Weapons and XP

Killing enemies with each of War’s main equipped weapons – Sword, Scythe and Gauntlet will earn the weapon used XP points. The current weapon level can be viewed on the inventory screen with the small bar next to the weapon indicating XP earned. This bar will slowly fill up as you kill enemies with the weapon in question.


Enhancements are handy little trinkets you can find lying across the game world. There are 12 of these bad boys and each has their own unique bonuses. Once acquired, you can assign one enhancement to each weapon you own, allowing you a total of three enhancements at any one time. There are 8 standard enhancements and a further 4 legendary enhancements named after the Darksiders’ version of the four horseman - Death. Fury, Strife and War.

The walkthrough below will help you acquire each and every one. For additional information about effects and specific locations, you can check out the Enhancement locations section below the main walkthrough.

Life Stones

Life Stones are essentially health bars for War. Below the main health bar, you will see green symbols. Each of these represents a Life Stone. You will be rewarded with a full Life Stones for defeating each of the five major bosses. Additional Life Stones have been broken into shards and scattered in chests throughout the world map. Four of these shards will yield an additional Life Stone. There are 16 shards in total, which when collected, will give War nine more health bars. When maxed out War has a total of 10 Life Stones (or 10 health bars).

Wrath Cores

Acquiring a wrath core enables War to increase wrath meter. Similarly to the Life Stones above, each Wrath Core has been broken into four pieces and you will find these strewn across the world map. Collecting four Wrath Shards will create a Wrath Core, which will increase the amount of wrath War can accumulate by a single bar. There are three complete wrath cores to be found, along with 20 wrath shards. Collecting all of these will net War the maximum of 10 Wrath Bars.


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Accused of prematurely triggering the end of the world, War, the first horseman of the apocalypse is cast down to Earth, stripped of all his powers and forced to contend with the legions of heaven and hell. On an epic quest for redemption, War must confront hideous monsters, slowly re-build his power, battle huge bosses and seek help in unlikely places in order to discover and reveal those that betrayed him. Welcome to Darksiders!

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