Before you can get started, the chapter will begin with the president addressing the public in a Q&A session. Here you can pan left to right across the screen to ask the president up to four questions of your choice - none of them have any effect on the game whatsoever. Afterward, the presidnet will end the conference and leave, ending the scene.

In the final chapter of Detroit, we’ll be once again split across all three characters stories as they reach their end. Much like ‘Crossroads’, we’ll be taking you through them all separately, beginning with Kara.

This chapter is long, so settle in for the long haul! You can find both Connor and Markus’ story in the following chapters of this guide.

Depending on previous chapters as well as your choices during ‘Crossroads’ will depend on where you begin here. Because of this, each character has two flowcharts throughout this level:

Kara Captured – If you were caught during ‘Crossroads’, then your flowchart begins at this point.

Kara Leaving Detroit – However, if you managed to escape during ‘Crossroads’, then you will begin with this flowchart instead.

Don’t worry, we’ll be breaking down every possible section and pathway that you can take, so find the one that fits to your current playthrough and go from there. Here, though, is a list of choices and characters from previous chapters that have a heavy impact on Kara’s story in ‘Battle for Detroit’.

– Possible to lose him in ‘Midnight Train’.
– Possible to lose him in ‘Crossroads’ if you decided not to help him.
– You can also be reunited with him if you helped him and hid him in a room during ‘Crossroads’.
– He can be with you from the beginning of this level only if Connor did not find Jericho’s location.

– If he found Jericho, then it activates the chase sequence in ‘Crossroads’, resulting in different outcomes.
– If he did not find Jericho, then the chase in ‘Crossroads’ did not occur, and Luther will be with you at the beginning of the level.

– Can lead a peaceful protest during ‘Capitol Park’ and ‘Freedom March’.
– Can lead a violent protest during ‘Capitol Park’ and ‘Freedom March’.
– Possible to lose him in ‘Freedom March’.

– Possible to spare him or avoid him during ‘Stormy Night’.

– Can be met during ‘Fugitives’ if you choose to take shelter in the abandoned house.

Scarred Androids
– Can be freed from the basement cell in ‘Zlatko’, where they take him out, so you can get away with Alice and Luther.


The first unmissable thing that happens here is Androids Leave the Truck, then speak to Alice.

– Reassure Alice: Choose to be calm with her.
– Fail to Reassure Alice: Choose to be harsh with her.

Get Out of Truck/Get in Line – Unmissable

– Kara is too slow/Soldier Strikes Kara: If you don’t leave the truck by yourself and take too long, then the soldiers will force you out.

Alice Ordered to Move – Unmissable. Again, speak to her.

– Reassure Alice
– Fail to Reassure Alice

Soldier Becomes Impatient – Unmissable

– Convince Soldier: Tell the soldier that Alice will comply.
– Convince Alice: Tell Alice that she needs to go to the tent.
– Intervene: Protect Alice from the soldier and he will knock you down.

Reach the Tent – Unmissable

– Kara is too slow/Soldier strikes Kara: Take too long by not entering the tent and the soldier will force you onward himself.
– Deactivate Skin: This is unmissable as Kara and Alice are ordered to dissolve their human appearances.

Leave the Tent – Unmissable

– Kara is too slow/Soldier forces Kara and Alice out: Take too long to exit the tend and a soldier will force you out instead.

Deviant Shot Trying to Escape/Soldier Orders Android to Move the Body – This is unmissable. The soldiers will kill an android trying to get away and you’ll be given two choices:

– Say Nothing: If you choose not to intervene, then the Android refuses to help and is shot too, as well as Kara and Alice get Separated.
– Volunteer/Carry Android: You can choose to intervene instead and take the body away yourself. This gives you the chance to Climb the Truck at the end of the pathway and discover a getaway for Kara and Alice (and Luther, if he is still alive at this point).

When you get to the truck, two things can happen. First, you can ignore it and just Go Back to proceed with the level. Or you can Leave, which will result in Kara Leaves Camp Without Alice, and then Alice will die in the recycling centre. Or, depending on how Markus’ story has evolved to this point, Alice will be freed by Markus later.

