Twilight Cathedral

Head to the right of the main door to activate a new Vulgrim Location . Buy anything you need from Vulgrim and then enter the main building.

Make your way down the hallway until you reach the statue in the middle of the room, turn right and pick up the Crystal Sword from the statue. Place the sword in the hands of the statue to the right of the door at the end of the hallway. Enter the room and jump across the lava to the other side. Kill the Duskwings and then head through the door on the right.

Place the sword into the statue to the right of the door to unlock it (left). Continue across the lava pit (right) and exit through the right hand door.

When you enter this room, the doors will be sealed. Kill the group of Skeletal Warriors and once they are all gone, eliminate a second group of Skeletal Warriors with Duskwings as backup (keep in mind that killing the Duskwings will net you some health if you are in a tight spot). Once everything has ceased to breath, note the locked blue door and then proceed into the door on the south side of the room.

Here you will be introduced to the bomb plants, which are incredibly useful at destroying those red crystals you have been seeing all over the place. Pick up the Green Soul Chest in the corner if you need it, and then use the bomb growth nearby to blow up the red crystals.

Go through the hole in the wall, over the gap and use the handholds to climb to the top of the room. Jump across to the ledge on the left to grab a Blue Soul Chest and then jump back to the main platform and through the door.

Use the bomb plants to destroy red crystals (left). Push the block off the balcony (right) to open up a new area.

You will exit onto the balcony above the previous area. Look for the statue in front of you and check out the alcove directly behind it for a chest with the Dungeon Map in it. Now grab the statue and push it off the ledge into the courtyard below. This will create a hole in the ground.

Keep moving along the balcony and check out the door on the right side to find a Blue Soul Chest within. Return to the courtyard and drop down into the new hole in the ground.

Jump across the gap here and use the hand holds to make your way over to the other side of the gap, as you are moving along look out for the glowing green artefact in front of you. Jump onto the demon growth and climb to the very top of it, from here jump backwards and glide to grab the Artefact: Soldier .

After crossing the gap back jump from the wall to grab the Artefact (left). Clear the room at the end of the hall for the Beholders Key (right).

Dispatch the enemies here before gliding across the next gap, following the passage to the end and opening the door. Inside you will see a chest containing the Beholder’s key . Kill its defenders and then backtrack all the way to the courtyard to unlock the door.

Upon entering, cross the platforms and enter the big circular room. Here we will encounter our first Iron Giant. These guys have a heavy set of armour, so it takes a long time to kill them and have nasty axes that can do a double forward slash and a devastating overhead swing. Fortunately, the enemies are quite slow and you’ll be able to identify when an attack is coming giving you a chance to doge out of the way. In general you want to use hit and run tactics by dashing away from their attacks and keep wailing on them until their armour falls away. Once naked, a few more hits will let you finish them off with an action button finisher.

Once you have killed the Iron Giant, grab the Crystal Sword at the other end of the room and the Green Soul Chest and Blue Soul Chest nearby. Return to the main building and place the sword in the statue next to the door opposite.

Kill the Iron Giant (left) before grabbing the Crystal Sword. Return to the main building and use the sword on the statue next to the far door (right).

In this second courtyard, look to the right to see another Crystal Sword , above it is a demonic plant which will grab and eat anything that stands in the green slime beneath it. At the far end of the room is a bomb plant. Grab a bomb and hurl it at the plant to stun it and allow temporary access to the sword. When the plant is subdued, grab the Crystal Sword .

Upon grabbing the sword, an Iron Giant and several Skeletal Warriors will arrive to crash your party. Dispatch them and then place the Crystal Sword on the statue to the left of the other door in the courtyard.

Before heading through this portal though, turn around 180 degrees to see a window, through this you should be able to see a red crystal. Pick up the bomb growth and lob it through the window to hit the crystal here. This will reveal a chest containing a Life Stone Shard . Pick it up and head through the newly opened door.

Throw a bomb through the window (left) to reveal a Life Stone Chest (right).

Inside, look up to see an Artefact: Champion and use the shadow flight geyser to reach it. Once collected, use the geyser to access the platform here and exit onto the balcony. Use the handholds on the right wall here to make your way to the balcony on the opposite side of the area.

Push the block here down into the courtyard below and then follow it down, grab it and push it as far to the east as it will go. Use it to jump up to the ledge above. Enter the door on your right. Make your way to the end and use the bomb on the plant holding the stone block. The block will fall to the floor and the impact will cause a large hole to appear. You know the drill! Go and drop down to the new area.

