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Borderlands 3

The Graveward

Ben Chard
Shane Williams
Location Mission (If applicable) Key Drops
The Floating Tomb - Altar of the Guardians Cold as the Grave - Main Mission Legendary Artifact Grave and Legendary Shield Ward

The Graveward is a gargantuan guardian that has a massive amount of health, even optimally, this battle is going to be a long one so make sure you prepare fully before going in. You’ll notice the arena is rather large and that there’s a hole that you drop in over to the right. This is key because you’ll need to utilize it at certain points in the battle.

The Graveward is slower than the previous Vault Guardian but all of his attacks cover a large area and you’ll need to learn how to deal with each of them to survive this battle. When the Graveward’s fist is glowing orange, it will perform a large melee slam or swipe that causes Radiated Orbs to fall from the sky, run to either side of the arena to avoid this. If he pulls the platform you’re standing on up, quickly dash over the hole and take cover to avoid the large Corosive Balls that come rolling down.

If the Graveward ducks before coming up, usually when the Jabber adds attack, he’ll spew Corosive acid all around the arena in front of him, retreat to the back wall to avoid this attack. The final attack that the Graveward uses is a large Laser Barrage, this will leave a large pool of Fire in it’s wake so run to the far side of the arena away from the lasers when he begins using them. Finally, avoid dropping off the arena, this is an instant death and will respawn you back above.

(1 of 6) When the platform tilts, run to one of the holes to avoid falling off and dying

The Graveward’s weak points are all the yellow glowing orbs all over it’s body but most notably, it’s head. Any attacks at these points will deal critical damage and considering the large amounts of health that it possesses, you’ll want to take aim at these at all times. Once you inflict enough damage, the Graveward will reel and its head will come crashing to the ground, this is your cue to pummel its weak points with continuous damage to drain its health.

The battle will follow this pattern throughout so once you learn to read it’s tells, you shouldn’t have too much problems in avoiding them. The larger concerns are the sheer amount of adds that can spawn, they’re handy for health and ammo drops and as this is a long battle, you’ll be in need of them but should there be too many out in the arena at one time, take the time to cull some.

Legendary Artifact Grave and Legendary Shield Ward

The Graveward, alongside many Legendary World Drops, has the ability to drop two unique Legendaries. The [Grave] is an Artifact that will increase your melee damage as your health drops among other benefits while the [Ward] is a Legendary Shield that has a small health regen on it along with increasing your melee by 300% when the Shield is depleted.

Grave is just one of two powerful unique Legendaries from Graveward.

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