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Borderlands 3

The First Vault Hunter

Ben Chard
Shane Williams
Quest Giver Reward Lvl
Lilith - Sanctuary Cash, Rare Skin 36

Go to lab

Make your way back to Sanctuary and head on over to Tannis’s lab to examine the Eridian Slab. This will essentially allow you to begin heading around the galaxy and examine the Eridian Writings at long last. They’ll provide backstory on the entire Borderlands series and you’ll also unlock a Trophy/Achievement upon deciphering them all. Not only that, you’ll now be able to activate the Lodestars around the galaxy that will unlock Side Missions related to the Eridian Proving Grounds, one of Borderlands 3’s endgame activities.

For now, make your way back to the bridge and you’ll gain access to the final planet, the Eridian homeworld, Nekrotafeyo. Once you arrive, make your way over to the Drop Pod and land on the planet.

Go to coordinates

Desolate’s Edge is the largest area you’ll come across in the Eridian homeworld and with it, you’ll find many Crew Challenges and Zone Completion tasks. Begin your exploration by following the linear path until it opens up, here you’ll encounter Mantas, the creatures of Nekrotafeyo. At this point in your adventure, they shouldn’t pose too much of a threat but they can cause troubles in they corner you so keep your distance as you take them out.

Once the area is clear, take the southeastern exit and follow it to another large group of Mantas including the more deadly Mantakores. These should be your primary target and you’ll want to use a Corrosive weapon should you have one handy. Once you clear them out, melee the vines and redirect the power to activate the Catch-A-Rides and Vending Machines here.

Grab a vehicle and drive down the path until you reach a fork, if you take a look to the north here you’ll find a small island and east of that, you’ll find the Legendary Hunt, Blinding Banshee. It’s a rather simple Mantakore and so long as you take the other enemies out on the small island before you begin the battle.

(1 of 2) Head north before you reach the large desert to find the Legendary Hunt

Head north before you reach the large desert to find the Legendary Hunt (left), while you’ll find a Crimson Radio along with a Dead Claptrap in the desert itself. (right)

Return to the fork after and follow it south, picking up the Transaction-Packed Side Mission along the way. Once you reach the large open area, head along the southeastern wall to find a Maliwan base. Head around the back and climb the back wall and then follow the large containers around as you make your way to the top and sabotage the Crimson Radio. Return to your vehicle and then search along the southern part of this large expanse to locate a Dead Claptrap in the debris.

Finally, before you follow the waypoint, head down the southwestern slope here to find a Hijack Vehicle amongst a large group of Mantas. Take out the enemies, melee the vines and grab the Vehicle, taking it back north to a nearby Catch-A-Ride. With this taken care of, head back to the northeast of this area and follow the path to the coordinates and walk through the holographic wall.

(1 of 2) You’ll need to melee the vines first

You’ll need to melee the vines first (left), to gain access to the vehicle behind them. (right)

Meet Typhon, Follow Typhon

Follow Grouse, making use of the Vending Machines should you need them and then head up the stairs to meet the great Typhon Deleon at last. Follow Typhon to the cliff’s edge and then before continuing to follow him, head north to find the first Typhon Log. Return from where you came and continue to follow Typhon before placing the Vault Keys you’ve collected throughout your adventure and complete this short mission.

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