You will be rewarded with a full Life Stones for defeating each of the major bosses: Tiamat, The Griever, Sygian, Silitha and Straga. The rest of the Life Stones have been broken into shards and scattered in chests throughout the world map. Four of these shards will yield an additional Life Stone. There are 16 shards in total, which when collected, will give War four more health bars.

With all the shards and full Life Stones collected, War can have the maximum of 10 health bars. Here are the locations of all things Life Stone related.

Full Life Stones

  • Twilight Cathedral - Defeat Bat Queen Tiamat at in the Twilight Cathedral.
  • The Hollow - Defeat the Griever at the end of the Hollows.
  • Leviathan’s Drift - Defeat Stygian in the Ash Lands.
  • Iron Canopy - Defeat Silitha in the Iron Canopy.
  • The Black Throne - Defeat Straga beneath the Black Throne.

Life Stone Shards

The Crossroads

  • In the building behind Vulgrim, look in the pool to the left of the main room to find an underwater tunnel. Swim to the end and open the chest for the shard.
    The Choking Grounds

  • Destroy all the Gravestones in the area surrounding the Vulgrim Location to spawn a chest containing the next shard.

  • Return to the Choking Grounds once you have acquired the tremor gauntlet. Inside the small building to the left of where the Gatekeeper was situated, climb to the second floor and destroy the blue crystal here to find the chest containing the life stone shard.
    The Broken Stair

  • In the cave complex containing the Vulgrim Location . Look for a pool of water nearby, dive into the underwater tunnel and open the chest at the far end.

  • Jump from the office building to the first section of the raised highway and at the top of the ramp, look in the opposite direction from where we need to go to find a chest containing the Life Stone Shard .

Broken Stair: When you reach the overpass, grab the Life Stone Shard from the dead end to the left (left). Twilight Cathedral: In this courtyard throw a bomb through the window (right) to reveal a Life Stone Shard (right).

Twilight Cathedral

  • In the second courtyard you enter, grab the bomb growth and throw it through the window on the wall opposite. Blow up the crystal here and look behind it for the chest.
    Drowned Pass

  • There is a raiseable platform on the west side of the lake. Swim over and hit the crystal with your blade to raise the platform, then head up the nearby ramp. Jump to the platform and then across to the ledge opposite to grab the chest.

  • Once you have obtained the Abyssal Chain, warp to the Vulgrim Location in the Drowned Pass. Nearby you will see a set of grapple points. Use your abyssal chain to cross the gap here to find the shard.
    The Hollows

  • In the train tunnel containing the locked blue door, look behind the two trains to the right of the red crystal to find a chest housing this Life Stone Shard .
    The Dry Road

  • After fist entering the area, follow the road until you reach a crossroads. Look to the left on a ledge to find the chest.

  • When you exit into the tunnel following the room with the three demonic plants hanging above the rope. Climb the ramp and look over the hole in the wall you entered from, there is a blue crystal here. Head over and bust it down to find the chest.

Dry Road: Upon exiting into this tunnel, look behind you to find some blue crystals (left) these are hiding a Life Stone Shard. Ash Lands: in the underground portion of the area use the shadowflight geyser in the room with Demonic Plants to reach a Life Stone Shard (right).

The Ash Lands

  • After dropping down the drill hole, continue on a little further until you enter a room with a bunch of hanging demonic plants. Facing the rooms exit, look to the right to see a shadow flight geyser. Use this to land on the raised platform nearby and open the chest.
    The Black Throne

  • In the Black Throne’s second tower. After exiting the room with the three suspended platforms and the two stone blocks. Use the shadow flight geyser here to reach the platform above. Follow the tunnel around until you see a blue crystal, smash it open and grab the Hoard Seeker Trinket from the chest inside. Activate the portal on the floor and head to the top of the stairs nearby, look upwards to see another portal pad up here - activate it and step on through. Jump up to the nearby ledge and open the chest for a life stone shard.
    Serpent Holes

  • You’ll be able to get this once you have acquired the Mask of Shadows. Visit Vulgrim and use the serpent hole to fast travel to the Twilight Cathedral. Before exiting the portal, put on the Mask of Shadows and look nearby for an invisible shadow flight geyser. Follow the path until you reach the chest.
    Vulgrim Locations

  • Bring Vulgrim all 20 soldier artefacts and he will reward you with a Life Stone Shard .

  • Bring Vulgrim all 6 champion artefacts and he will reward you with a Life Stone Shard .


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