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Borderlands 3


Ben Chard
Shane Williams

What are Shields?

Shields are as vital to your Vault Hunter as Health itself, it’s the only thing that stands between an enemy dealing direct damage to your Health. Shields come in all different variations such as ones that massively increase the Capacity at the expense of the Recharge Rate while others will impart incredibly useful effects when they’re depleted. A lot of these can make or break a Build so it’s a good idea to study each one wisely.

Legendary Shields

  • Anshin
Name Elements Unique Properties How to Obtain
Frozen Heart Cryo Nova on depletion, restores 30% of damage as Health Aurelia Hammerlock in Blackbarrel Cellars
Messy Breakup Kinetic, Corrosive, Shock Summons a Drone with the same Element as the Shield GENIVIV in Voracious Canopy
Nova Berner Incendiary Nova when depleted and recharged World Drop
Red Card Kinetic, Radiation Drain Shield when Sliding to add to Bonus Damage World Drop
Resonant Back Ham Kinetic Reduces damage from behind by 56% World Drop
Rough Rider All 0 Capacity, Reduces damage by 23% and Max Health +35% World Drop
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Kinetic, Corrosive 25% chance to leave IEDs when damaged, Nova when depleted World Drop
  • Pangolin
Name Elements Unique Properties How to Obtain
Band of Sitorak Corrosive, Radiation, Cryo High Recharge Rate at the expense of Capacity The Unstoppable Rare Spawn in Ambermire
Big Boom Blaster Kinetic, Corrosive Drops Boosters that restore 60% Shield, Grenade and Heavy Ammo World Drop
Black Hole Kinetic, Shock Nova upon depletion and uses a Black Hole to pull enemies in World Drop
Impaler Corrosive Reflects spikes at attackers World Drop
Red Suit Radiation Complete immunity to Radiation, nearby enemies take Radiation Damage Angel and Speed Demons Main Mission Reward
Shooting Star All Summon projectiles with melee attacks when depleted Sky Bullies Target of Opportunity in The Anvil
  • Hyperion
Name Elements Unique Properties How to Obtain
Front Loader Kinetic, Corrosive, Cryo 60% Max Health transferred to Shield Capacity World Drop
Re-Charger Kinetic, Shock, Corrosive, Radiation Absorbs Ammo, Instant Recharge on Cooldown World Drop
Rectifier Shock Shocks surrounding enemies when depleted World Drop
Stop-Gap All Upon depletion, immune to damage for 5 seconds World Drop
The Transformer Shock Complete immunity to Shock, 40% chance to Absorb bullets It’s Alive Side Mission Reward in Desolation’s Edge
Ward All Upon depletion, melee damage +300%, Gun Damage +25% Graveward in The Floating Tomb
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