Since this caters to the good ending, we recommend not leaving Alice behind to die. Keeping her alive is essential for the SURVIVORS trophy.


Caught by Drone – Look for the drone flying above you with the white spotlight. If you get spotted, it’ll warn you not to move.

– Remain still: Simply follow its instructions and don’t move.
– Move/Kara Wounded: If you move, it’ll shoot Kara. This can cause her death in this chapter if Markus does not free the camp.
– Move/Kara Killed: If you get spotted a second time and shot, Kara will die. This results in Alice dying in the recycling centre if Markus fails to free the camp. Alternatively, Alice will be freed by Markus later if he liberates the camp successfully.

Distressed Android is Shot – On the right side of the enclose, an android will get caught by the drone and killed.

Talk to Jerry – A Jerry android is on the left side of the enclosure.

Talk to Other Jerry/Alice is Taken Away – In the adjacent right enclosure is another Jerry android (watch out for the drone in this area) – he’ll bring Alice to you, but she’ll get taken away by the soldiers.

Talk to Rescued Android – If you volunteered to take the android body away earlier and saved the other android from getting shot, then you can speak to him in the enclosure.

Talk to Scarred Android – If you freed the damaged androids during chapter ‘Zlatko’, then one of them will be here for you to talk to.

Talk to Ralph/Ralph Grabs the Drone’s Attention – If you stayed in the abandoned house during chapter ‘Fugitives’ and met Ralph, then he will be here as well.

– Give Up
– Insist/Ralph is Killed
– Calm down/Ralph Settles Down

Talk to Luther/Luther is Taken Away – If Luther is alive and with you, the soldiers will try to take him away.

– Intervene: You can try to stop the soldiers from taking him, but to no avail.
– Do Not Intervene: Simply don’t do anything and let him be taken from you.


Alice Runs to Kara – If you stand in the line too long and don’t reach Alice fast enough, she will panic and run towards you, increasing her stress level to 100%.

– Intervene/Kara Gets Shot/Kara Died: You can choose to stand in front of Alice to avoid her getting shot, which in turn gets Kara killed instead. This can lead to either Alice dying in the recycling centre, or Alice getting freed by Markus later.

– Do Not Intervene/Alice Gets Shot: Or, if you’re feeling particularly masochistic, just let Alice run towards you and watch the soldiers shoot her down. This will later result in either Kara dying (if Markus is dead or fails to save the camp) or Kara being freed by Markus later (if Markus is alive and saves the camp).

Line Moves Forward – Unmissable

– Get Shot/Alice’s Stress Increases: If Kara does not obey, she will get hit a first time, and then shot a second time. If Kara has already been wounded once from earlier in the chapter, then this second shot will kill her (Get Killed/Kara Died in the Line). Again, this leads to Alice either dying or getting freed later.

Alice Asks Questions – Alice will be scared and ask you what will happen to them.

– Reassure: You can pull her from the line to comfort her.
– Truth: You can just be honest with her.
– Say Nothing: Or you can ignore her by not choosing either option.

Talk to Android Behind Kara – If Markus is alive and about to liberate the camp, this android will tell Kara about it.

Talk to Android Ahead of Kara – You can interact with this android to ask him what’s going to happen to everyone.

Talk to Luther – If Luther is with you, you can talk to him, too.

Observe Guards – This is unmissable, and you can spot them standing at the end of the enclosure.

Talk to Ralph – If you met Ralph during ‘Fugitives’ then you can talk to him again here.

Talk to Scarred Android – If you freed the androids in Zlatko’s house, you can talk to one of them again here and ask them for a diversion.

Talk to Jerry – You can talk to the Jerry android and ask them for a diversion instead so that you can go to Alice’s line.

– Ask to Create Diversion/Soldiers are Distracted/Reach Alice: This is a standard option – as long as you keep an eye on the drone overhead, you should be able to reach Alice just fine.

– Kara Gets Caught by Drone: However, if you step into the drone’s spotlight and get caught, you’ll be ordered back into the line. The good thing is that if you were already close enough to Alice’s line, you can join here instead of going back to your own.

Jerry Dies – If you ask Jerry for a diversion instead of the scarred android, then Jerry will be killed.


