Anvils Ford

As you enter the clearing, look for the hammer sitting on the ground in the centre. Use this to watch a quick scene before a boss fight:

Boss: Uthane

To beat Ulthane, simply pop War into his Chaos Form and pummel him into submission. After Ulthane has taken the required amount of damage the fight will end.

Approach the hammer to trigger a boss fight (left). Enter Chaos Form and attack until the fight ends (right).

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One Tough Cookie

Meet Ulthane

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Another scene will play - Angels come to get you! Fight them off and follow Ulthane. The good news is that he can break down the blue crystals everywhere so follow him through two doors and after a third fight Ulthane will toss you across a gap into a nearby building.

Fight off the Angels here to open the sealed door. Use the Green Soul Chest here if you need to recover some health before moving on. Drop down the hole (ignore the second Green Soul Chest for now) and head to the far end of the room. Pick up one of the bombs here and throw it at the bombs on the opposite side of the gap in front of you this will bring the bridge down for Ulthane to cross.

As the bridge drops, an Angel will fly past and break down the wall of the room - kill him and exit. Note you can pick up his big gun for a bit of fun in the next area. Make your way out of the building and down the path here, use your gun to take down angels as fast as you can. There are a lot of them and if they get close to you can do a lot of damage, so if you run out of health, return to the building and grab the Green Soul Chest we left earlier.

Let Ulthane toss you across the gap (left). Hit the bombs on the bridge to allow Ulthane to proceed (right).

Cruise down to the ruins here and around the corner. Clear the area. When you are almost done a short clip will show a pair of Gun Angels coming in. When they are dead you can re-join Uthane. Before you do however climb the demonic growth nearby for a Blue Soul Chest . From the chest location look to the north to spot another section of demonic growth. Use it to climb down and under the structure we fought off the Angels in before to find a chest containing a Wrath Shard .

Use the demon growth to climb down to a Wrath Shard (left). Follow Ulthane until the end of the area (right).

Now head over and join up with Ulthane.

Follow him and he will bust open a blue crystal for you to reveal another Green Soul Chest – use it to recover your health if necessary. Follow him to the top of the ramp to find another locked door.

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Whos Counting

Defeat more angels than Ulthane

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If you defeated Ulthane in the contest you will be awarded with a new Enhancement – Combat Lore (speeds up XP gain and increases armour) at this point. Head through the gate as Ulthane opens it to fight another boss.

Boss: Uriel

Uriel’s Moves:

Attack/s Description
Charge Uriel will charge across the ground to hit you. As she performs this attack you can easily side dash to avoid it.
Spin Drop If you get too close for too long she will jump into the air and drop to the ground with a spinning shockwave. Dash out of the way to prevent taking damage.

Combat Strategy:

You will fight Uriel with Ulthane at your side, so he will add to your damage output. Uriel is relatively easy and can be taken down by simply utilising a hit and run attack tactic. If you start to lose a bit of health, there is a Green Soul Chest in the middle of the area.

When fighting Uriel, keep your distance and wait for pauses after her attacks (left). Youll want to avoid her spin drop attack (right).

When she has had enough, watch the scene and Ulthane will open the door to the next area. Head through the door and drop down the hole. Follow the water around the bend, keeping an eye out for a Blue Soul Chest behind a waterfall on the right and another Blue Soul Chest on the left as you exit the cave into the man-made tunnel.

Continue following the set path until you exit into the Hollows.


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