You begin the chapter with a return to the Zen Garden. Join Amanda briefly before moving on – this first objective is of course unmissable. Afterward, you’ll head to Hank’s house.

(1 of 2) Knock on the door and ring the bell

Knock on the door and ring the bell (left), Check Hanks car on the left, as well as the bedroom window (right)

Knock on Door: Simply knock on the front door to receive no response.

Ring Bell: Now try the doorbell – still no response. Then Ring Again.

Check Car: Go to the car in the driveway on your left and look in the window.

Check Bedroom Window: Look through the window to the left of the door.

(1 of 2) Check the small window first

Check the small window first (left), Then look through the kitchen window (right)

Check Back Living Room Window: Go around the corner on the right to check the window at the back of the building. It’s important that you don’t check the one before it first.

Spot Hank and Break In: This is where you can interact with the window you skipped. Peer through the kitchen window and look around until you find Hank lying on the floor.

You’ll be prompted to break in through the window, so do this and Connor will climb up and fall through on to the floor.

(1 of 2) Break into Hanks house

Break into Hanks house (left), Find Hank on the kitchen floor (right)

Hank’s Dog Attacks: Once inside, Hank’s dog, Sumo, will always attack as a natural part of the story.

– Calm Sumo: If you analysed the dog hair on Hank’s chair during ‘Waiting for Hank…’ and used the DOG dialogue option afterward, Hank should have told you the dog’s name. By learning this, you’ll calm Sumo by using his name when he approaches you in the kitchen.

– Rile Sumo: If you didn’t learn the dog’s name, then this will automatically happen as your mere presence will be enough to rile him up.

Analyse Hank: Go to Hank lying unconscious on the floor and analyse him by pressing triangle. You can find four clues: a gun, a whiskey bottle, his chest, and his mouth. Then you can proceed to wake him up.

(1 of 2) Analyse Hank for 4 clues

Analyse Hank for 4 clues (left), Wake him up (right)

Take Hank to the Bathroom: After waking Hank, you’ll lose some reputation with him, but this is nothing to worry about. Hank is drunk and angry, so there’s no way to avoid it.

– Distant/Understanding Attitude: After shoving Hank into the bathtub, you can choose to be cold or (sort of) friendly. To be distant with Hank, choose AGGRESSIVE, SOLUTION, or PRAGMATIC. To be understanding with him, choose RATIONAL.

When Hank tells you to leave him alone, you can choose to leave, or choose to tease him to convince him to join you on the case. This does not show up on the flowchart, so pick either.

(1 of 2) Help Hank to the bathroom

Help Hank to the bathroom (left), Talk to Hank (right)

Choose a Shirt: Next you’ll need to grab Hank some fresh clothes from the bedroom. When picking out a shirt from the closet, there are three options that activate three different nodes on the flowchart. Choose from Hippy Shirt, Streaky Shirt, or Stripy Shirt. The chapter will require two more playthroughs to grab whichever two shirts you did not choose.

(1 of 2) Go into the bedroom directly opposite the bathroom

Go into the bedroom directly opposite the bathroom (left), Pick out a shirt for Hank (right)

After giving Hank his clothes, you have to leave him alone to sober up and get ready before you can leave. In the meantime, explore his house to learn more about him. You’ll only have around 3 minutes, so here are all the things you can do.

– Magazine: You can find the magazine in Hank’s bedroom on the floor. You can probably pick it up before grabbing him a clean shirt. Read both articles to make it register.

(1 of 2) Find the magazine next to the bed

Find the magazine next to the bed (left), Read both articles (right)

– Pet Sumo: Sumo is asleep by the door, so head over to interact with him.

– Learn Hank’s Interests: In the living room, you can take a look at some music records to learn what Hank likes to listen to. You can also look above the fireplace by the TV.

(1 of 2) Pet Sumo

Pet Sumo (left), Look at Hanks records (right)

– Find the Photo of Hank’s Son: If you look at the kitchen table you’ll find the framed picture of a little boy. Finding it will unlock an important optional dialogue for later in the game.

(1 of 2) Find the photo of Hanks son on the kitchen table

Find the photo of Hanks son on the kitchen table (left), Analyse it for key information (right)

– Look at the Gun: The last thing you should do is check the gun on the floor – if you look at this before anything else, the chapter will automatically end. While examining the gun you can choose to question it or remain silent.

– Leave with Hank: This will trigger automatically after looking at the gun or if you run out of time.

(1 of 2) Take another look at the gun on the floor

Take another look at the gun on the floor (left), Choose to ask about it, or not (right)

Left for The Eden Club: This is the only outcome to this chapter. Either check the gun before anything else if you want to leave quickly, or explore the house first to unlock the flowchart nodes.


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