Line Moves Forward – Unmissable

– Get Shot: If Kara disobeys, she will get hit the first time and shot the second. If she has already been wounded previously, the shot will kill her (Get Killed/Kara Died in the Line), which of course leads to Alice either dying or being freed by Markus later.

Luther Reaches Recycling Centre – If you are too slow in your decision-making, Luther will be forced into the machine and killed.

Reach Recycling Centre – If you’re too slow here, both Kara and Alice will be killed in the machine.

– Kara and Alice Died in the Recycling Machine
– Markus Liberates the Androids/Kara and Alice Survived

Observed Barbed Wire – If you look at the barbed wire to your right, it could potentially make for a way out.

Talk to Jerry/Ralph/Luther/Scarred Android – This a choice you should pick carefully, because if you decide you want to escape through the barbed wire fence, someone is going to have to die for that cause. Whoever is left can be asked to create a diversion – we recommend the scarred android, as this is the only choice that does not void two possible trophy achievements.

– Ask to Create Diversion/Soldiers Get Distracted/Run to the Barbed Wire


If you make a break for the barbed wire, these are the possible endings you can get from doing so:

Kara is too slow/Soldiers shoots the group – Once you get to the fence, don’t press any of the buttons when prompted.

– Kara, Alice, and Luther are killed
– Kara and Alice were killed (if Luther has already died in a previous chapter)

Alice and Luther make it/Kara is too damaged to continue/Soldier shoots Kara – This counts if Kara has already been shot by the drone or a soldier earlier in the chapter.

– Alice escapes on the truck (if Luther is not with you)
– Alice and Luther escape on the truck

Alice and Luther make it/A soldier arrives – This happens if Kara has not already been wounded.

– Pass the barbed wire/Soldier shoots the group: If you run from the soldier, he’ll shoot everyone. This can result in either Kara, Alice, and Luther Were Killed or just Kara and Alice Were Killed if Luther is not with you.

– Fight the soldier: Choose to fight him instead, and Kara beats the soldier if you successfully press all of the button prompts. This results in either Kara, Alice, and Luther escape on the truck or just Kara and Alice escape if Luther is not with you.

– Soldier Beats Kara: If you lose the fight against the soldier then one of the three things can happen. Ralph Intervenes/Kara and Alice Escape if Luther is not with you; Luther Intervenes/Kara and Alice Escape if Ralph is not there and Luther is with you; or Kara and Alice Were Killed if both Luther and Ralph are not with you at this point in the game.


When or if you make it on to the streets, you’ll have to make your way through a snowy Detroit to find a way out of the city. Talk to Alice as soon as you have control and decide whether to leave her switched on or not.

See a Hanged Android – Can be found in a store to the right, where Kara will cover Alice’s eyes from the sight of it.

(1 of 2) Talk to Alice

Talk to Alice (left), Check the store windows (right)

Watch Broadcast of Jericho’s Attack – In a store window to your left, but this is only accessible if Connor found Jericho and it was consequently attacked by soldiers.

Find a Gun – This is unmissable along the path but is only accessible if Luther is dead at this point in the game, or you were separated from him during ‘Crossroads’.

(1 of 2) Find the gun on the ground

Find the gun on the ground (left), Hide from the soldiers behind the cars along the way (right)

Luther Finds a Gun – This is unmissable along the path but of course is the alternative to Kara finding the gun.

Hide from Military/Sneak Past the Soldiers – This is unmissable. Wait for the RISK bar to turn blue before moving from one car to the next.

– Find Jerry androids OR Find Luther and Jerry: If you helped and hid Luther during ‘Crossroads’ then this is where you will be reunited with him. If you left him behind, or he has already died previously, then two Jerry androids will be here instead.

– Save Jerry’s/Jerry’s run away: Choose to help them by knocking out the soldiers.

– Save Luther/Jerry runs away/Luther re-joins you: Choose to help them by knocking out the soldiers.

– Hurry: Choose not to help them (despite the protests of Alice) and they will be executed, which means Luther will have no more opportunities to reunite with you.

(1 of 2) Pick up the brick to your right

Pick up the brick to your right (left), Use it to knock out the soldier and save Luther and Jerry (right)

Continue to the bus terminal – Unmissable at this point.