Use the shadowflight geyser to reach the Artefact (left). Use the bomb to hit the Demon Plant to open another new area (right).

Follow the tunnel down, taking out the Demonic Soldier ambush along the way. Jump down into the large open area here. Open the demon chest (looks like a floating statue with three heads) by smashing it with your sword. This is located on the right side of the area. Inside you will find a new weapon - the Cross-Blade .

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Elemental Thief

Collect the Crossblade

Trophy icon

After obtaining it, use the cross-blade to lock on and kill the four Duskwings that fly in from the lava. Then fend off some Demonic Soldiers who will spawn behind you.

When these guys are all dead and gone, a quick scene will show introducing a Poison Demon. These guys are nasty, they can poison you with projectile vomit or if they make melee contact with you at any point. Note, if the glowing green cloud is emanating from them, if you touch them they WILL poison you. To attack them safely, you need to stun them with the charged up cross-blade and then attack with your other weapons whilst the green cloud is absent.

Once you have killed the Poison Demon, a blue crystal will be revealed above the nearby door. Hit this with your cross-blade to unlock the door.

Use the cross-blade to stun the Poison Demon (left). Once it dies, use the Cross-blade on the White crystal to open the door (right).

In the next room you will find a switch directly in front of you and a statue in the lava behind it with red crystals on it. Use your cross-blade to target the bomb plant on the crystal here to blow it up. Climb the ledge to the left and use the windows to hit the bomb on the red crystal at the back of the statue.

Return and activate the switch. Hit the crystal that appears to open a gate. Vault up the left side again, passed the blue locked door and through the now open gate. Hit the two bombs on the pillar in front of you with the cross blade to knock it down and create a platform.

Jump aboard and you will see another pillar ahead, the bombs on this one however are inert and will not blow up unless you hit them with fire. Look to your right to see a flaming torch, use the cross-blade to target the torch and then target one of the bombs to turn this pillar into a second platform. Follow the ledge around and enter the door to the left.

Twilight Cathedral - Part 2: Three Swords

This room requires three swords as indicated by the three empty handed statues in the centre. Luckily there are also three doors. Let’s handle the door on the left first. A quick scene as you enter shows you that you need to get behind that waterfall of molten rock at the far end of the bridge in front of you.

There is a switch just to your left, but we cannot use it just yet. Move to the circular platform in the centre of the bridge to the left you will see an inert bomb growth and to the right you will see a red crystal. Jump down to the left to grab a bomb and use the cogs sitting above the lava to carry the bomb across to the other side of the room. Stick the crystal and use the nearby torch to light the bomb using the cross blade.

Once the crystal is destroyed, jump across to the cogs leading to it and double jump up to the ledge behind to pick up an Artefact: Soldier .

We need three swords to solve this area (left). In the first room, there is an Artefact on a lower platform on the right side of the room (right).

Return to the inert bomb platform and use the handholds on the left and the demon growth they lead into to climb back to the entrance. Hit the switch and the bridge will start to rotate. Jump on and ride it around to the southern ledge.

Inside the small tunnel behind the platform, you will see an active bomb and a red crystal just out of reach. Use the inert bombs here to make a chain between the active bomb and the red crystal. Then hit the active bomb with the cross blade to set off the path of destruction. Behind the crystal you will find another switch, activate this.

Grab another inert bomb growth and jump back on the bridge and ride it to the opposite side of the room. Use the torch nearby to light the bomb and blow up the red crystal. Head inside the passage that opens and interact with yet another switch.

With the two switches activated a pair of blue crystals will have appeared, flanking the platform before the lava waterfall. Ride the bridge over to this platform and use your cross blade to activate both crystals. The lava waterfall will now stop, allowing you to walk through.

Create a chain of bombs to detonate the red crystal (left). Hit both switches at once at the end of the room (right) to reveal a Crystal Sword.

Pick up the Crystal Sword inside and loot the other two Blue Soul Chests here before returning to the previous room and giving one of the statues the sword.

Let’s head for the north room next. To reach this, from the statues use the shadow flight geyser to cross the lava pool and land on the platform above. Enter the door.

As you enter, you’ll see two blocks with bombs on them hanging from a rope leading down. Hit those with the cross-blade and then slide down the rope to the bottom. Activate the switch here. Jump across to the platform that appears in front of you, then to the left and all the way to the furthest platform. Hit the crystal in front of you, and then glide across to the new platform on the west side of the room.

