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Borderlands 3

Amara - Siren

Ben Chard
Shane Williams


Amara has a few distinct playstyles available to her but whichever way you decide to take her, she’s effective at dealing out Elemental damage, what with being Borderlands 3’s Siren. If you’re looking to melee your way through enemies, look no further than Builds that use the Phaseslam Action Skill. Alternatively, Phasegrasp can help you control the battlefield by locking enemies down and spreading Elemental damage all over the place.

Elemental Area of Effect

  • Fist of the Elements Tree
Skill Points Effect
Anima 5/5 Action Skill Status Effect Damage +40%, Status Effect Damage +20%, Status Effect Duration +100%
Tempest 5/5 Shock Damage +20%, Elemental Damage +30%
Wildfire 5/5 Chance to spread Status Effects +40%
Dead 1/1 When an enemy is Grasped, Gun Damage +15% for 8 seconds. Current Gun reloaded if ally kills Grasped enemy
Indsicriminate 3/3 Ricochet Chance 30%, Ricochet Damage -50%, Action Skill Ricochet Chance 60%, Action Skill Ricochet Damage -25%
Deep Well 1/1 Magazine size on Elemental Weapons +20%
Catharsis 3/3 When killing an enemy with an Elemental effect on them, triggers an explosion.
Sustainment 3/5 Life Steal: 16% per damage dealt with Elemental weapons
Forceful Expression 1/1 Bonus Elemental Damage dealt +18%
  • Brawl Tree
Skill Points Effect
Personal Space 3/3 Bonus Damage dealt based on position to enemy up to 36%
Clarity 3/5 Health regeneration up to 3% based on Health missing, doubled during Action Skill
Samsara 3/5 Grants Samsara (Max of 5 stacks) when dealing Action Skill damage granting Gun Damage +5%, Health Regen +5% per stack
Helping Hand(s) 5/5 Damage Reduction +40% after Action Skill use
Mindfulness 3/3 Grants Mindfulness (Max of 25 stacks) upon receiving damage granting Shield Regen Delay -23%, Movement Speed +4.2% per stack
Vigor 3/3 Kill Skill: Team Movement Speed +10% for 8 seconds
Guardian Angel 1/1 When entering Fight For Your Life, gain Second Wind with full Health and create a Nova, Cooldown of 120 seconds

This Build focuses on dishing out massive amounts of Elemental Damage to all the enemies by using Phasegrasp and then spreading the effects around. You’ll have great survivability in this Build too and you’ll want to go with Elemental SMGs if possible.

Boss Killer

  • Mystical Assault Tree
Skill Points Effect
Fast Hands 3/3 Reload Speed +21%, Weapon Swap Speed +48%, Mode Switch Speed +48%
Violent Tapestry 2/5 Grants Rush (Max Stack of 10) upon applying Status Effects granting Status Effect chance +1.2% for 20 seconds
Alacrity 5/5 Grants Reload Speed +2% (3% in Action Skill) during Rush for 8 seconds
Transcend 3/3 Accuracy +51%, Critical Hit Damage +27% for 12 seconds after using Action Skill
Restless 3/5 Action Skill Cooldown Rate +15%
From Rest 3/3 Fire Rate +12%, Charge Time +63%
Laid Bare 3/3 Damage Increase +24.9% for 8 seconds after using Action Skill
Wrath 3/3 Gun Damage +20.1%, +201% during Action Skill for 8 seconds
Awakening 3/3 Rush Stack Effectiveness +30%
Avatar 1/1 Can use Action Skill once per Cooldown, kills during this Action Skill refunds 10 Rush Stacks
  • Fist of the Elements Tree
Skill Points Effect
Anima 5/5 Action Skill Status Effect Damage +40%, Status Effect Damage +20%, Status Effect Duration +100%
Steady Hands 3/3 Handling +42%, Accuracy +39%
Tempest 5/5 Shock Damage +20%, Elemental Damage +30%
Wildfire 2/5 Chance to spread Status Effects +16%
Deep Well 1/1 Magazine size on Elemental Weapons +20%

This Build focuses on decimating Bosses in record time while using the Action Skill, Phasecast. Your survivability will be lower than the other Build but that won’t matter too much as most single target enemies will be defeated in seconds.

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