Spotted by Soldiers – You have to navigate this section by hiding behind cars and timing your route around the patrolling soldiers. Take opportunities such as the soldiers being distracted by androids to make your way through. If you get caught at any time, then you will be taken to the recycling centre (outlined above).

– Kara and Alice arrested (if Luther is not with you for any reason)
– Kara, Alice, and Luther arrested (if Luther is with you)

When you finally reach the terminal, you’ll be given the option to go straight through, or turn around and find a different way past the security guards.

Take Detour – To do this, simply choose to go around the checkpoint.

– Delayed/Late for the bus/Bus departed: Wait two minutes before making a decision and then choose the detour (timer will be below 11 minutes).
– At the bus terminal: Take the detour without delaying in making a choice and the timer will still be above 11 minutes when you arrive.

(1 of 2) Approach the terminal

Approach the terminal (left), Tell Luther to remain calm no matter what (right)

Approach Checkpoint/Use ID/Talk to the Guard – When given the choice, choose to head directly through the checkpoint.

Guard calls to Kara – Only if Luther is not with you.

– Don’t Shoot/Guard Returns Alice’s Glove: When given the choice to use your gun, don’t use it.
– Shoot/Shoot Guard/Alice finds her glove: When given the choice to use your gun, use it.

Luther is Nervous – Only if Luther is with you.

– Ask Luther to Shoot/Luther Shoots Guard/Alice finds her glove: When you have the choice to use the gun, use it. Even during the second chance, choose to use it.
– Ask Luther to Stay Calm/Guard Approaches: When given the choice to use the gun, don’t use it, and instead calm Luther. Even when given the second chance to use it, choose to calm Luther.

At the Bus Terminal – You’ll always reach this point.

Magazine – It’ll be on the right side as you enter but will only be available if Markus chooses REVOLUTION.

Watch TV – There are TV screens on the left broadcasting the news.

– Markus Attacks Humans: If he chose the violent approach.
– Markus Leads Protest: If he chose a peaceful approach.

Watch Terminal TVs – On the far left side you’ll find the huge screen with the bus departure times.

Alice Meets a Mother/Mother Drops Bus Tickets – On the left you’ll find a woman sitting on the bench with a baby in her arms. When you get close enough, Alice will be watching them and a cutscene will occur.

(1 of 2) Find the woman holding a baby

Find the woman holding a baby (left), Pick up and keep the tickets she drops (right)

– Steal Tickets/Board the Bus: Pick up the tickets that she drops once her husband takes her away and then choose to keep them when they come back looking. This will lead to the CANADIAN BORDER branch further down the page.
– Return Tickets: Pick up the tickets but then return them to the couple when they come looking for them. This will lock you out of the Canadian border branch, but it means you can explore the area some more.

(1 of 2) Use the tickets to get through the gate

Use the tickets to get through the gate (left), Board the bus with Alice and Luther (right)

Find Adam – If you give the tickets back to the couple, then Rose’s son, Adam, will be standing at the entrance of the parking lot directly opposite you on the right. This leads to the RIVER branch further below.

Security Check – Starting from the left, two soldiers will be doing thermal security checks, which you need to avoid.

– Flee: This always ends bad – Soldiers Execute Kara and Alice (and Luther if he is with you).
– Hand Over ID: Always ends badly – Soldier Executes Kara and Alice (and Luther if he is with you).
– Ask Luther to Create a Diversion: He can buy you some time by attacking the guards.
– Adam Calls to Kara: If you move close enough to the right side to find Adam, he will call out to you and you can avoid the security checks altogether.

Meet Todd – If Todd is still alive from chapter ‘Stormy Night’ then you’ll bump into him here at the terminal.

– Persuade Todd/Todd Sends Soldiers Away/Alice Says Goodbye: If you pick he more positive dialogue options then Todd will see reason and say goodbye to Alice, allowing you both to leave peacefully.

– Fail to Persuade Todd: If you pick the negative dialogue options, then the soldiers will eventually appear for the security check. This can lead to either Soldiers Execute Kara and Alice (if Luther is not with you) or Luther Creates a Diversion in which Adam will call you over to the parking lot.