Cross-blade the crystal nearby and quickly jump to the next platform to the north as it rises. Hit the blue crystal here to make a bomb plant appear in the centre of the area. Jump across to it and use it to destroy the two red crystals. Return to the western platforms and double jump up into the new hole in the wall.

Use the bomb to destroy the red crystal (left). Follow the rope to the end to find the next Crystal Sword (right).

Use the handholds in the room here to climb up and jump across to the rope. Shimmy above the door and drop down into the next area to find the second Crystal Sword . Turn around and hit the two blue crystals in the lava with your Cross-blade to exit back to the previous area.

Smack the switch here and head to the far eastern platform to hit the blue crystal. This time, glide to the platform in the centre with the bomb and then to the raised platform to the left of the switch. Enter the alcove here that was until recently blocked by a red crystal. Open the Blue Soul Chest here and then hit the crystal to create a staircase out of the pit.

Climb all the way back up to the top using the rock columns and head back to the previous room. Give a second statue a Crystal Sword and head on through the door that unlocks.

Hit the two crystals with your Cross-blade to create a bridge (left). When you enter the next unlocked door from the main room, kill the enemies before looting the Beholders Key and a Wrath Shard (right).

As you enter, the door will lock and you will see the treasure chest in front of you disappear. A group of Demonic Soldiers will spawn. Kill them all and the door will unlock and the treasure chest will reappear. Open it for a Beholder’s Key . Look behind a pillar on the side of the room for a chest containing a Wrath Shard .

Exit to the previous area with the statues and climb back into the room precluding this one. Make your way around to the locked door and use the key.

Once inside kill the Duskwings and jump to the handhold on the pillar to the right, work your way around this and jump to the next pillar and then wall beyond. Drop down and open the door at the end of the hallway here. In the next room, move War forward until you see a quick scene introducing a boss fight.

Boss: The Jailor

This guy is fairly large, slow and easy to avoid but has a few nasty moves in his repertoire you should be aware of:

Attack/s Description
Melee If you get too close to him he will hit you, and it will hurt. Maintain a good distance from him at all times.
Rage After you have damaged the jailor, he will fly into a rage. He will move quite quickly, sweeping the cage along the ground and slamming his cage on the ground. Stay as far away from him as possible whilst he is in this mode.
Summon This guy will summon Demonic Soldiers to attack you at irregular intervals, kill them before re-focusing on the boss.

Combat Strategy:

To damage the Jailor you will need to use your cross-blade and lock onto the yellow sores on his body and hit them all. After you have damaged him sufficiently, he will fall to the ground. When this happens close in on him and attack him with your sword until he recovers.

As he recovers, the sores will become red, this indicates he is angry and will go into a rage. Avoid him whilst this is happening. When he summons Demonic Soldiers, be sure to destroy them before you resume attacking the boss. After he has been knocked down and hit enough times, you will be able to use the finisher move to kill his face off.

To stun the Jailer lock on and hit all of his sores with the cross-blade (left). Avoid him whilst the sores are red (right).

Once the Jailor has been defeated, the door behind him will open to reveal an elevator. Jump on and use the switch to ride it down. Exit into the room below.

To the right is a red crystal to the left is an inert bomb plant and in front of you is a pool of lava. Enter the room and turn around to find the lit torch. Notice all the other unlit torches in the area? If you light all of these a treasure chest will appear containing the Enhancement - Blood Thirst . Target the lit one first and light the rest with the cross-blade.

When that’s done, pick up the bomb and toss it at the red crystal to your right and hit it with a flaming cross-blade to blow it up. Throw another bomb at the crystal at the far end of the lava pool. Enter the room behind the first crystal you blew up and fight off the poison demon and the Demonic Soldiers. Nab the Blue Soul Chest in here and then jump over the lava pool to the room on the other side.

Light the torches and use them to detonate a bomb to remove the red crystal (left). If you light all the torches in the room a chest will appear near the exit (right) with an Enhancement.

Use the handholds on the wall here to traverse the pit and jump down activate the switch, to raise a rock bridge and blow up the bomb on the crystal here. Enter the room behind the crystal and activate the switch on the right. Return up the lift and to the room before the Jailor.

Activate the switches on either side of the platform overlooking the lava pit below. This will raise two platforms and unlock a door at the far end. Jump across the platforms and through the open door at the end.

Target the two crystals with the cross-blade and head through the open door. Drop down into the circular area to fight for the Crystal Sword at the far end of the area. You will have to fight off two waves of enemies which include:

  • First up you will square off against an Iron Giant and some Demonic Soldiers.
  • Next up is a Poison Demon with some Demonic Soldiers.

