The Crossroads

Head up the stairs behind Vulgrim’s location and use the Earthcaller on the large rock gate here. After a quick scene, the Gatekeeper will leave the area granting you access to the building behind.

Once inside, head up the stairs to the left and drop down at the end. Kill the Fire Golem and the Zombies here. Pick up the Blue Soul Chest nearby. Jump down to the area below and eliminate the Zombies here. Find the pool of water to the left and dive underwater. Follow the tunnel to the end to find a chest with a Life Stone Shard in it (Like a piece of Heart for you Zelda fans, we need four of these to gain an additional health bar). Return to the main area.

Swim through the pool of water (left) to find a Life Stone Shard (right).

Climb the demon growth on the far side of the area from where you entered, and walk through the open doorway here. Open up the Green Soul Chest if required and continue to follow the hallway until you exit into Scalding Gallow.

Scalding Gallow

Move forward and when you reach the ruins in front of you, climb the stairs to the left and jump across the gap for a Blue Soul Chest . Drop back down. Look up to the right to spot a red growth on a pillar here. You can pick up a car and throw it at the growth to detonate it. Climb the pillar here to find a chest containing the first piece of the Abyssal Armour Set [1/10] .

Continue up the ramp to the north to reach Samael’s Prison and a boss fight.

Throw a car at the bomb on the pillar (left). Climb it to find a piece of Abyssal Armour (right).

Boss: Phantom General

This guy will move around the arena and attack you with several different moves:

Attack/s Description
Forward Slash He will make a big arcing swing with is weapon in the direction he is facing. War can avoid this by dashing to the side.
Ground Slam He will jump and perform an overhead smash with is weapon, dodge this by dashing in the opposite direction.
Whirlwind After taking a bit of damage, the General will spin around in circles and move towards your general direction. He is invincible whilst using this attack so keep distance between War and the boss or you will cop a good deal of damage.
Summon The General will summon a group of Demonic Soldiers.

Combat Strategy:

The Phantom General acts just like one of the smaller demon soldiers, just with a bigger weapon, more armour and a larger repertoire of attacks. Use hit and run tactics, dash in and attack him a few times then dash away when you see the General start an attack.

The Phantom general acts like a standard melee enemy (left). Make sure you take care of his summons (right) before refocusing your attack on the boss.

It is possible to knock the boss down with a Blade Geyser attack or stun him with a blow from the Earthcaller horn, both of which will leave him open for a couple of free attacks.

After taking a bit of damage he will stand back and summon six smaller demon soldiers. Defeat these and the general will resume attacking you again. This time in addition to the overhead and forward slashes, he will use his whirlwind attack. To defeat him, simply dodge all his attacks and slice him up when the opportunity arises.

Once he has taken sufficient damage, you will be able to perform the finishing move on him to end the fight.

When the Phantom general is dead, look to the left and right of the area to find a pair of gargoyle statues. The one at the far end is spewing blood, these two are not. Head over to each of them and grab and pull them towards the centre of the area to activate them, this will unlock the prison.

A quick story scene ensues. During the scene you will receive the Shadowflight power and will find out what we need to do next.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Prison Break

Free Samael from his prison

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Trophy/Achievement Icon

Chasm Jumper

Gain the Shadowflight Ability

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