News Bulletin – The TV screens are on your right.

– Androids Charging the Camp: If Markus chose the violent revolution.
– Androids Demonstrating: If Markus chose the peaceful protest.

Check Control Desk – Look for the desks at the end of the queue.

Check Information Board – Look for the screens ahead of the control desk.

Android is Executed – Happens after two minutes at the front of the queue.

Rose – Located in the queue to your left. After you spot her, use R2 to locate the restroom and then L1 to look at it.

(1 of 2) Spot Rose in the queue to your left

Spot Rose in the queue to your left (left), Use R2 to find the restroom (right)

– Reach Rose/Go to Restroom/Talk to Rose: If you make contact with her then this will be unmissable. You can exhaust all the dialogue options until they automatically say goodbye.
– Talk to Adam: After the restroom, you can find Adam to your left before returning to the queue.

(1 of 2) Talk to Rose in the restroom

Talk to Rose in the restroom (left), When you reach the end of the queue, make a decision (right)

Talk to Luther – He’ll be behind you if he is still with you at this point.

Talk to Jerry – After you look at the information board you can find Jerry to your right.


Sacrifice No One

– Guard sees Markus attacking the camp: If Markus chose the violent revolution, which results in Everyone Was Arrested and Killed (Kara and Alice, and Luther if he is still alive).

– Guard sees Markus protesting/Guard lets them pass: If Markus chose the peaceful route, in which case the Group Crosses the Border (which is the best possible outcome) or only Kara and Alice cross if Luther is dead.

Sacrifice Jerry

– Jerry sacrifices himself to create a diversion: This results in either the whole group crossing the border, or just Kara and Alice if Luther is dead.

Sacrifice Luther (not recommended)

– Luther sacrifices himself to create a diversion: In which case Kara and Alice successfully cross the border.

Sacrifice Kara (still not recommended)

– Luther gets through with Alice, resulting in them reaching Canada.

– Rose collects Alice/Alice gets to Canada with Rose: If Luther is already dead.


If you go with Adam to the parking lot and meet Rose, they will take you by car to the river opposite the Canadian border.

Get out of Rose’s Car – Unmissable at this point.

– Check River Temperature: Go to the water and have Kara test the temperature – the freezing cold can be fatal to androids.
– Observe Canadian Skyline: Look at the scenery.
– Talk to Adam: He’ll be standing off to the left by the second car.

Talk to Rose – She will be talking to two others before you can interact with her, but this is still unmissable.

Push the Boat/Talk to Alice/Coastguard Appears – This is unmissable, but depending on what you do here, the coastguard does not always show up.

Once everyone begins to cross the river, you’ll come under attack which can lead to the boat flooding and sinking. Unfortunately, Luther will always die at this point.

– Hide > Alice Injured
– Accelerate > Alice Injured
– Hide Behind Luther
– Dive
– Protect Alice > Kara Injured
– Surrender > Group Dies

As the boat is sinking:

– Cast Luther Away (he’ll be dead)
– Dispose of Supplies (under the bench)
– Row (ineffective)
– Reassure Alice: Talk to her to convince her that everything will be okay.
– Dispose of Engine/Dive: Regardless, this is what you’ll have to do as Kara jumps out of the boat to push it toward the shore.


Reach Canada by Swimming/Kara and Alice Died – If you don’t dispose of the supplies within the time limit, the boat will sink, and you along with it.

Reach Canada on Boat – Kara will always get out to push the boat towards the shore. Depending on what you chose to do during the attack will vary the results.

– Kara and Alice Survived: If you dove into the water, or hide behind Luther, then Kara and Alice will make it across the river alive.

– Kara is Damaged and Shuts Down/Alice Survived: If Kara gets wounded protecting Alice from the attack, then the cold water will kill Kara once you reach the other side.

– Alice is Damaged and Shuts Down: If Alice was wounded during the attack on the boat, then she won’t make it to the end. This results in either Alice Died and Kara Continued Alone, or Kara Chooses Death due to not wanting to be without Alice.

And that ends Kara’s final path through Detroit: Become Human!


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