Fight off the waves of enemies (left) to be able to grab the final Crystal Sword (right).

Once these bad guys are dead, pick up the Crystal Sword and as you turn around you will encounter two Iron Giants at the same time. This can be really tough as you need to be aware of what both are doing at the same time. A good tactic is to attack one, and after it attacks quickly run and engage the other. Try to draw them away from one another if possible so you don’t get slammed from behind by one of them whilst wailing on the other. When they are dead, the platform will raise allowing you to exit.

Backtrack all the way to the room with the three angel statues and give the final statue the third Crystal Sword . As you insert the sword, the platform will rise up into the courtyard above and a door will open.

Before heading through the indicated door, perform a quick 180 degree turn and find the stone block you pushed into the corner earlier. Jump on this and up to the balcony above, turn to the left to see a door with a demonic plant guarding it. Hit the plant with your newly acquired cross-blade to damage it and enter the door. Look on the balcony here for the third piece of Abyssal Armour Set [3/10] . Jump down to the floor and grab the chest containing a Wrath Core and a Blue Soul Chest .

Hit the Demonic Plant with the Cross-blade (left) to enter the door. Inside youll find a piece of Abyssal Armour (right), a Wrath Core and a Blue Soul Chest.

Return to the courtyard and enter the now open door in front of the three angel statues. Climb the spiral staircase all the way to the top to face off against the boss of the area, Queen Tiamat.

Boss: Bat Queen Tiamat

The battle with the bat queen Tiamat has three phases each of which sees different attacks. These include:

Attack/s Description
Fireballs Tiamat will fly around the outside of the arena and shoot fireballs at you. These can be easily avoided with a well timed dash.
Swoop The boss will swoop you from the edges of the rooftop. Use your dash to avoid her as she approaches.
Swipe When Tiamat lands, she can attack you with a long range claw swipe attack.
Ground Slam If you get too close to the boss when she is on the rooftop, she can jump up and do a knock back ground slam attack.
Charge Once on the rooftop, the boss will periodically charge at War. Use the button prompt that ppears on-screen to counter it.

Phase 1:

During the first phase of the fight, Tiamat will take to the sky. She will fly around the outside of the area and shoot fireballs at you. You can avoid these with a quick dash. After every three fireballs, Tiamat will sit still for a few seconds. Take this opportunity to pick up one of the inert bombs in the area and stick it to her. Then use the cross-blade to target the fires nearby and then the bomb on the boss. When it explodes, she will fall onto the rooftop. At this point, you should run up and inflict as much damage as possible before she recovers.

If you are feeling particularly brave, it is possible to grab a bomb and tie your throw so that it reaches the boss just as she is shooting a fireball. This will cause it to blow up in her face and she’ll fall to the rooftop for a few moments. Either way you decide to bring her down, once you have meleed her enough, she’ll kick into phase 2.

Phase 2:

During phase 2, Tiamat will fly around the outside of the rooftop and swoop in to hit you, side step this to dodge. After three swoops, she will pause as in phase 1. Take the opportunity to stick her with a bomb and then detonate it with a flaming cross-blade.

Throw bombs at the boss when you get an opening whilst shes airborne (left). When the boss is on the ground, avoid the fireballs (right) and other attacks.

Phase 3:

Tiamat will land on the rooftop and begin stalking around the tower, do not get too close to her or she will hit you with a wide reaching swipe of her claws or will jump into the air and attempt to slam down on you. If you stay too far away, she will fire a set of four fireballs at you. Dodge all of these attacks and wait for Tiamat to charge at you. As she does, you will see the action button pop up, mash this button to punch her across the area - run over and hack away, but don’t get carried away though as she will recover quickly. When you have caused enough damage, she will falter allowing you to put some serious hurt on her. Repeat this until she is down for the count.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Like a Bat Outta Hell

Defeat Tiamat

Trophy icon

When Tiamat has done her dash, a scene will play showing her demise. You will be rewarded with a Heart of the Chosen and a Life Stone (which will increase your health by one bar). Use the portal that appears to port outside and watch a quick scene.

Afterwards you can now use any Vulgrim Location as a quick travel hub between areas by choosing the Serpent Holes option when you visit him. Do so now and return to the Scalding Gallow.

Scalding Gallow

As you return, you will enter a story scene with Samael who will take the heart and tell you where you need to go next. You will also be rewarded with a new ability - Chaos Form .

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Dont Make Me Angry

Collect the Chaos Form Ability

Trophy icon


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