In the final chapter of Detroit, we’ll be once again split across all three characters stories as they reach their end. Much like ‘Crossroads’, we’ll be taking you through them all separately – this final section caters to Markus.

Markus’ part in this chapter has a lot to cover with many nodes to unlock on the flowchart, but don’t worry because we’ve broken down every possible thing you can do along the way. You can find both Kara and Connor’s story in the chapters prior to this one.

Hart Plaza Freedom March – To start the level with this path, Markus must have chosen to proceed with a DEMONSTRATION during ‘Night of the Soul’.

Markus Revolution – To start the level with this path, Markus must have chosen REVOLUTION during ‘Night of the Soul’.

(1 of 2) Choose to be CALM

Choose to be CALM (left), Choose to KNEEL or SIT (right)


– Lead Jericho
– Roadblock
– Talk to Officer
– Androids Under Fire
– Show Determination
: You can choose from Raise Fist, Hands in the Air, Sit, or Kneel.

All of the above objectives are unmissable, so just follow them through.


Build Barricade – This is unmissable. You have to build the barricade by choosing from three options, but you have to replay the chapter to unlock all three as you can’t do all of them in one go.

– Use Billboard
– Use Bench
– Use Abandoned Car

Hold Barricade – When you’ve put the barricade in place, walk around and talk to everyone and interact with everything to unlock the following:

– Choose Slogans
– Talk to Scared Android
– Talk to Traumatised Android
– Talk to North
– Plant the Flag
– Observe Soldiers
– Observe Detonator
– Light Barrel
Magazine: You can find it on a bench to the right.

(1 of 2) Find the magazine on a bench to your right

Find the magazine on a bench to your right (left), Read both articles, though one of them shows an ERROR message (right)

Perkins Arrives – After a while, Perkins will automatically show up talking about a negotiation.

Negotiate with Perkins – By choosing ACCEPT.

– Accept Deal: Simply choose to ACCEPT during the negotiation.
– Perkins Leaves: After you accept.
– In the Barricade: This is a result of the above. Now you can Talk to North (if she is still alive) and Talk to Perkins, followed by Perkins Shoots North (if she is still alive) or Perkins Shoots Markus (if North is not here). This results in Markus Died After Betraying His People (ending).
– Refuse Deal: Choose REFUSE.
– Soldiers Attack Barricade/Defending the Barricade

Refuse to Negotiate – By choosing REFUSE.

– Refuse Deal: Choose REFUSE.
– Soldiers Attack Barricade/Defending the Barricade


Markus Shot – Don’t press any of the button prompts to have Markus fail the fight. This leads to Markus Died Protecting His People (ending) if North is dead or does not have a romantic relationship with him.

Save Fleeing Androids – Complete the button prompts.

Fail to Save Androids – Don’t complete the button prompts successfully, and North Takes a Bullet for Markus if she is alive and your reputation with her is romantic.

Markus is Cornered – By successfully completing the button prompts and saving and protecting everyone behind the barricade, the soldiers will break through and surround everyone.

North Joins Him (if she is still alive)
Josh Joins Him (if he is still alive)
Simon Joins Him (if he is still alive)
Soldiers Raise Weapons (when they surround you after you complete all the button prompts)

What you choose next will close out the chapter and determine the public opinion. It’s important here to note that the option to Kiss North will be locked if you haven’t built a romantic relationship with her, but it is an important one that could save your life.

– Sing: Choose to sing, and if the public are supportive then the President Orders Soldiers Not to Shoot, which results in the ending Androids Won Their Freedom. If the public opinion is negative/low, then the Soldiers Fire and Markus Dies with His People.

– Kiss North: Only accessible if Markus and North have a romantic status. Again, if the public opinion is positive then the president will call off the soldiers, and the androids will win. But if the public opinion is negative, then the soldiers will fire, and everyone will die.

– Sacrifice & Do Nothing: Both of these options lead to the Markus Died with His People ending.

– Observe Detonator: During ‘Crossroads’, North gave you a bomb detonator then can only become available at this point. You can choose to Give Up, which returns you to the above choices, or you can choose to Press it, which will cause an explosion to shake Detroit and forces the soldiers to retreat. This results in the Androids Became Free in the Debris of Detroit ending.


