There are 10 opportunities for Connor to die, and you must get them all! To do this, start a whole new story/save file – you can’t skip between chapters as this won’t earn you the trophy, so you need to play from start to finish.

There are some chapters that allow Connor to die in more than one way, but as long as you get at least one of those deaths, it’ll count.

All Connor deaths:

– The Hostage: the deviant shoots Connor in the face, or Connor leaps from the roof to grab Emma and falls to his death.

– The Interrogation: find the deviant in the attic to unlock this chapter and you’ll get to conduct the interrogation, so make sure to find him!

During the dialogue options, choose PROBE ITS MEMORY > PROBE > GET UP. Before you leave, choose COLD > LEAVE ROOM > INTERVENE and the deviant will grab an officer’s gun and shoot Connor.

– On the Run: Connor chases after Kara on the highway and gets hit by a car. Kara and Alice must get across the first highway alive in order for this to work, so just don’t press any buttons.

Afterward, when they’re crossing the second highway, don’t press any buttons and get them both killed, too. This will eliminate the rest of their story and cut down your play time, but it is of course optional.

– The Nest: when chasing the deviant across the rooftops, purposely mess up the button sequence at the first greenhouse to have Connor fall to his death.

– The Eden Club (optional but recommended): have Connor lose the fight against the Traci androids but then shoot them in the back. This will help in decreasing reputation with Hank for later, and will lead to the Traci’s showing up in the evidence locker so you can acquire the death in ‘Last Chance Connor’.

– The Bridge: make sure Hank hates Connor enough to shoot him. Always make him angry and defy him and show no emotion so that he becomes hostile towards you. If he’s your friend, he won’t kill you.

– Public Enemy: when Connor interrogates the androids in the kitchen you’ll discover the android on the left is deviant. You’ll get into a fight and he will rip out Connor’s heart. If you just let the time run out and don’t do anything, Connor will shut down.

– Public Enemy (optional): if Connor didn’t shoot the Traci androids during ‘The Eden Club’ then he must catch up to the deviant here instead of waiting to shut down. In the corridor, choose to SAVE HANK so that Connor is killed by the deviant – this will make the police shoot the deviant and he’ll become available in the evidence locker during ‘Last Chance Connor’. This is how you get the death during that chapter.

– Freedom March (optional): at the end of the march choose ATTACK but don’t press any buttons during the sequence so that you lose the fight against the police.

– Meet Kamski (optional): choose DON’T SHOOT so that Kamski doesn’t give you Jericho’s location. This forces Connor to go to the evidence locker where you need the next death. You’ll be confronted by Gavin – lose the fight against him on purpose and Gavin will shoot him (there’s also the chance you don’t reach this section due to a lack of evidence, so make sure to shoot the Traci androids during ‘The Eden Club’).

– Crossroads: there are two ways to kill Connor during this chapter, both require choosing REMAIN A MACHINE.

The first option (which requires both Kara and Markus to be dead) is to go after North where he’ll be stopped by an officer on the way. Choose FIGHT but then lose – he’ll shoot Connor in the head.

The second option (which requires both Kara and Markus to be alive) is to have Connor fight Markus and lose. Fail the button sequence to have Markus kill Connor.

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Connor died and returned at every opportunity before reaching the end

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