Anvils Ford

Head to Anvil’s Ford and enter Ulthane’s Forge. Talk to him and after a short story scene you will be rewarded with the Armageddon Blade .

Use the nearest Vulgrim Location and return to Azrael in Leviathan’s Drift. Talk to Azrael to fight the Destroyer.

Take the Armageddon Blade Shards to Ulthane (left) and then speak with Azrael in Leviathans Drift (right).

Boss: The Destroyer

The battle with the Destroyer has two distinct phases each of which sees different attacks used. These include:

Attack/s Description
Swipe In dragon form, the boss can attack you with a long range claw swipe attack.
Charge Once on the floor in dragon form, the boss will periodically charge at War. Make sure you stay on ruin and continue to dash to avoid it.
Ground Slam After taking a bit of damage, the dragon form can leap into the air and drop on you, dash out of the way to avoid this.
Melee Swings In Angel form, the boss can string together a series of melee attacks in a combo and link this in with a nasty overhead smash or an uppercut to start a juggle combo. At the conclusion of his attacks is a short window you can use to attack him.
Teleport The boss can teleport and initiate a melee attack as he reappears in an attempt to ambush you. As soon as you see the teleport happen, start dashing to avoid taking damage.
Throw Rocks In Angel form the Destroyer will fly around the outside of the arena and throw chunks of rock at you. These can be easily avoided with a well-timed dash.

Combat Strategy:

Phase 1:

During phase 1, the destroyer appears in dragon form, he will run around the circular area here, swinging with his arms and charging at you when he gets the chance. You need to jump on ruin and chase after him. When possible hit him a few times from horseback which will cause him to fall over. Quickly run over and slice up his belly until he recovers. Jump back on Ruin.

After taking a little damage, the destroyer will do a ground pound attack to try and squish you. When he flies up, continue using your dash button until he lands to avoid the drop damage.

Repeat the process of knocking him down and slashing him up until he charges straight at you and you see the action button occur. Hit it to watch a scene.

Whilst in dragon form, attack the boss riding Ruin (left). When he stumbles, lay in with your big attacks (right).

Phase 2:

In the second phase of the fight, the destroyer will transform into his angel form and will prowl around the area on two legs. He has a big sword that he uses effectively to dish out large, circular horizontal slashes, an overhead slam and the boss can also throw energy along the ground. Everything can be avoided, but timing is a big issue against this guy as the range of his attacks are quite large.

To defeat him, you need to keep running in and hitting him before retreating. Once enough damage has been done, you will enter a quick sword duel. Simply mash the button indicated in the centre of the screen. If you win, this will cause a good deal of damage to him.

To beat the boss, you need to avoid his attacks (left) whilst sneaking in a few of your own when there is an opening. Be sure to dodge the rocks that he throws at you after taking damage (right).

After taking damage here, he will float outside the arena and throw large chunks of rock at you, dash to the sides to dodge the attacks. After he lands on the platform again, he will pick up a few new moves, a teleport which helps him ambush you if you are not careful and an uppercut swing which will result in a devastating aerial combo if it connects. To win you just need to repeat the aforementioned steps and avoid his attacks whilst wailing on him.

Once you have won three blade duels, you will get to watch the ending.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Final Challenger

Defeat The Destroyer

Trophy icon
Trophy/Achievement Icon

You Call This Easy

COMPLETE the game on EASY difficulty

Trophy icon
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Balance Restored

COMPLETE the game on NORMAL difficulty

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Trophy/Achievement Icon

The True Horseman

COMPLETE the game on APOCALYPTIC difficulty

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