The chapter begins after Kara and Alice have escaped (provided they didn’t get killed during ‘Stormy Night’). When you get off the bus you’ll be tasked with finding shelter – this is a large flowchart to fill and there’s a bunch of things to do in the process.

(1 of 2) Find shelter

Find shelter (left), Talk to the stationary androids (right)

There are two androids to talk to:

Talk to Parked Android: When you leave the bus, head over to the left side of the road to interact with an android. It won’t respond, so move on.
Talk to the Android Trash Collector: Alice will wander off to go sit underneath another bus shelter. Follow her to be prompted to check on her, and when you’re done, it will trigger a scene in which the trash collector android will give you some information before disappearing.

There are two stores to go into:

Enter Laundromat: Located around the left corner of the intersection.
Enter Supermarket: Located around the right corner of the intersection.

(1 of 2) Enter the laundromat

Enter the laundromat (left), You can choose to steal the clothes for Kara and Alice (right)

The Laundromat – Inside the laundromat, here are all the things you can do:

Magazine: On a cupboard next to the door you entered, you can pick up the next magazine collectible. Read both articles/covers to make it register.

(1 of 2) Find the magazine as you enter

Find the magazine as you enter (left), Read both articles (right)

Inspect Dryer: Located on the right side of the shop. Here, when Alice tells you not to steal, you can either Leave Clothes or Steal Clothes. If you leave them, you’ll just leave. But if you choose to steal them, you can activate Wear Them, which will require a button sequence to change into them. If you fail the button sequence, you’ll Disturb the Man and have to leave without the clothes.

(1 of 2) Steal the clothes without waking him

Steal the clothes without waking him (left), Choose where to stay (right)

Leave Laundromat: No matter what happens inside the shop, you’ll automatically leave eventually anyway.

The Supermarket – At the supermarket, these are all the things you can do:

Talk to Clerk/Notice Cash Register: You can get both of these by just talking to him. He’ll refuse to help you.

Notice Can Stack: In the middle of the shop, you can use the stack to distract the clerk.

Use Alice as a Diversion: When you’ve observed the cash register and the cans, you can ask Alice to help by distracting the clerk. You can Steal Discreetly by going to the cash register and completing the button sequence. Or Take Too Much Time by having Alice knock the cans over and then taking too long to steal the money by failing the button sequence.

(1 of 2) Use Alice as a diversion

Use Alice as a diversion (left), Steal the money from the register and leave (right)

Use Gun/Customer Arrives: If you stole the gun from ‘Stormy Night’ you should still have it. You can use it against the clerk after he refuses to help you. A customer will enter the shop and then you can choose from two options. If you Give Up, you’ll leave without the money. If you Resume Hold-Up, you’ll stay at the counter, gun concealed from sight, and wait for the customer to buy his items and leave.

Resume Hold-Up: Tell the clerk to either back away or turn around so you can grab the money yourself. Choosing to Open Cash Register will make the clerk grab a gun for himself. From here, you can Give Up to leave without the money, or Convince the clerk by telling him yours and Alice’s story – this will make him hand over the money.

Steal/Leave Chocolate Bar, Toy, and Wire Cutters: You can only steal ONE of the three items – stealing two will get you caught. If you decide to take two and get caught, you can Draw Gun on the clerk and keep both items.

Since the aim of the chapter is to find shelter somewhere, these are all the places to choose from:

Check Motel: Located on the left side of the intersection across the street.
Check Parking Lot: Located on the right side of the intersection across the street.
Abandoned House: Located on the right side of the intersection across the street; the house is surrounded by a boarded up fence and you can see the tip of the roof.
Alice gets too cold: After talking to the trash android by the bus shelter, you can simply wait around without doing anything. Alice will continue to sneeze until a cutscene occurs where Kara will break into a car, and the two of them will spend the night there instead.

(1 of 2) If you have money and new clothes, find the motel

If you have money and new clothes, find the motel (left), Use an excuse as to why you have no drivers license to show (right)

The Motel – To get inside the motel you have to have stolen the money from the supermarket, and clothes from the laundromat to hide the fact that you’re an android. If you failed one of these two things, you won’t have access. These are all the things you can do once you’re inside the motel:

Talk to the Receptionist/Check In: Talk to the receptionist and use any excuse from the options as to why you don’t have any ID.

Find Room 28: Outside, go to the left and up the stairs to the room located second to the left.

(1 of 2) Look for room 28

Look for room 28 (left), located on the upper floor (right)

Remove Wet Clothes/Talk to Alice: Hang Alice’s wet clothes in the bathroom and then speak to her. When she asks you a question you can either Make Promise or Don’t Make Promise. If you stole a toy from the supermarket, you can Give Toy to Alice once she’s in bed. Or, if you stole the chocolate bar, you can Give Chocolate instead.

Kara Sleeps next to Alice/Watch Alice from Chair: When prompted to choose somewhere to sleep, you can do either of these two things.

(1 of 2) Talk to Alice

Talk to Alice (left), Choose where to sleep (right)

The Parking Lot: These are all the things you can do in the parking lot:

Leave Parking Lot: Simply exit through the door you came in after inspecting the car or breaking its window.

Break into Car: Break the window to unlock it from the inside. When Alice suggests looking somewhere else you can Find Another Option or convince Alice to Stay. If you choose to stay, you can Get in the Car and Talk to Alice, and then choose some of the same options as if you stayed in the motel.

(1 of 2) Find the parking lot next to the trash collector truck

Find the parking lot next to the trash collector truck (left), Abandoned car in the parking lot (right)

Abandoned House/Squat – These are all the options for staying at the abandoned house:

Check Squat: Look at the fence around the abandoned house across the street to find a spot that you can cut through.

Find Wire Cutters: There are two ways to do this – either steal them from the supermarket or find them on a yellow generator in the parking lot.

(1 of 2) Find the wire cutters on the yellow generator

Find the wire cutters on the yellow generator (left), Use them to break through the fence to the house (right)

Cut Fence: You can choose to cut through from either the street side of the fence or the parking lot side of the fence.

Meet Ralph: Once through the fence, walk around the side of the house until you reach the front door. Alice will wander off and you’ll have to backtrack to find her. She’s being held up at knife-point by a battered-looking android, Ralph.

Give Up/Leave Squat or Convince/Follow Ralph: You can choose to simply leave or, if you have the gun, you can use it to defend Alice and threaten Ralph to let you stay at the house. Or you can just convince him to let you stay and he’ll lead you inside. Once inside, Start a Fire to warm up Alice by finding the matches on the shelf next to the fireplace, the wood by the entrance, and the paper by the bin. Then Make a Bed for Alice by picking up the blanket and pillow next to the staircase.

(1 of 2) Check for a way in to the house

Check for a way in to the house (left), Confront Ralph (right)

Talk to Alice: Once Alice is settled, you can once again choose from the same options as if you stayed at the motel or in the parking lot.


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