the entrance hall, after Chloe lets you into the house, look at the picture on the right wall. The magazine will only spawn once you’ve viewed the picture, just underneath it on the cupboard.

Chapter – Freedom March Magazine

No. 42 – Detroit Today: Android Riot
No. 18 – Tech Addict: The Eastern Space Race

Literally where you start the chapter, look down to your left. It only shows up if Markus freed the androids from the store and executed a violent protest during Chapter: ‘Capitol Park’.

Chapter – Crossroads Magazine

No. 43 – Detroit Today: Detroit in Chaos
No. 44 – Detroit Today: Android Terror in Detroit

When you first enter Jericho, the magazine will be sitting on a box at the back of the area. Use R2 to scan for it. But don’t head towards the staircase nearby – it’ll skip ahead and you won’t be able to go back. This magazine is only available if Markus charged at the police during Chapter: ‘Freedom March’.

Chapter – Battle for Detroit (Kara Leaving Detroit) Magazine

No. 46 – Detroit Today: Civil War in Detroit

On the right side at the bus stop. This magazine is only available if Markus chose REVOLUTION > ‘Launch an assault on the camps to liberate the androids’ during Chapter: ‘Night of the Soul’.

Chapter – Battle for Detroit (Markus Demonstration) Magazine

No. 45 - Detroit Today: They Defy Us

If Markus chose the peaceful demonstration instead of the violent approach, the magazine will spawn on the right side of Markus’ camp on a bench. You can pick it up after you sit or kneel down in front of the soldiers and have barricaded the area. Choose DEMONSTRATION during Chapter: ‘Night of the Soul’ to activate this magazine.

Congratulations! That is all the magazines of the game. When you collect the final one, finish the chapter. The Bookworm trophy should ping during the flowchart screen (it may not unlock right away).


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