You begin the game as Connor, an android sent by CyberLife to work closely with the police force. For your first mission, you have to save a little girl from the clutches of her once family-friendly house assistant android, Daniel. Daniel has become deviant – the first in a slew of cases concerning androids turning against their human owners.

The first chapter is a great introduction to the game’s controls. As Connor, and as an android, you need to use your many abilities to find clues and discover ways to disarm the situation and garner the best results. The best result here is to ensure the little girl’s safety, possibly regardless of what happens to Daniel.

For this guide, we’re going to try and direct you towards the overall good ending, but we don’t want you to worry too much about the choices you make during the first few chapters – they don’t really affect the story all that much. So sit back, relax, and take some time to get familiar with how everything works.

That being said, here are all the clues you can find around the house that will aid you in the case. Before you start, head over to Captain Allen first. You can only start searching the house once you’ve spoken to him.

Save/Leave Fish – As soon as you take control, the first thing you can do is look at the fish on the hallway floor on your left. The choice here is inconsequential – put it back in the tank or leave it where it is.

(1 of 2) Use R2 to scan the environment and find your objectives

Use R2 to scan the environment and find your objectives (left), Save or leave the fish (right)

Analyse Family Photo – Directly to your right is a family photo. Analyse it to discover the names of the mother, father, and daughter (the hostage).

Empty Gun Case – After speaking to Captain Allen, you’ll see an open case lying on the floor by the cupboard. Scan the contents and reconstruct the scenario for more information.

(1 of 2) Scan objects for clues

Scan objects for clues (left), Reconstruct the scene based on the clues you find (right)

Headphones & Emma’s Tablet (important) – After the short scene with the little girl’s mother, you’ll enter the main area of the house with SWAT officers everywhere. On the left is the daughter’s bedroom – go in here to find the headphones lying on the floor and watch the video recording on the tablet lying on the desk.

TV – In the kitchen is a small TV screen on the fridge. Unmute it to listen to a reporter talking about the hostage situation.

Boiling Pot – Go right to turn off the stove and learn that the family were making dinner when all this began.

Magazine – Next to the stove is a magazine lying on the kitchen counter.

The Officer’s Body – In the middle of the kitchen, next to the dining table, is the body of an officer who was gunned down earlier on. Scan and analyse his body to reconstruct the scenario in which he was shot, and to find the gun he dropped.

(1 of 2) Reconstruct the confrontation between the officer and deviant

Reconstruct the confrontation between the officer and deviant (left), Locate the officers gun (right)

The Officer’s Gun (important) – After reconstruction, you’ll find the officer’s gun has landed beneath the dining table. You can either take it with you or leave it behind.

Blue Blood – Look over to where the two officers are standing by the windows. In front of them is a small pool of blue blood on the floor. Examine it.

Emma’s Shoe – Beside the blue blood is the little girl’s shoe, lost in the fray. Examine it.

The Father’s Body – Heading into the living area, you’ll find the hostage’s father lying dead on the broken coffee table. Scan and analyse the body to reconstruct the scenario and find the tablet.

(1 of 2) Examine the fathers body

Examine the fathers body (left), Reconstruct the scene to find the tablet (right)

Tablet (important) – The father’s tablet is in the corner. Watch the video to learn that Daniel was going to be replaced with a new android model.

Others – You can look inside the bathroom from the doorway, but there’s nothing to find in here. You can also stand by the windows and peer outside, but this has no benefit.

Once you’ve collected all the information you want, it’s time to head out on to the balcony. Daniel is standing at the edge whilst holding on to Emma – if something bad happens, she’ll die. The aim is to save her, and you won’t get the trophy if you don’t succeed.

There are at least six outcomes to this scenario, but it’s up to you how you want to play it. Throughout the level you may have noticed a meter that increased each time you picked up a valuable piece of evidence. Well, the same goes for Daniel’s stability – a blue arrow means he trusts you, and a red arrow means he doesn’t. If the percentage decreases enough, the situation will go horribly wrong, so try to increase that meter to 100% or as close to it as possible.

(1 of 2) Head out on to the balcony to confront Daniel

Head out on to the balcony to confront Daniel (left), Try to increase his stability to 100% (right)

During this confrontation, there will be many dialogues to choose from, and if you found a lot of clues inside the house, you’ll unlock some of the more important ones. If you missed something vital, then there will be an empty bracket in the dialogue options, which of course will lessen your chances of success.

Friendly/Cold Approach – If you learned the deviant’s name, you can use it to introduce yourself and be friendly, which will get you off to a good start.

Be Honest/Lie About Gun – If you picked up the officer’s gun from under the table before, then you can choose whether to keep it or throw it away. Keeping it can result in either Connor or Daniel getting shot, and disposing of it will increase Daniel’s trust.

Save/Leave Wounded Officer – An officer lies injured to your left on the ground. Make your way over to examine him and Daniel will threaten to shoot you if you try to help. Because the whole situation is being reported on camera by journalists, ignoring Daniel’s threat will increase the public opinion in the android’s favour. If you choose not to help, it will decrease. Or you can just ignore the officer altogether.

Keep/Dismiss Helicopter – Daniel will get frustrated by the sound of the SWAT helicopter hovering overhead and order you to get rid of it. You can choose to make it go away, or refuse. Both will affect Daniel’s stability.

If you made all the right choices, Daniel’s stability will reach 100%, and his faith in you will make him release Emma so that she is no longer in danger. The chapter will end and you’ll receive a flowchart depicting the path you took to reach the ending you just achieved.


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