– Markus Sends a Message
– Charge the Barricade (Markus Wounded)
– Plant the Flag


Launch the Attack – This will happen automatically when taking the revolution path.

Approaching Recall Centre (Recycling Centre)

– Josh Leaves Cover (if he is still alive): When this happens, you can either Rescue Josh, or Josh will get shot, in which case he will die in Markus’ arms.

– Inspire Frightened Android: Either the Android Stays Hidden, or the Android is Shot Leaving Cover.

– Simon is Shot: You’ll try to Save Simon, and either succeed or fail, and then Keep Going.

– Throw Grenade

– Markus Badly Wounded: When Markus gets wounded during the attack, two of your crew have the chance to save you by sacrificing themselves in the process. If Simon is with you (alive), then Simon Offers his Heart if North is dead or you don’t have a romantic status with her. But if Markus and North are romantic, then North Offers her Heart instead. Now you can Accept or Refuse – if you refuse, then Markus dies and the revolution fails (ending). If both Simon and North are dead before this point in the game, then you’ll automatically get Nobody to Save Markus, leading to the same failed ending.

Reach Machine Gun/Coordinate Attack

– Send North to her Death: This can result in Attack Successful, in which a drone attacks North’s group – you can either Shoot the Drone to save her or Fail to Shoot Drone and let her die. The second result here is Attack Unsuccessful.
– Attack Unsuccessful: The androids will have to fall back with the possibility of Simon Gets Shot (if North is already dead), or North Gets Shot (if she is still alive and your reputation with her is low or neutral), and can lead to Markus Takes Shelter in the Store.

Markus Takes Shelter in the Store – You’ll either end up here alone or with North if she is still alive.

Alone in Store – If you’re alone, Connor will show up provided he remained a machine during ‘Crossroads’.

– Shoot > Markus is Shot > Detonate Bomb > Markus Died as Detroit Burns
– Spare > Detonate Bomb > Markus Died as Detroit Burns OR Spare > Connor Spared Markus > Markus and Connor Killed Each Other
– Soldiers Surround Store (if Connor cannot not show up) > Surrender > Markus Died Leaving Store
– Soldiers Surround Store > Suicide > Markus Committed Suicide
– Soldiers Surround Store > Detonate Bomb > Markus Watched Detroit Burn

Markus and North Take Shelter in Store – This requires a high reputation such as companion or a romantic relationship with North. While you’re both hiding, the soldiers will surround the store.

– Detonate Bomb > Markus and North Watched Detroit Burn
– Surrender > Markus and North Died Leaving the Store
– Suicide > Markus and North Committed Suicide Together
– Kiss North > Share a Moment with North


If you don’t end up taking shelter in the store or dying on the way to the recycling centre, then you’ll continue along this branch.

Final Assault

– Markus is Hit by Explosion > Connor Finds Markus (only if Connor remained a machine during ‘Crossroads’)
– Control Connor > Win the Fight > Markus Defeats Connor > Shoot Tanks > Assault was Successful (ending)
– Control Connor > Lose the Fight > Markus Died and the Revolution Failed > Connor Stopped the Revolution (ending)

If Connor chose to be deviant in ‘Crossroads’, then Soldiers Will Approach Markus instead.

– Neutralise Soldiers > Shoot Tanks > Assault was Successful (ending)
– Fail to Neutralise Soldiers > Markus Died and the Revolution Failed (ending)


If Markus is dead and North took over his role as leader of Jericho, then you will get this branch instead.

– North Sends a Message
– North Charges the Barricade
– North Plants the Flag

– Deviants are Outnumbered > North Was Shot (this ending can be achieved only if Connor became deviant or was deactivated)

– Deviants are Outnumbered > North Takes Shelter in the Store (only if Connor remained a machine during ‘Crossroads’)

– Connor in CyberLife Store > Find North > Shoot > North was Killed by Connor (ending)

– Connor in CyberLife Store > Find North > Spare > Connor Spared North (ending)

– Connor in CyberLife Store > Find North > No Choice > North and Connor Killed Each Other (you can get this ending by letting the timer run down and doing nothing)

And that concludes the final chapter of Detroit: Become Human. Congratulations!


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