Enhancements are handy little trinkets you can find lying across the game world. There are 12 of these bad boys each have their own unique bonuses. Once acquired, you can assign one enhancement to each weapon you own, allowing you a total of three enhancements at any one time (two at the end of the game as the Armageddon Sword cannot be enhanced).

There are 8 standard enhancements and a further 4 legendary enhancements named after the four horseman - Death. Fury, Strife and War. Here are the bonuses for each of the 12 enhancements and the locations in which you can find them.

Standard Enhancements

Weapon Master

  • Boosts weapon damage
    Location: Vulgrim - You can purchase this enhancement from Vulgrim for 1,000 blue souls.


  • War regenerates Wrath over time
    Location: Vulgrim - You can purchase this enhancement from Vulgrim for 5,000 blue souls.


  • Always receive souls when destroying environmental objects.
  • Increases damage done by environmental weapons (cars etc).
    Location: The Choking Grounds - You will receive this for entering and defeating the four shadow challenge arenas in the area (story related, you can’t miss it).


  • Converts damage to enemies into health
    Location: Twilight Cathedral - In the area following the Jailer, light all the torches in the room, including the oddly placed one on the left of the area near the bomb plant. This will spawn a chest containing the Bloodthirst enhancement.

Combat Lore

  • Increases weapon experience from killing enemies.
  • Increases War’s armor.
    Location: Anvil’s Ford - Received as a reward from Ulthane if you defeat him during the Angel killing competition (This can be missed!).


  • Increases souls acquired from enemies; extra when attached to the scythe
    Location: The Hollows - When you reach the first locked blue door, dive into the second pool (not the one you came in from!), you will see a platform in front of you, ignore it for now and dive to the very bottom. Continue down the tunnel – take the first right and swim to the surface, jump out and open the chest for Enhancement – Reaper.


  • Increased weapon damage, chance of additional fire damage
    Location: The Crossroads - Return to the Crossroads once you have acquired the Tremor Gauntlet. From the Vulgrim Location , follow the road to the North, at the end look to the left to see a blue crystal. Use the Gauntlet to destroy this to find the enhancement in a chest within.


  • Increases chaos generated by the sword, chaos generation enabled for all weapons
    Location: The Dry Road - On the way to the Ash lands, before you reach the first giant pit, you will see a demonic plant on the ceiling holding up a stone block. Knock it down and grab onto the side. Jump across to the left hand balcony and open the chest here for the enhancement.

Legendary Enhancements

War’s Glory

  • Drastically increases chaos generated from the sword
  • Drastically increases chaos generated from all weapons
  • Drastically increases weapon experience gained
  • Drastically increases the length of Chaos form
  • Drastically increases weapon damage
    Location: Iron Canopy - After you defeat the large crystal spider mini-boss and you cruise through a few rooms, you will reach a massive ravine that you will need to traverse using the provided Shadowflight geysers and grapple points. Before making your way across to the other side, jump to the first Shadowflight geyser and use it to lift you up, but instead of moving forwards, hold back on the controls to pilot War to a secret area above the tunnel you were just in for a chest containing the Enhancement.

Fury’s Embrace

  • Every attack generates wrath on contact with enemies
  • Increases Wrath Power damage
  • Reveals all world maps and items
  • Bonus wrath awarded on killing blows
    Location: The Black Throne - After encountering Azrael for the first time, continue through the first tower until you enter the large room with the bridge that appears when you stand on the orange symbol on the floor. As you enter this room, look up and to the left to see a portal symbol on a balcony above. Use the floor symbol to create a bridge, cross this but turn to activate the portal pad as you cross.

Activate the symbol on the ground when you reach the other side and return back across the bridge the way you came, drop down the shaft in the previous hallway and enter the second activated portal. Use the orange symbol on the floor to cruise across to the other side of the room and open the chest here for the Legendary Enchantment.

Death’s Blessing

  • Converts weapon damage to health
  • Drastically increases weapon damage
  • Drastically increases the number of souls acquired from enemies/environment
  • Bonus soul rewards when equipped to the scythe
    Location: Scalding Gallow - Return to the road to the Ash Lands once you have the Voidwalker in your possession. Enter the tunnel and cruise into the room with the first chronosphere. Use the Voidwalker on the portal pad here and then pop the chromosphere. Hit the switch to open the door and run through.

Upon entering, turn around and you will see a second Voidwalker pad on the back of the gate. Shoot a second portal here. Open the gate again using the nearby switch and return to the chronosphere room. This time, open the gate, hit the chronosphere and run through the portal to find the chest containing the Enhancement.

Strife’s Offering

  • Increases weapon damage
  • Generates wrath on killing blows
  • Generates chaos on killing blows
  • Drastically increases projectile damage (pistol, cross-blade)
  • Increased defence against projectile damage
    Location: The Ash Lands - Once you have the Abyssal Chain, return to the cave beneath the third building in the area (drop down the hole where you raised the drill). Continue on until you find the room with 7 or so Demonic Plants hanging from the roof. On the far right of the room from the entry way you will find this in a chest. You will have to grapple using the Abyssal Chain to reach it.


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