When you have control of War, follow the various tutorial aspects and kill the Minions, more will appear and once the lot have been dealt with the big guy with the scythe like arms will jump down to attack you, he’ll try to hit you with a couple of attacks, but everything he does is pretty easily avoided by using the boost button when you see an attack starting. When he has taken sufficient damage and is close to death use the action button to finish him off.

As you do, a fireball will fly in out of nowhere and destroy the bus blocking the street in front of you, so cruise through the newly opened pathway and at the intersection turn right. Move along the street here and towards the chained stone giant (a Gatekeeper). As you approach, a short scene will play and the road behind you will be blocked.

Fight off the enemies as you begin (left). When you see the Gatekeeper ahead, pick up a car (right) and wait for a helicopter to throw it at for an achievement/trophy.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Open Air Parking

Destroy a helicopter during the apocalypse with a vehicle

Trophy icon

The giant ahead will fall, blocking the road in front of you and as it does a group of four Angels will swoop in to attack you, these guys can fly and will charge at you with their swords or shoot you whilst hovering. They can be annoying but are fairly easy once you have jumped, hit them with some aerial attacks and knocked them to the ground. When they are dead, the gatekeeper will rise and continue plodding down the street. Follow after him until you see a scene showing a building coming down.

Following this scene move War forwards into the middle of the intersection here. Fighting will break out between a group of angels and a few minions. Kill them all and another scene will play showing a climbable surface, which you will get very familiar with named demonic growth. Kill the two enemies that climb down the wall, and then scale it and enter the room above, climb the next wall and at the top you will see an Angel get taken by a fallen demon.

Climb the demonic growth (left) and work your way up to the rooftops (right).

Continue forward and look for a power line. Use this to shimmy across to the next building. Climb the next demonic growth that appears.

At the top of the wall, enter the building and you will see some Minions enter the room via an elevator shaft which will then become sealed. It should be noted that you’ll see seals often in this game, and when you do the only way to open them is to defeat all the enemies within the room.

In addition to the original three Minions another 8-9 will also spawn and will need to be taken out of the picture before the seal dissipates. When the seal vanishes, jump down the elevator shaft and continue to follow the passage around and slide down the rope when required.

When you land on the street, turn left and you will see more Minions and Angels engaged in conflict. Cruise on in and purge the area of both sides before continuing down the street to the right. After a short scene you will enter a boss battle.

Boss: Straga

Straga is a giant, stationary golem and as such doesn’t move much during the fight. In fact, he’ll stay at the far end of the platform and let his arms and face do the talking! His attacks include:

Attack/s Description
Tossing Cars Straga will reach into the lava pit around him and pull out a handful of cars and throw them at War. This can easily be dodged with a dash.
Fire Wave After taking a bit of damage he will slam his hand down on the ground, sending a wave of flame hurtling towards War. Simply side step these attacks when they comes your way to avoid it.
Grab and Roar After taking a good deal of damage, Straga will grab both sides of the road and pick it up, he will lean back and roar at you to do some serious damage if you are standing still at the time. To avoid this move, when you see his mouth opening, you should perform a double jump.

Wait for Straga to throw cars (left) and hurl one at his head. Avoid his roar attack by double jumping (right).

Straga is very easily defeated and you really do not have to do a whole lot to take him out. After avoiding his car tossing attack, a car will always be left sitting in the middle of the area. You need to pick this up and pitch it at Straga’s face. This will stun him and bring his face down to your level where you can get up close and personal and throw a few sword combos at it.

Repeat this strategy whilst taking your time to avoid the rest of Straga’s attacks. When he has received enough punishment, use the action button when indicated to end the fight.

Watch the scene to finish the prologue.


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