Throughout Darksiders you will find floating, green demonic artefacts. These can be collected and traded to Vulgrim for various amounts of blue souls. There are 20 Soldier Artefacts which are worth 1,000 Blue Souls each, there are a further 6 Champion Artefacts which are worth 2,500 Blue Souls each and there is one Overlord Artefact which is worth 5,000 Blue Souls. Finding all of the artefacts not only gives you the achievement/trophy “World Raider”, but collecting the all of each type will yield a special reward from Vulgrim.

Here are the locations of all the artefacts:

Soldier Artefacts

The Crossroads

  • On the north western side of the map, there is a set of stairs leading down to a small cave. Dive under the water and you will see it on the right.

  • Return to the Crossroads once you have the Shadowflight ability. In the building behind Vulgrim, enter the large room. On the right is a broken shelf which will allow you to climb up to the ledge. Nearby you will see a broken bridge with the Artefact: Soldier on the opposite side. Jump across the gap and pick it up.
    Scalding Gallow

  • In the passageway between the Scalding Gallow and the Ashlands. After you use the chronosphere to go through the gate, continue until you jump into a large pipe. Look in the opposite direction from where the pipe leads to find a dead end with the artefact sitting in front.
    The Choking Grounds

  • Follow the small set of stairs just north of the Vulgrim Location down into a circular room. Defeat the enemies here and grab the artefact near the back wall.

  • Just south of the Vulgrim Location you will see three large concrete blocks, you can grab and drag the middle on backwards to find a hidden stairway leading down. Inside you’ll find the Artefact .
    The Broken Stair

  • After entering the area, climb the ramp here and drop down onto the ledge to the right. Follow the passage here to the end to find the Artefact.

Upon entering the Broken Stair go through the destroyed wall (left) to find an Artefact. In the twilight Cathedral, after crossing this gap back jump from the wall to grab the Artefact (right).

Twilight Cathedral

  • After dropping down the first hole in the ground, cross the gaps and look for the demon growth at the far end of the tunnel from where you entered. Behind it is the artefact. Climb to the top and glide across to nab it.

  • On the platform next to the red crystal in the big rotating bridge room.
    Drowned Pass

  • As you enter the area, drop into the water below and look behind the waterfall to your rear to find the Artefact .

  • In the centre of the map you will find two sunken buildings. Dive down and find the door into the northernmost building. Swim up to the second floor to find the Artefact.
    The Hollows

  • After the first large room with the inert bomb, the flaming gas pipe puzzle and the two ropes you need to use to cross the area you will arrive at a walkway with a blue crystal in front of you, the passage to the next area on the right and a large pool of water to the left. Dive in here to grab the Artefact .

  • In the room with the puzzle revolving around moving the stone block across the three raiseable platforms. Look in a small alcove to the right of the third platform.

In the Hollows where you need to punch the machinery between the raised platforms, beside the highest platform is an Artefact (left). In the Dry Road opposite the Vulgrim Location youll find an Artefact (right).

The Dry Road

  • From the Vulgrim Location , exit the cave and jump across the gap. Climb the demonic growth and at the top turn immediately to the right. You should see the Artefact sitting on a ledge.
    The Ash Lands

  • After jumping down the hole after stopping the drill, you will land in a big pool of water, swim to the bottom to find the Artefact .

  • In the first pool of water after you have defeated the Ash Worm mini-boss.

  • Look at your map, you will see a large rock platform behind the first building you went through in the Ash Lands. Ride Ruin around the back of this and you will find a shadow flight geyser, use this to reach the platform and climb the demon growth nearby to find the Artefact .
    Iron Canopy

  • After exiting the room with the spider web for the floor, you will enter a small alleyway. At the end you will see a set of broken metal stairs. Climb as high as you can up these and float across to grab the Artefact on top of a small building nearby.

  • After defeating Silitha, hang around for a few moments. If you activate the floating crystal nearby using the cross-blade, then switch to your abyssal chain and grapple the point on the bottom of it, you can ride the platform back up to the boss chamber. Jump into the hole in the ground and land on the next level down to find a Blue Soul Chest , head around to the opposite side of this area to find Artefact: Soldier hidden behind some rocks.

After beating Silitha in the Iron Canopy, use the lift (left) to go up to the previous area, the Artefact is behind a rock. In the first room of the third wing of the Black Throne, there are portal pads to get to this Artefact (right).

The Black Throne

  • In the third tower. After Azael’s Prison changes a second time, enter the next room you can access. To the left as you enter is a blue soul chest. Activate the portal pad next to this, and then look for the one on the roof at the back of the room, head through this and float to the nearby platform to pick up Artefact: Soldier .
  • In the third tower. In the room following the big chasm, check out the bottom of the pool of water to the northeast to find Artefact: Soldier .

Champion Artefacts

Scalding Gallow

  • You will need the Abyssal Chain for this artefact. In the passage leading to the Drowned Pass. In the fan section, look at your map to see a small open section to the south east side of the area. Jump on the fan, ride it around and then jump into the gap here. Use the grapple to pull yourself across, then use the nearby shadow flight geyser to reach the platform above.
    The Choking Grounds

  • You will need the Tremor Gauntlet for this artefact. Behind the Gatekeeper in the passage on the way to the Broken Stair, you reach a spot where you have to use the shadow flight ability to cross a gap – there are two geysers here for you to do this. Instead jump down and use the gauntlet to destroy the blue crystal here.
    Twilight Cathedral

  • After using bomb plants for the first time to destroy the red crystal, head inside and use the shadow flight geyser here to fly up to the artefact.

Twilight Cathedral: after blowing up a red crystal Use the shadowflight geyser to reach the Artefact (left). The Hollows: return through the room that is now filled with water after grabbing the third Beholders Key, swim into the pipe below the surface to find an Artefact (right).

The Hollow

  • In the small room with the bridge over a narrow pool of water (In the next room after this, you will need to flood the area to access the Beholder’s Key). Once the next rooms are flooded, you can jump in the water beneath the small bridge and dive down and into the right hand pipe on the opposite wall, when you reach the dead end, swim upwards to enter a small hidden room for the Artefact .
    Iron Canopy

  • In the room following your encounter with the second of the four large spiders, you will see two doors on the wall opposite. Enter the left door for a blue soul chest, then look straight up to see a grapple point, use your abyssal chain to get up to the platform next to it for the Artefact .
    The Black Throne

  • In the third tower. After defeating the tower guardian and making your way back to Azrael’s Prison. The artefact is in the final room before exiting to meet Azrael. As you enter a floating lift will lower, a bridge will appear and so will a shadow flight geyser. Jump over to the shadow geyser and continue to the right. Use the two portal pads here to launch War to the next platform above. Exit to the ledge here and grab the blue soul chest. Plant a super portal on top of the floating stone and use another portal to launch up to grab Artefact: Champion.

Overlord Artefact

The Ash Lands

You will need the Abyssal Chain for this artefact. Make your way to the top of the third tower in the area (where you pulled the switch to stop the drill when running through the Ashlands the first time). This building happens to be adjacent to another. Use the abyssal chain on the grappling hooks nearby to swing over to the roof of the next building. Use the switch here to raise the drill below. Jump down and into the hole to land on a ledge above a pool of water. In front of you will be the Overlord Artefact .

Use the Abyssal chain to swing to the adjacent rooftop (left). Activate the switch and drop down into the hole that is revealed to find the Artefact (right).


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