Similar to every Legend of Zelda game (and many other action RPGs) ever created Darksiders has an open world that contains numerous upgrades to be found and collectibles hidden throughout. Additionally, many of these items can only be found once you reach a certain point in the story or have acquired a specific piece of equipment. As such, you should always keep your eye open for inaccessible areas and objects of interest that may be of use later on and Vulgrim Locations which will make traversing the world easier.

Vulgrim Locations

Vulgrim is a useful chap. Not only does he set up shop in just about every major location in the game, but he also provides a number of services to help you out. These include:

  • Shop – Here you can purchase new combat abilities for War, Enhancements for War’s weapons, Wrath Abilities and upgrades. You can also trade in the Artefacts that you find throughout the world for Blue Souls.
  • Serpent Holes – Vulgrim Locations also act as a fast travel system. Vulgrim has access to Serpent Holes which allow you to quickly travel to various locations around the game world.

Vulgrim can be found all over the world (left). You can fast travel between Vulgrim Locations using Serpent Holes (right).

Items of Interest

Shadowflight Geysers – Shadowflight Geysers appear as small blue, flaming orbs. Jumping on these whilst gliding will give War additional air and flight time so that he can cover much further gaps. These are usable once you have spoken to Samael for the first time.

Red Crystals – There are plenty of red crystals scattered around the game world. These can be destroyed using bomb plants.

Blue Crystals – You’ll be seeing blue crystals blocking tunnels, caves and doorways in quite a few locations. Once you have obtained the Tremor Gauntlet you will be able to destroy these to reveal the areas behind them.

Crystal Switches – These appear as long, narrow white crystals. Activating these with a sword or Cross-blade will activate the associated object (doors, floating platforms etc).

Grapple Points – These appear as floating orbs. Once you have acquired the Abyssal Chain , War is then able to grapple to these. Orange grapple points allow War to attach and hang from them, whilst blue grapple points allow War to swing from them.

Portal Pads – You’ll most likely see a few of these before you even know what they are used for. They appear as orange, circular panels on walls. Once you have picked up the Voidwalker (the Darksiders Portal gun), you can place portals on these to get to hard to reach places.

Phased Objects – At several points in the game you’ll no doubt find what look to be chests or other objects that appear as invisible with black outlines. Once you have acquired the Mask of Shadows , put it on to see and interact with them.

Blue Crystals (left) and Grapple Points (right) are two of the most common points of interest in the game world.


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Accused of prematurely triggering the end of the world, War, the first horseman of the apocalypse is cast down to Earth, stripped of all his powers and forced to contend with the legions of heaven and hell. On an epic quest for redemption, War must confront hideous monsters, slowly re-build his power, battle huge bosses and seek help in unlikely places in order to discover and reveal those that betrayed him. Welcome to Darksiders!

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