Move forward into the first big circular platform. After a quick scene you will be rewarded with the Mask of Shadows .

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Sight Beyond Sight

Collect the Mask of Shadows

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Put the Mask of Shadows on to engage in a boss fight, against yourself!

Boss: Shadow War

Shadow War’s attacks include:

Attack/s Description
Uppercut: Shadow War likes to try and launch you into the air with an uppercut before laying into you with an aerial combo or two. Just try to dash away from him when you see it coming.
Slice and Dice: He will also throw a few fairly standard melee attacks at you and try to combo them together. Just block or dash to avoid these.
Overhead Slam The boss will perform an overhead slam occasionally, dash to the side to avoid it.
Chaos Form After he has taken quite a bit of damage, he will enter chaos form.

When fighting Shadow War do your best to avoid his attacks (left) and when he enters Chaos Form, do so as well (right).

Combat Strategy:

You can handle Shadow War as you would any regular tough sword wielding baddie. Run in and use hit and run manoeuvres to dish out some damage and after a few hacks, leave the attack range quick enough to avoid all of his moves. Watch out for the overhead smash, this attack is easy to avoid, but it also renders him immobile for a very brief period of time and this is perhaps the best time to launch a combo on him.

After you have done sufficient damage to him, he will transform into chaos form. As he does, you should likewise transform and attack him until he falls.

When he’s had enough a scene will show. Put on the mask and head back to the start to find a hidden Blue Soul Chest , and then return to where you fought Shadow War and cross the bridge here. Turn right and rather than climbing the stairs, enter the water.

On the closest rocky island you will find a Blue Soul Chest , in the north eastern corner of the water, look behind the waterfall for the ninth piece of the Abyssal Armour Set [9/10] . Exit the waterfall and turn left to find another Blue Soul Chest .

Look behind the waterfall for a piece of Abyssal Armour (left). Climb the stairs and hop the wall here (right) to find a Wrath Shard.

Return to the stairs and watch your map as you climb, when you see a little black square to your left on your map, jump off the bridge and look underneath for a chest containing a Wrath Shard . Return to the stairs and climb to the top. Continue forward until you see a scene.

When you regain control, find the body nearby and press the action button to remove the sword, after another quick scene return across the invisible bridge to Azrael.

After another story clip, Azrael will open a portal back to the real world, if you have not picked up all the treasures around Eden yet, I suggest you do so now as you will be unable to return here once you enter the portal.

Once you have plundered enough, head through the portal.


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