This is a very straightforward chapter but with a lot of nodes to unlock during its second half. As usual, we recommend sticking to the choices that will garner the best results, but we’ve continued to break down all possible outcomes.

You’ll arrive at a house with Alice and Luther, and you’ll Meet Rose and Adam Outside automatically when you wander off behind the house. You’ll speak to Adam first, and then Rose will join you moments later.

This chapter also automatically unlocks Luther and Alice Join Kara as long as all three of them escaped Zlatko’s mansion together.

Before going inside, Check on Alice by walking over to her and pressing X. Then Enter the House after Rose.

(1 of 2) Find Adam and Rose behind the house

Find Adam and Rose behind the house (left), Talk to Alice before going inside (right)

Inside the house, you’ll talk a little, and then Rose will insist on getting Alice warm and fed. The next lot of tasks are unmissable.

– Follow Adam to the Guest Room
– Get Alice Ready for Bed
– Draw Curtains (do this before leaving the bedroom)
– Luther Watches Over Alice
– Talk to Rose

(1 of 2) Sit with Rose

Sit with Rose (left), Talk to her (right)

Follow Rose to the Laundry Room – Also unmissable, you can follow her to the laundry room after you speak to her again.

– Alice Approaches Mary (cutscene)
– Let Alice See Mary: Alice will appear from upstairs. Choose STAY.
– Prevent Alice Seeing Mary: When Alice appears, choose TAKE ALICE OUTSIDE.
– Leave Laundry Room
– Rose and Adam Argue (cutscene)

(1 of 2) Watch the cutscene involving the deviants

Watch the cutscene involving the deviants (left), Choose whether to let Alice see them or not (right)

Afterward, Kara will insist that she must get out of Detroit tonight, so Rose will leave the house to go find help from someone she knows. This gives you the opportunity to Explore the House.

Talk to Luther – He’s sitting next to Alice by the fireplace.

Check on Alice – Now sit by Alice and speak to her, too.

Check on Deviants – Go back to the laundry room door to see the androids you met earlier.

Magazine – The magazine sits on the kitchen dining table. Read both articles to make it register.

(1 of 2) You cant pick up the magazine until Rose leaves

You cant pick up the magazine until Rose leaves (left), Read both articles (right)

Watch News – Turn on the TV in the living room to watch the news reports.

See Family Photo – Go to the cupboard in the living room to interact with the photo.

Adam Returns – Adam will automatically come back downstairs after a while.

Talk to Adam to Lower Tension – When he sits down on the sofa, head over to sit by him and talk.

Cop at the Door – It should only take a few minutes before an officer comes calling at the front door.

Find and Hide Evidence of Deviants – Before you open the door to the officer, you’ll have a 50 second timer to get rid of anything that suggests the presence of androids on the property. These are all the things you need to do:

– Change Magazine Cover: This only works if you read the magazine on the table beforehand (which hopefully you did). Go back to it to change the cover from an android article to a news article.
– Hide Blue Blood: In the cupboard by the living room (under the stairs) are a bunch of blue blood bags on the shelves. Close the cupboard.
– Shut the Laundry Room Door: Close the laundry room so the officer won’t see the androids in there.
– Hide the Android Clothes: In the living room next to the TV is a cupboard with some clothes on top. Interact to shove them into a draw.

(1 of 2) Close the cupboard to hide the blue blood

Close the cupboard to hide the blue blood (left), Tell Luther and Alice to hide upstairs (right)

Tell Alice and Luther to Hide – Talk to Luther to ask him to hide Alice. You’ll get three options to choose from.

– Upstairs
– In the Laundry Room
– In the Kitchen

If you chose to hide them in the kitchen, you can choose to leave the curtains open or close them. Choosing to leave them open will result in the officer finding Luther and shooting him, which we don’t recommend. However, you will have to replay this chapter in order to unlock each of the above three choices on the flowchart.

(1 of 2) Hide the android clothes in a draw

Hide the android clothes in a draw (left), Change the magazine cover (right)

Manage the Policeman – When you’ve hidden all evidence, you can proceed to answer the door and let the officer inside to inspect. The aim here is not to raise his suspicion meter so that he will leave without a problem.

Lie About Alice – When the officer asks you if anyone else is in the house, choose NOBODY.

– Suspicious About Upstairs: If you sent Luther and Alice upstairs, a noise will occur, making the officer suspicious.

Make Coffee – Offer to make the officer a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

Policeman Discovers Luther and Alice – If you chose to hide Luther and Alice in the kitchen and didn’t draw the curtain, then the officer will see them.

– Luther Died killing Policeman: The officer finds Luther and Alice and they end up killing each other, thus ending the chapter early.

Policeman Sees Article – If you forgot to switch the magazine article over from the android cover this task completes automatically when he finds it on the table.

Policeman Discovers Blue Blood – This task completes if you didn’t close the cupboard under the stairs.

Policeman Questions Adam – If you manage to keep his suspicion meter low and he didn’t discover Luther and Alice, he’ll turn his attention to Adam instead and ask him some questions. Kara will step in to answer for him at some point, so choose whatever option you feel is best. He should leave shortly after.

Policeman Sees Android Clothes – This task completes if you forgot to hide the clothes on top of the cupboard (he also cannot see Luther in the kitchen if you hid him there).

Policeman Suspicious – If you don’t hide any of the android evidence around the house, he’ll question the noise in the laundry room on his way out (simply let him into the house without doing anything, but still make sure to send Luther and Alice upstairs). If you choose DOG, he’ll go inside to check, only to find the other androids.

– Luther Died Saving Other Deviants: Luther will automatically appear to save the androids in the laundry room, resulting in both him and the officer dying and ending the chapter early. Again, we don’t recommend this outcome.

Policeman Fooled – This completes if you successfully hid all the evidence around the house and kept his suspicion meter low. Make sure to choose WASHING MACHINE when he questions the noise in the laundry room on his way out. He will leave, no one will get hurt, and this will automatically give you the Policeman Left ending.


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